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Hotel Club Sur Menorca

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Background We are a family of 6, 2 Adults and 4 Children and go on holidays 3 times a year - mostly all inclusive around the Balearics, Canaries, Morocco, Tunisia and Bulgaria to name a few so have a vast experience of "quality" which hopefully makes my honest reviews for TripAdvisor truthful and helpful. Transfer (10/10) The transfer was a swift 20 mins from the airport and the coach was direct - all people on the coach were staying at this hotel. No multiple drop offs on this transfer which was a pleasant and welcome surprise - what a great start to our holiday 10/10 first choice / Thomson / TUI; never know what to call you these days! Check in / Arrival at the Hotel (10/10) We are a family of 6 and had booked 2 rooms with a balcony in August at the hotel. Please note not all rooms have a balcony or terrace, some just have an opening patio door with railings so book wisely if you want to sit outside. The check in was swift considering there was a full coach of people and the staff on reception are an absolute credit to the hotel. They explained everything you need to know whilst quickly and efficiently scanning and processing your passports and supplying you with your all-inclusive bands. No forms to fill in on arrival like we have had in most hotels in the Mediterranean. We were lastly informed that Wi-Fi was FREE, as was entrance to the water park via a QR code scan on your all-inclusive (AI) band - another 10/10. Finally, we were told we must be hungry and thirsty after our trip and the restaurant had been opened for an hour should we wish to grab a drink and bite to eat which was great when we had been travelling all day, 10/10 to the hotel for providing this cold buffet :). Room (8/10) First impressions of our 2 rooms were good - all newly decorated and clean. Most furniture seems to be from IKEA, nothing wrong with that - minimalist and clean looking. Beds were all clean and looked new as did all the linen, no complaints here. Balcony was on the small side but was clean and had good furniture to perch yourself on. Railings were all new with nice white clean paint, no flaking paint here like in most resorts. The air conditioning in the rooms is abysmal. The lowest temperature in both of our rooms was 26oC even with it left on 24x7, it's clearly not effective for the size of the rooms. It's a shared air-conditioning system with a pathetic fan trying to blow some "not hot" air around your room, it also smells a bit dirty / odd at times. Blowing on your own face is more effective and as such this did spoil part of our holiday as we could not get cool when getting changed in the evening nor sleep at night as it was over 90% humidity. Bathroom (5/10) In the bathroom, it all looked new / recently installed, no broken sinks, showers or toilets which is a rare find in the Balearics from my experience. The only gripe was that you needed to be a contortionist to use the bathroom as the toilet is right up to the wall and the shower cubicle is a lot smaller than 600x600, it's like a small tiny cupboard. To make it worse the split doors don't open as they hit the huge sink. In fact, the sink is bigger than the shower cubicle. Why they didn't put a smaller sink in to allow both shower doors to open out is beyond me. The split shower cubicle doors do open in however once you are in the small space good luck closing them as your body is in the way. We also had very little hot water in the evening in the shower. We have a 5-year-old and trying to shower her was a nightmare as we needed to be in the cubicle to help her. After a weeks, all-inclusive I'm not sure anyone will still be able to fit through the gap to shower. Due to this I have marked the bathroom down as I expect a shower a human can actually get in and has a good supply of hot water. Waterpark (9/10) The first thing the kids wanted to do was go to the water park on site. When you are all inclusive you can skip the queue and enter on the right-hand turn style scanning the QR code on your band, unlimited entry for the duration of your stay. The water park is fantastic and has everything you need to keep the kids and the big kids (the adults) happy. Drinks are free for all inclusive guests however food is not, you must pay to eat here. This is a shame as you either pay (didn’t I already pay for lunch as part of all inclusive) or must walk over to the hotel, get dressed and go in the restaurant to eat - this is what I have marked the waterpark down for although in fairness it's more hotel policy. Restaurant (10/10) The food in the restaurant is ok and plentiful - much better at times than expected for a 3 star, sometimes a little worse. The food is all cooked, all ok and good to eat and everywhere was very clean. Choose from fresh salad, great desserts, stuffed tomatoes, tuna salads, fried chicken, croquets, pasties, fish, burgers, chicken breast, curries, chips and ice cream. Note out of all the previous food mentioned there is a "limited" selection of some of these each day, what I am trying to say is some days there is not a lot of choice, not a problem but could be if you are a fussy eater. Also a separate (very small) kids buffet to keep the little tykes fuelled up. Staff in the restaurant were fantastic, pleasant and work hard. Yes, some food was luke warm, yes, some food was not seasoned and a bland but it's the same in most all-inclusive, even "premier" hotels I have previously stayed in, as such for this reason I am not marking the restaurant down for this. (Remember this is a 3*). You can also dine outside in the restaurant which is great - it's just a shame that when they stop serving they close the ropes leaving you 'penned' in like a pig. To get out you must negotiate if you are going to limbo under, go through the middle or over the top of the rope. This becomes a bit annoying after a few days of breaking out - why would you do this to people? Snack Bar (1/10) Now where do I start with this review - it's the poorest I have EVER seen on all my all-inclusive holidays. To start with the snack bar is only open for 30mins twice a day, and then once in the evening (11:00-11:30, 15:00-15:30, 22:00-22:30). This is an absolute joke as far as an all-inclusive snack bar goes. When it is open there is 1 choice @ 11:00-11:30, cheese OR (not and) ham toasties, that’s it. No ice cream, no burgers or anything else. At 15:00 you may have a hot dog on offer (these are quite good), or 2 small chicken nuggets and chips (already seen enough chips in the restaurant!). Random food at 22:00 could be anything that’s left, think I saw a burger once. My kids normally eat at snack bars on all our holidays as they don't like being tied to restaurant times, or getting dressed to eat in the day. This was a huge let down, especially as when you did find it open there was a huge queue, random food and no ice cream or anything a 5-year-old wants. The only answer is to eat in the waterpark and I cannot help feel this is the reason for severely limiting the snack bar hours at this resort. With 3 hungry teenagers and an ice cream hungry 5-year-old this didn't work for us. Only option is to BUY food in the water park - burgers at nearly £4 each or BUY pizza at £7 or BUY crisps at the bar or BUY ice cream from the vending machines. The theme is BUY BUY BUY BUY, you do not get your money’s worth food wise due to the places being closed most of the time. Bar (7/10) There is a bar inside the hotel in the lounge and a bar round the main pool. The bar in the hotel was never open in the day or evening, closed all the time which is surprising in peak season and given there was a queue at the pool bar most of the time. Again, I can only assume this is to slow down what people can order - if all the bars were open and you are queueing that’s a different storey. Beer is served in largish (3/4 pint) plastic cups which is a huge plus - extra marks for this from me, well done. The pool bar closes at 11pm prompt to the point the shutters auto close and people are trying to grab their drinks while their hands nearly get chopped off. I don't go to bed at 11am when I am at work never mind on holiday, this to me was too early. There was a payable bar open after 11:30pm this was the bar in the lounge that was closed all day and all evening. You can get real drinks, in a glass for about the price of selling your kidneys. You will pay around £6 for a whiskey and diet coke. There were lots of bar staff serving here, no surprise there when you are paying more of your hard-earned cash. Water - Always a bug bear of mine on all-inclusive holidays, here are your options. You can get free water from the bar in small cups, but not in large cups as apparently, these are "only for beer", total stupidity and non-logical. The water from the bar doesn’t taste great and is warm but is free, the other option is to BUY bottles of cold water for 1 Euro from the bar. Please sort this out hotel management - why can I not have a large cup of water from the bar @ 11am but I can have a large cup of beer, makes no sense at all. Entertainment (1/10) Entertainment at night is poor even by all-inclusive standards, it's the worst I have EVER seen. It's embarrassing our 5, 13, 15 and 18-year-old couldn't stand or understand it and neither could we. Random people on stage pretending to be drunk spilling beer, then drinking tea and lastly dancing like loons and waving cloths round like they were Bull fighting. Really really really extremely bad is the only word and we just didn't get this evening entertainment at all. One night there were singers on and these were good as the atmosphere rose and it felt like we were on holiday. Artists were not great but gave it their all re-in acting Money for nothing, summer of 69, sweet child o mine and others. One good night out of 7 did not meet our expectation. The entertainment is in the Splash park which can be a nightmare with young ones as there is deep water in the pools and the stage is located over the opposite side from the seating. This means the kids are running around and in the pool - not ideal and dangerous for some. Outside / Grounds (9/10) There are LOTS of wasps here - if you don't like them in your food, drinks, and hair then you may be freaked out. We played 'Launch the wasp' hitting them long distance with our hats :). Grounds are well kept however the hotel is a bit dated, nothing to be concerned about just an observation. You will find a locked poor excuse for a gym, showers and changing rooms - handy if you have a late flight as we did as we showered in these @ 7:30pm after sunbathing all day as we had a 9pm pickup. Outside the Hotel There is a bar next to water park that is not part of the hotel called LA BOLERA. This is English owned as has great measures of shorts for a reasonable price. However, the owners are bitter about the "Thomson All Inclusive" (their words) and as such the atmosphere is not great. They quickly made us feel uncomfortable several nights staring at us like they wanted to close. On Saturday night, we were walking in to the bar @ 9:30pm and they turned off all the lights and said sorry we are now closed. We were a family party of 14 all about to buy drinks and a bite to eat. As the bar is barely surviving due to the all-inclusive and waterpark this absolutely astonished me. My sister had a broken foot and as such when I asked if they could call her and her 2 kids a taxi to Punta prima (as they were not staying in our hotel) the owner told her to get the bus and refused to call a taxi. This bar 'LA BOLORA' does not value your custom and you are better spending your hard-earned Euros elsewhere in my opinion. Summary You will have a great stay at this hotel, it's clean, splashpark is amazing as are the staff. It has it's faults as does everywhere but we did enjoy our stay. Would we go back ? - No but only because you don't get value for money on the all-inclusive, nothing else. Hope this review helps.

