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Hotel Club Sur Menorca

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I cant believe people complain about this hotel! for the money you pay and what you expect its spot on! Hotel exceptionally clean, I believe this is a must for a hotel no matter what star you are in. Good verity of drinks and food (please note you pay 1 euro for a bottle of water a large one). Most hotels now that are all inclusive you still have to pay for some ice creams and drinks so I dont understand why people are annoyed about this. Also the way that people complain about not being able to rent towels, if you read the description of the actual hotel on alot of the websites it does not mention anything about renting towels, so I dont understand why people just expect them? This hotel is brilliant. staff very friendly, good variety of food, entertainment good, pool selection good and not too far from the beach. (free shuttle bus) going back in September and can not wait. Traveled with 2 adults and a child aged 2.

First time in Menorca and i loved it. Hotel was great, good location but you do really need a car if you want to explore this amazing island. I stayed for 2 weeks in October, weather was good, except for one day of rain and a couple were overcast but apart from that a good time of year to go, warm enough to still do things and fairly quiet. No complaints regarding the hotel other than the "activities" were a bit loud and intrusive, they need to remember some guests are there to relax and unwind. Rooms good, i had 010 which was a corner room overlooking the sea and had a wrap around balcony. Some of the rooms are tired, but a good size and housekeeping were amazing. Restaurant - staff work so hard, food is fresh, replenished and varied but some strange combinations, but they're obviously catering for a wide client base. Reception - brilliant on arrival, knowledgeable and friendly. I also like the fact that TUI staff available every day, for most of the day. To sum up - great holiday, great hotel, beautiful island and i will be back.

Just returned from a week with my family consisting of five teenagers. Please bear in mind with this review that we were there for the very last week of the season and we were literally the last guests to leave the hotel, I know it shouldn't make a difference but in this case sadly, I think this fact does have a bearing on my findings of the hotel. The main areas of the hotel were very clean and spacious, however I didn't find the cleanliness of the bedroom /bathroom up to scratch. On arriving I found dark hairs on the floor and walls of the bathroom and although it wasn't dirty, in my opinion it could all have done with a blooming good scrub. The maids were great and came in with fresh towels every day and made the beds. One thing I was impressed with is that our toilet seat broke and that very day, without us even saying - it was promptly repaired. The food wasn't the best. With every all inclusive you have the risk of it being a bit samey samey, however this really did feel like we were just being given the basics without much effort. We made the best of it, but it could be a lot better. I heard that during the height of the season the food is a lot better - which is a shame as we paid as much as other people during the year and therefore should have received the same service. The staff were very helpful. It was clearly obvious however that they were very ready for us all to go so they could start their holiday, which was a bug of a shame for us - however I guess after 9-10 months of working 10/11 hour days six days a week with paying guests and no breaks .. I think I would be the same! I think what spoilt things a little for me was how the hotel and water park starting packing up a couple of days into our holiday.. I get that it was end of season but in the words of my son 'it kind of killed the holiday vibe' as you felt like they were just waiting for you to leave but that is clearly a hotel policy that needs addressing. The entertainment staff were absolutely fabulous and made our holiday to be fair! Jacob and Malagi - couldn't do enough for all of us and went out of their way on our last evening to make sure we were entertained, despite the fact that they too were shattered and looking forward to a break! Fab!! Another benefit being out of season was the splash park which is attached to the hotel. It was empty and the kids spent virtually every day there. It was clean and very well maintained. One more gripe is the all inclusive drinks on offer. It would be much better if they had a few more local drinks on offer. We like a baileys as a nightcap but as they had no cheap alternative we had to pay 3.50€ for a glass which was annoying. I would go back, but for the right price - and really only for the children.

My holiday in late October was incredible I really enjoyed it and specially the entertainers big praise to MAGALI I love her so much and she certainly made my holiday I would definitely come back next year on of the downfalls was the fact that the food was repetitive but there was always something to eat also the entertainment program for teenagers weren’t great however I enjoyed myself at the mini club for one day with magali she was really the highlight of my holiday

We as an family of four stayed from the 23-30 October 2017 had a wonderful time and exceptional shout out to Jacob,Magali and Ara who went above the call of duty to keep us all entertained during the week and gave us some huge smiles on our faces and plenty of laughter, but however the food is not very good and I have no idea where the cheese tasting was and also the live cooking ! The soup disappeared towards the end of the holiday and I guess you can say the food did too as the longer the holiday went on the food got far worse, on the last day early breakfast was either cold cereal or continental breakfast and no hot food !

