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Lagen Island Resort

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Stayed at this reservation resort for our anniversary. Did not disappoint. The place itself is beautiful! The resort itself is in a cove surrounded by rocky mountains covered by trees and foliage. Service was excellent. Tours have been arranged by the resort so no need to worry on what to do. If you are going to El Nido, and can afford it, stay here. It is paradise!

After traveling around Asia for a few years – and staying at less nice hotels than Lagen – I was shocked to be treated so poorly at a high end resort. Due to the staff’s incompetence and poor planning, we nearly missed our Airswift flight out of El Nido Airport. During our stay at Lagen, the staff confirmed multiple times that we had an 8am fight back to Manilla. We were told to get to the Lagen pier at 5:45am, which we and all the other guests on the transfer did, however, the boat did not depart until 6:10. During our nearly hour and 15 minute boat ride (they put us on a slow banca boat instead of a speedboat), we continuously checked with the staff to ensure we’d make it to the airport on time. They again reassured us we had nothing to worry about – and that we were being silly for worrying - and that they do this trip every day. We got to the airport at 7:28 for our 8am flight in a panic, but again reassured by Lagen that we had nothing to worry about. Once we approached the gate, Airswift told us we were too late and they had given our seats away. We were not getting on this fight, and our “Lagen guide” that they sent on the boat with us had already conveniently disappeared. Only after begging and explaining we would certainly miss our connection did Airswift find the passengers who they had given our seats to, and asked for them back. Graciously, they gave back our seats, but this took 20 minutes of pleading and immense stress, as we needed to be on the 8am to catch our connecting flight. At a “high end” hotel like Lagen that prides itself on service, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Putting your guests in a high stress situation for no reason is absurd, especially when Lagen knew that guests needed to be at the airport by 7:15 to get on the 8am fight, which was never told to us by Lagen. The person at the airport even said “Lagen does this all the time” meaning they knowingly and regularly put their guests into this situation. There are a number of easy fixes: take one of the many faster boats they have sitting there, leave earlier, tell guests who book through them not to book the 8am flight, but of course they chose to do none of the above. Moral of the story: there are equally nice places to stay in El Nido; ones that are truthful and put their guests’ needs first. For the price of this hotel, it is absolutely not worth it.