Overall had a fab 10 days with the family, kids had a ball, and met some lovely people! Stayed from 21st-31st July 2017. First of all negatives but may I add being a group of 10 (4 adults 2 grandparents and 4 children between 12 and 7 none of these points dampened the holiday too badly!) 1 queued in the check in for 30-40 months mins in non air conditioned reception(think it wasn't working) but when we were dealt with we were dealt with very well, very through explanation of everything and the lady was lovely with the kids. 2 room was in main hotel(bungalows and other block by small pool looked lovely and aparantly were same price) room small, but clean which was fine but the sofa bed was stupid so small we have a very small 12 and 9 year old who struggled to fit on the bed so went through most of the week with my daughter sleeping on blow up lilo from the pool as her bed, not ideal when you have spent a small fortune on the holiday but like I said didn't spoil it and we managed not a lot we could do really. Oh and unless you are super slim show a struggle! 3 restaurant wasn't air conditioned , uncomfortable evenings unless we were fortunate to get outside, the part of the restaraunt to the left of the buffet bar was cooler but were questioned a lot as to why we wanted the large tables for party of 10 we were only allowed to reserve one on one occasion but they seemed to be empty for a lot of it. 4 only other disappointing thing was Malibu wasn't Al inc very odd that didn't have the cheap version having been on these holidays for 6 years in a row now it's our holiday drink so had to find an alternative! 5 sun beds at hotel in need of replacement As I said the holiday was fab Loved the location although hotel was busy it was still quiet compared to previous years loved the grassed area and quite pool Day time entertainment was fab, really got the kids involved great for kids a little older even did scuba diving in the pool one day really made every one welcome had such a range of activities for the adults and kids in particular Marco was a big hit with all of us! Splash park amazing , clean , great rides ,great sun beds never too huge queue considering peak season Food not as much choice as previous years but hey ho I think the hotel know what they are doing other hotels must have so much waste. 10 not very fussy eaters it was only the last night we found the choice very poor. Snacks are repetitive but better then non if missed a meal but then again other hotels who offer a huge choice again must waste money! Pool is very small but quiet pool lovely main pool is great if you want to get involved in the entertainment Not a fan of evening entertainment so only went over to the splash park a couple of times it did seem a bit cramped. First choice reps always on hand and fab:) Also found majority of staff friendly and great with the kids. Was worried after previous reviews! Wifi hit and miss but always worked in reception Would recommend the cove opposite the hotel beautiful clear sea just lovely, punta prima lovely 15 mins walk or 5 mins on the bus outside hotel (that's if you can get on small bus!) Caught a bus to Mahon one day very cheap and only 20 mins away despite it saying a 40 minute journey beautiful place family did the glass bottom bottom which was a lovely experience All in all I love quiet , although hotel busy it was peak season but if you want lots of adventure then may be not for you but we would return if only the prices for same 10 days next year hadn't increase by £2000:(((((( It is a 3 star but you make it what it is splash park huge bonus I would still return tomorrow