The hotel itself is situated around a 30 min drive in a taxi costing €20 from Mahon airport. The hotel - the grounds are nicely maintained and so are the pool areas although the pool attached the bar, the sunbeds could do with being replaced. The reception area and inside seating is nice and kept clean. The splash pool - good slides, very good for young children however the water is very cold and wasps are also a problem there. Never a problem getting sunbeds however this might be because of the time of year we are here. Hotel guests also get priority over customers paying for the splash pool. The food - breakfast isn't the best, however we usually found something for lunch and dinner most days. Good selection of drinks on offer including cocktails and snacks twice a day. Staff - most of the staff are friendly except one who raised his voice twice Pedro who works in the restaurant and we weren't he only people to have problems with him. Jacob the entertainment guy was fantastic, he kept everyone well entertained and always got stuck in. The rooms - it serves its purpose, has everything you need although they are a little basic and balcony is fairly small. This wouldn't be somewhere I would go in main season, it is for people on a budget, it cost us £1700 for three people which i thought was exceptionally good value. There is something here for all no matter the age.

We have just returned from a week here. The plus side - lots of food, a variety of food, great breakfast choice, friendly staff, kids club, kids disco, free bus to beach, great water park next door with entry included, remarkably quiet (but it was the last week of the season) towels changed regularly without asking Minus sides - freezing pool, food sometimes not warm, strange food combinations, drawer space a bit sparse for two adults and a child, the shower was tiny so washing a small child was very difficult and the only way to do it was to shower with her and that was very cosy! The loo smelt strongly of urine all the time.

Very honest review , we have traveled lots over the past 3 years been in 4 star 5 star this was our first ever 3 star and got to say fabulous hotel !!!!! It has beat our 4 star hotels hands down . Lots of people go with massive expectations that in reality no one can reach , they want 5 star but at 3 star cost ( not going to happen ) The hotel staff were great from restaurant staff to the room cleaners to the entertainers what a hard working team to give holiday makers a great time . The pool is spotless and clean and the water park wow what an added bonus , had the best week with the family loved every minute . Little shop on site as well lovely people and we went with first choice , tui our reps were fabulous ,we did the glass bottom boat in Mahon and had a fab time , just a great holiday . Only down fall here is food is very similar every day but clean and you will always find something to eat , and low selection of spirits ( no coconut rum /Malibu ) other wise 100 percent come back !!!