This review is long overdue, but I couldn’t let the time pass without writing one. Our experience was fantastic, and this is the kind of hospitality and service that makes me proud to be a Filipino working in the travel and tourism industry. From start to finish, my family and I were treated like VIPs – pampered every step of the way. And since is quite a long review, if you don’t want to read all of it, then know this: if I could be stranded on an island, I would be deliriously happy if that island were Lagen Island, El Nido. Warm Welcome: We stayed for my brother’s birthday, and as soon as we arrived, the staff and crew greeted us with a welcome performance – they sang and danced to some native songs, right off the bat, showcasing the natural talent of the Filipinos. Right after the performance, much to our surprise, they greeted my brother with a song and a cake! And – even better, the resort’s General Manager, Ms. Jen, even went out of her way to welcome us. Not a bad way to start your stay, but definitely one that the set the bar high. The Little Things/Fantastic Service: 1. When I travel, I usually end up having to prepare the itinerary for the group, but this time around, I didn’t have to. They had Activity Coordinators (not sure if this is the correct term) who were assigned to you per day. All you had to do was ask or even just mention what activities you wanted to do during your stay, and they will arrange for you. We arrived in the morning and we didn’t want to waste our day, so I immediately asked if there was a tour we could join. Most of the tours had already left in the morning, so they arranged a tour that would leave at 11, but would still be able to take us to all the tourist spots. They arranged our tours, even our schedule the entire time we were there. Definitely a welcome break, especially if you’re looking to just relax and have someone take care of the little details for you. 2. We opted to have a private dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday and we’ve done this countless times before – my mother loves private dinners on the beach – but none quite as extravagant a set-up as this. We were taken to one of the beach clubs in owned by El Nido Resorts on the first night and from the boat, we could see the entire island lit up, paper lanterns on the sand lighting a path to our dinner set-up. Service by our host, waiter, and team were fantastic. Not only were we brought on a boat to the island back and forth, the food was transported too, prepared there. Our wine and drinks. And our meal. I definitely ate a bit more than I could, but that’s just testament to how delicious it was. In fact, my only issue is that they prepared a little bit too much and I felt that it was unfortunate to let the rest of the food go to waste. 3. Every night, as soon as we got back to our rooms, we would have candies (pastillas (sugar candies)), a native story, and a handwritten letter on our bed. But on day 1, much to my brother’s delight, there was a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIAN on our bed set up with balloons. I also read the story on the first night and was pleased to find that it was about a little boy who had just turned thirteen – that day, was, surprise surprise, my brother’s thirteenth birthday. As I said, the little things. Tours: We paid for the full board package, so our Tour A and B came free with our stay. I highly recommend going on these tours, because not only is El Nido such a beautiful place, the tour guides are also fantastic. They can name and point out marine life, give you trivia about all of the destinations you’ll be going too – and some other islands you won’t or are not allowed to see either, and at the same time, take care of your every single need. You’d think it’s s easy as staying in the boat and pointing out all of the cool things about the island? No. They swim with you. They can even swim for you. If you drop something (please don’t do it), they will even go above and beyond to free dive for you. My family and I are also quite adventurous, and for as long as you inform the guides about your capabilities, what you’re interested in, whether you free dive, or like to sail, or what not, they’ll try their best to find a way to squeeze that in your already tight itinerary. My siblings and I wrote a HobbieCat for the first time, and were even allowed to squeeze in one more snorkeling spot that most tourists don’t go to on our second day (our last tour) just because our guide noticed we were strong swimmers and love to free dive. Special shout out to Kuya Benjie and Kuya Lover for making our tours education, fun, and exciting all at the same time! Accommodations: We booked the Forest Suite. It’s the biggest suite in El Nido, and offers fantastic views of the ocean, the swimming pool, and most parts of the resort facing the ocean. The room has a comfortable king-sized bed, and we asked for one more extra bed to be set up for my sister (I was roommates with my younger brother, the birthday celebrant, and younger sister). My parents were in the room next to ours. They booked the Deluxe Forest Room, and while equally as nice, not as spacious as the Forest Suite. In hindsight though, I kind of wish we booked the Water Cottages instead – so that at night, we could step out on the balcony and just watch the waves crash against the wooden stilts. Maybe next time. Food and Drinks: The food was really good, but definitely on the more expensive spectrum. As I mentioned, we paid full board, which I would recommend to those who aren’t looking to leave El Nido for the town proper anyway, as the food can get really expensive. Even with a buy 1 take 1 happy hour promo, our drinks were insanely expensive – even more than most of the bars or high-end restaurants you’d drink cocktails at in Manila. Not to say that it wasn't good though, because it was; just really expensive. Eco-Friendly Resort and Island: I’m a self-proclaimed tree-hugger. I have the metal straws. The canvas bags. Anything I can do to help reduce waste, I try to do it. So imagine my delight when I learned that they didn’t use plastic in Lagen! In fact, aside from the brochures and maps of the resort, I hardly saw any plastic during our entire stay. They provide you with a bag that you can carry with you to keep your brochures – which doubled as an animal guide/island guidebook – or any of your trash along with you, to throw as soon as you return back to the resort. Your complimentary water is also served in a pitcher rather than in disposable plastic bottles. You are constantly reminded not to touch corals at all, but most especially when you’ve applied sunblock, or harm any of the wild animals you see walking around. In fact, you may be even lucky enough to be greeted by the resident wild animals, like the Long Tailed Macaque or the bayawak (Monitor lizard). If you’re lucky, while snorkeling, you may even see some turtles or dolphins, or other wild animals in the ocean. I also loved that the staff were so well-informed about caring for the wildlife, the oceans, They care so much and protect their seas, their forests and mountains that the entire island is like a nature reserve – and let’s hope it stays that way. Over-all: Needless to say, El Nido is breathtaking – but you already knew that. What made our stay so fantastic, and one that is hard to top is easily the service that we received from the staff of El Nido Lagen Resort.

11/22/17 3 Nights: Amazing place. Rooms were comfortable. Staff was friendly. Good selection food. There were inclusive activities part of the room charge that were plenty. The Hike was short but interesting. Unbelievable beauty within your grasp. We plan to return. If we do, I would consider spending a couple of nights at a different island for variety. Spend a day or two in at beach club islands for laying out and activities.

From the moment you book with the company to the airline arrangements with Air Swift, to the airport pick up to the welcome reception... everything is top notch. We got a unit on the lagoon with the most beautiful, ever dynamic sea views. The room was fantastic, the service was world class, and the tours were the best. Now, planning when to come back!

We were lucky enough to spend 5 days at Lagan Island in early Dec 2017 - loved every second from the gorgeous welcome song, and lovely clean eco sensitive rooms, fantastic spa but mostly to the incredible staff - always friendly and ready with lots of suggestions to make your day a little more interesting - a special shout out to Chef Carlos and John - who spoilt us with special seafood plates most nights and a private beach picnic on the last day - Also to Titing who introduced us to the wonders of diving in this fabulous part of our planet - Only negative was we had to leave !!

Having heard a lot about El Nido resorts, we stayed for 3 nights in Lagen Islands in November. This was one of the most relaxing vacations we ever had. We flew air swift from Manila and were picked up by their staff in the airport in a buggy and then we were transferred to an outrigger boat which was a 45 min ride to the resort. The views of the el nido during the journey were mesmerizing. The resort is located in a small cove and has rooms on the water as well as beach front and forest rooms. We got a beachfront room. Though not on the water, the beach front rooms have an amazing view because you can see the entire waterfront in front of you. The rooms were spacious with a large balcony ; perfect for lying down and relaxing. They offer many activities like kayaking, paddle boards, sunrise/sunset cruise, snorkeling, island hopping (paid) etc which will keep you busy. We also did a short trek to another cove maintained by the resort and we were pleasantly surprised to find a small beach with literally no one else on the other side of the trek :) . This resort takes eco conservation seriously. They do not have any plastic bottles etc (drinking water is carried all the way from Manila and it is abundant in the resort). The flora and fauna around the resort is largely undisturbed and the lush green surroundings adds to the beauty. We also saw giant lizards roaming freely in the resort compound. The food served is great with lot of great options in the buffet.The buffet consists of grilled seafood / meat and a variety of local and western dishes. They also have a great selection of drinks and cocktails on their menu.The only area where they could improve is the ala carte menu. We weren't super hungry on a couple of days but the ala carte menu was very appealing so had to go for a buffet still.