This is a very honest review, during the last 6 years we have visited this hotel 5 times pre and post waterpark. Check-in this year the worst ever, massive queue, no acknowledgement when at desk that we'd waited almost an hour!. Never been like this before. Rooms are small and showers tend to be pushed in the corner so if you need to shower a child, you may well struggle. When air conditioning on in room it sounded like a tractor running and had to be turned off so we could get to sleep. the Staff work hard, some clearly don't want to be there others will offer a smile. Food not the best, the salads about the best and are better than last year. Hot food not so hot and kids struggle to get food from kids buffet due to number of adults using it. Dining room so hot, air conditioning was not working, never experienced the heat in previous years. Cheese night good only allowed to try 4 pieces but can get in queue again. There where 7 of us this year and everytime we sat at a large table we had to explain our party size. Unless you were French!? We ate out several times, we don't bother with snacks because they are rubbish. Pool is a good size but if hotel full not enough room, needs to be bigger. Sunbeds damaged and really need replacing, the beds at waterpark much much better. Public toilets smell, this could be guests, but maybe cleaners should go in throughout the day. Entertainment is rubbish, last year the professional entertainment was good, not this year. The entertainment people work hard but clearly have a lack of resources. Apparently during our stay some inspectors called to check star rating. Hotel wants a four star rating. This is not a 3/4 star hotel. If it was very cheap I would stay because room is clean and waterpark is good but would eat out.

We visited here in August, two adults, three children aged 14,10,5 After reading the reviews was a bit unsure. Hotel on arrival was lovely and clean we stayed in premium suite,which has plenty of space. Things we didn't like: Breakfast finished early, Wasn't much of a variety of snacks or vegetarians options, and the snack bar closed at 3.30 so if you where doing an activity with the animation team meant you would miss out. Dinner time finished early, Evening entertainment wasn't great, The Animation team work hard to try and get everyone involved. Their entertainment equipment needs to get sorted. The entertainment is at the splash pool in the evening, which doesn't have much space where you can get a good view to see the stage, also the bar closes after the performances, then you have to rush to the main bar in the hotel to get drinks as this closes at 11pm and another pay bar opens(why should we pay when we are all inclusive), Splash pool water is very salty but kids enjoyed their time in there. There is no ice cream available during the day, apart in a vending machine which you have to pay for. Overall we had a good holiday, All families we met and stuff, where lovely would definitely recommend this hotel.

We spent 2 weeks here in August, everything was always clean and tidy. The food was good and there was always something to eat even for my fussy kids. The restaurant staff were always happy and polite and Jose on the door is excellent. The daytime entertainment staff were great and my boys took a special liking to Tom and Marco who were fantastic with the kids and adults alike. There was always something going on and there was also free unlimited use of the splash park which was great. The Thomson reps Chris, Mike and Dan were great and dealt with any issues quickly and were always there if any advice was needed. Would definitely go again and recommend to any family. Nice and quiet at night as bar closes at 11pm.

Had a fab holiday. We were there 12/19 July. Can't fault the place. It was spotlessy clean and well maintained. Food was fab. No complaints there. Plenty of choice. Always hot and fresh. Salad bar amazing. Pool area was always clean. Plenty of sunbeds. Never had to panic to get one. Got a bit busy towards end of holiday when more children arrived and they all had inflatables. Plenty of day time entertainment to keep kids amused. Evening entertainment was pretty naff and held in the waterpark area. No problem with that but a lot of people didn't watch their children properly which I was concerned about. The waterpark was fab. My granddaughters loved it. Again, no problem getting a sunbed. The room, although kept clean, was small. There was 4 of us in the room and there was no space. Also, extremely small verandah. Only enough room for 1 to go out on comfortably. The shower was also small. Very small haha!! Nice location. Courtesy bus takes you and brings you back. We walked though. Only about 10 minutes. Brings you into a little village with shops etc. Nice beach there too. Can recommend the zoo trip which also gives you time in San Bou. All in all a pleasant holiday. Would I return...only if I had the grandchildren with me because it is a family hotel and I think with a few tweeks it could be rated as a 4star.