El Nido in Palawan, southwest of Luzon Island in the Philippines, is 14th among the world's 50 best beaches. Lagen Island is a biodiversity showcase where wildlife is waiting to be found hidden in limestone cliff, coral reefs, secret tunnels and caves. Once your chartered plane landed at El Nido Airport, you have to boat ride to Lagen Island where the famous resort is located. Traveling to Lagen Island provides you a glimpse of limestone cliffs, verdant forest, and mangroves. See geologic history up close. From Lagen Island, you can start exploring numerous islands and islets. There are wide range of option for marine and land-based activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving, swimming, fish feeding, mangrove tour, nature trail and birdwatching, to name a few. You will be delighted to island hopping tours to Cathedral Cave, Cudugnon Cave, and Snake Island. Other islands to visit are Dibuluan Island Beach Club, Miniloc Island where you amazed yourself of the Big and Small Lagoons which are accessible by either kayak or boat from Miniloc Island Resort. Another island to check out is Pangalusian Island. In a nutsell, islands of El Nido have lots of interesting stories to tell, so plan your next visit to these positively, terribly and amazing tourist destinations. Go out and explore the wild side of EL Nido from Lagen Island Resorts!

This resort absolutely exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t fault a thing. All staff were extremely accommodating and were always on hand. A special thanks to Chef Carlos who cooked us a Unicorn Fish one night which was a lovely surprise and was beautiful. All staff were so friendly and made us feel like royalty. Nothing was ever too hard. The resort itself was incredible. The rooms were very clean as you would expect in any 5 star resort and extremely eco friendly, which was a nice touch. Thanks to all the staff who made it such a special experience for us.

I spent quite a lot of time reviewing properties all throughout El Nido including all of the El Nido resorts. I am so happy that I decided to book Lagen Island Resort. It was by far one of the best hotel stays we've ever had (and we travel quite a bit). My reasons are the following: 1. Customer Service - I have to start with customer service. Once you check in for your flight to El Nido, you don't see your bags again until you walk into your room. AMAZING! You are greeted by a group of wonderful,friendly, smiling, and singing staff. (You also get a goodbye song and endless waves from staff surrounding the property line). They are friendly, accessible, and the customer service I've ever had at any resort. 2. Rooms - We booked the water cottage and HIGHLY recommend you do the same. Spend the money and make it happen. It's peaceful, spacious, and comfortable. 3. Property - The pool is amazing, the restaurant is great, and you have your own private island. Even at full capacity, it never feels full. That's b/c most people are off doing day tours. 4. Food - The food gets a bad rap from a lot of comment, but we had a great experience. I mean it's not a Michelin star rated food, but it was tasty, well cooked, lots of variety each day and certainly hit the spot each night. The last night they held a dinner outside with live entertainment. 5. Peaceful - If you were any more relaxed, you'd be dead. You can lounge on your veranda, by the pool, on a Stand Up Pattleboard, or on the private beach (after a quick and beautiful hike to the other side). 6. Tours - Book the private boat lagoon tour. Trust me, you'll be thankful you did. The difference is having the lagoons completely to yourself or sharing it with 100's of people and kayak's bumping into each other. Very memorable and spectacular tour. Also book a SCUBA dive, even if you are not certified you can do a Discovery Dive. Tons to see including sea-life and coral reefs. The snorkeling at Lagen Island is also pretty amazing...same at Milinoc resort (which you get to visit during the private boat lagoon tour). Seriously, stop looking and book here now. Your significant other will be impressed. :)

Lagen Island El Nido Palawan

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located in Lagen Island, Lagen Island Resort is next to Lagen Island Beach and Lagen Island Dock. This 4-star resort has 50 guestrooms and offers conveniences like free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. It's on the beach and also within a 30-minute drive of El Nido Public Market and Parish of St Francis of Assisi.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy a bite to eat at Lagen Club House, the resort's onsite restaurant. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service.


All 50 air-conditioned rooms feature balconies, refrigerators, and minibars. Guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries. Safes, phones, and desks are other standard amenities.

Property features

Lagen Island Resort features an outdoor pool, free WiFi in public areas, and a meeting room. Helpful staff is there to provide a safe deposit box at the front desk, as well as offer insight about the area. Other amenities at this beach resort include a business center, an arcade/game room, and a library.

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Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

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