We spent in this hotel 1 week. We were four persons me, my daughter, my mother and niece. We all paid same prices for adult for double room. Good points: room cleaned every day, good food, water park, sympathic staff in restaurant. Bad points: As stated above we paid all adult tariff. But me and my daughter were given room in which was one bed 140 cm only ( photos enclosed ), while in the room of my mother were two twin beds, each 90 cm. On the web of the hotel is stated that double rooms have two twin beds, no mention about 1 bed 140 cm. I remarked this on half of our stay because if you are on holiday you don´t measure the beds. When I said this at the reception I was informed that this bed is for adult. I asked what they would do if some people of 100 kg slept on this bed and the receptionist told me that it is not my case. This attitude is totally wrong and inacceptable. If the hotel takes money for adult tariffs for the room with two twin beds so the adult guests cannot be given 1 bed 140 cm. This is dishonest and immoral ! The price should be different if the room equipment( bed ) is also different. The hotel should not offer such a beds to adults at all. We liked very much Menorca but the next time we will go to the hotel in which they are honest to his guests.

What more could you want really. Wonderful splash park. Nice pool. Beach nearby with free shuttle bus outside. All inclusive. Beautiful weather. Lovely staff. The rooms are cleaned every day. We were lucky and had a beautiful room A4. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. Our children are a bit older 13, 12 and 11 so we also went to a little cove where you could do what they called "cliff jumping" five minutes down the road. Lots of fun. There's a bus to Mahon that stops just outside the hotel. Very cheap €1.80 each and very easy to do. Mahon is very nice and worth a trip. If you have daughters or trendy sons the hair braiding ladies are in the market there on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday (I think). The splash park is salt water but our children sorted out the issue with it getting in their eyes with goggles and this did seem to be enough. My son got a little bit of a sore just under one of his eyes which I dabbed with a bit of vasoline before he went in the water which protected him and seemed to work for him. The all inclusive was all good too. No complaints here I'm not a drinker but I heard a tip from another guest that they don't do tonic water if you are partial to a G and T and they add soda water! So they were buying their own tonic to add. Depends how much you want tonic I guess! We had a fab time. Defo recommend.

We've just come back from a week all inclusive and had a wonderful time. Our family is 2 adults and 3 children aged 13, 11 and 7 and all really enjoyed the accommodation, food, local beach and pool and absolutely loved the splash park. Everywhere was clean, the food was excellent and the hotel quiet at night after 11. The staff were all very friendly and worked really hard at looking after us. I get why there is some negative comments about the evening entrainment as it wasn't great when put on by the hotel staff however the hired in acts were all excellent (every other night). The local beach and close by bays and rocks are amazing for snorkelling as the water is warm (early August), the water is clear and there are fish in abundance. All in all a brilliant holiday which we'd thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys splashing in water.

We visited as 2 families with 16 & 14 yr old boys. As previously mentioned we were worried having read other reviews but for the first 4/5 days we couldn't understand the fuss. Our rooms were adequate although no view as we were on a level lower than the pool with the only access to our room through the patio door but no biggie. The food was good and we could always find something to eat although the menu is repeated weekly so if you stay for 2 weeks you know what will be on the menu the following week but not a problem. The staff in the hotel were great and we didn't find any of them to be grumpy. The entertainment at the splash park in the evening is poor and we steered clear after 2 attempts to watch it. The splash park during the day is great and clean and kept the kids entertained. This hotel is ideal for families with kids not if you are looking for a quiet break. There is the usual scrum for sun beds at the pool with towels out at 6am but we found the grassed area to be great and away from the noise of the poolside. If you are used to 4* plus hotels don't choose this hotel as I think you'll be disappointed as described to me by a staff member 'this is a basic 3* hotel'. Overall not a bad holiday, shame about some of the other guests as a fight on our last night with the police called. We wouldn't return.

Carrer dels Equinoccis, s/n Sant Lluis Menorca

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  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located within a mile (2 km) of Punta Prima Beach, Hotel Club Sur Menorca is within 3 miles (5 km) of Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt. This 3-star hotel welcomes guests with 252 rooms and conveniences like a water park, an outdoor pool, and free self parking. Also close to this Sant Lluis hotel are Illa de l'Aire Lighthouse and Es Calo Blanc.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. You can enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge or visit the onsite restaurant for a bite to eat.


All of Hotel Club Sur Menorca's 252 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, safes, and phones. Guests can expect to find TVs with satellite channels.

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Guests of Hotel Club Sur Menorca enjoy a water park, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. There's free parking and an area shuttle for a fee. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help with concierge services, and answer any questions about the area. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include free WiFi in public areas, a meeting room, and laundry facilities.

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