Worst hotel I have ever stayed at! They simply don’t want to be a all inclusive holiday.... rated 3star plus by first choice... how? This is our 4th splashworld holiday, Family of 4, 2 adults 2 kids 8 & 13, this was a late deal booking. We read the reviews and took the many negative ones with a pinch of salt and focused mainly on the positive, I now realise the positive ones where made by people with extremely low standards that are easily achieved. Let’s start with the positives The Splashworld which is separate to the hotel is very good, great lay out, plenty of sun loungers and friendly staff. But for some reason the all exclusive element to the holiday seems to be lost here, towels are not provided at all! And although drinks are free the snack bar is not! Even in the evenings when this area doubles up as the entertainment arena (I use that word very loosely) the drinks are the only thing provided in this “all inclusive” holiday. And now everything else... Restaurant The food is terrible, poor choice if any and really weird combinations that you simply can’t put together to make up a main meal. The soups definitely need to be investigated by SETTI, I believe it to be a new life-form, the labels never really matched what was on the tin. We never got seated to a table, never had plates removed, never offered a drink. The staff where so underworked they mainly stood talking and chatting with each other, I presume making new rules up on the do’s and do nots of restaurant. We only had 2 engagements with the staff, both times where to tell us off. On the first occasion I made the clearly stupid mistake of sitting in the dinning room with the view of the ocean with my 13 year old son, this was for breakfast, the room was empty so we sat with a great view and started our meal only to be interrupted by a staff member to tell me children weren’t allowed in that room and we would need to move to the other room. The second occasion was when I attempted to leave the restaurant with an ice cream, again I stupidly had the idea of eating said ice cream on my sun lounger at the pool side. The head maitre d’ quickly imformed me that no food can be eaten outside the restaurant and just to make sure I understood he locked the door I was about to escape from. Oddly enough you can buy ice cream from a kiosk next to the poolside. Rooms, Firstly my kids have never watched The Shinning but they have now experienced the terrifying experience of walking down the corridors and hallways, as this hotel has lovingly recreated not only its look and feel but also the terrifying echos of being chased down them. Needless to say if we needed anything from our hotel room it was a family trip to retrieve item. The room, we had a family interconnecting double rooms, conveniently located above the hotel Bar, a fantastic location especially at 1am when a group of pissed up Welshman started to sing their national anthem every time they went to the bar. Although the bar was meant to stop serving at 11pm (I presume not to wake up children sleeping in the family rooms above?!?) they ignore this rule, clearly the bar is not run by the restaurant staff. The rooms are low quality, very dated, tiny telly with just sky news on. The bathroom must of been designed by a one arm midget because you can’t use the toilet roll in that position and the shower cubicle can only be used if you are preforming a head stand with one arm free to wash your hair. I now know what it feels like to spend time as a corpse as I’ve been laid on a slab of what the Spanish call a bed, and pillows seems to of not even made it to the island as we only had cushions. The air con did not work and only blew out hot air we complained and the guy fixed it so it didn’t blow out any air! The worse thing of the room was to noise from the hallway, once the bar had finally closed you could literally hear everything from everyone’s room on your floor, the one above across the street!! There is absolutely no sound proofing of the rooms, you can see light from all 4 sides of the door. Don’t expect a decent night sleep and expect to be woken very early when someone 8 doors down goes for a pee! Around the pool Pools where clean, salt water which I don’t mind plenty of sun loungers and a lovely view of the sea. No towel service! The bar staff are mostly unfriendly, not rude but just didn’t interact with you. The snack bar which opens just 30min at a time 9:30-10am 3/3:30pm 9:30/10pm serving toasties, burgers although not great if it had been opened full time (again you would expect from a “all inclusive” holiday) the food still would of been better than the main restaurant. In fact we ordered a pic nic for a day out and that was by far the best food we had eaten here. Entertainment The Cosmos staff where on the whole very friendly but not very engaging with activities. The evening entertainment is just not even a thing it’s poorly organised and even the brought in acts made people walk out before they had even sat down. WiFi is very good and amazingly Free! On the whole the hotel is a disgrace, it clearly doesn’t want to be an all inclusive holiday destination, there’s a tightest with almost a resentment to hotel guests, luckily as a family we can make the best of a bad situation and we had the money to buy meals out, go into the town and do trips etc so we only used the hotel as a base. This is not a first choice holiday and they really need to bollock the hotel for damaging their brand. Don’t be taken in by the positive reviews, this place is the worse hotel we have ever stayed at, spend your hard earn money somewhere else and don’t take the risk like we did.

We stayed for 14 nights from 30/9 to 14/10. We arrived just after 11am and the staff at reception were very helpful. They gave us a detailed map of Mahon, the bus time tables and everything that was available at the hotel. We stayed in room 329 which was overlooking the pool and had gorgeous views looking out to the sea. The room was very clean, it was cleaned daily and the maids always did a lovely job. The only downfall of the room was there was not enough drawers for the four of us. The food was okay, there was always a variety of choice and the fruit and veg was always fresh. We did have a few issues tho, my eldest son is a fussy eater and would find it hard to find something he liked on some days. The chicken wasn’t cooked thoroughly, my partner had some and it was a little pink so we avoided chicken after that. And lastly there were a few flies in the dining room which were a pain when you were trying to eat! There was also quite a few wasps by the pool, it was hard to sit by the pool with a drink as a wasp would always appear! There was a variety of drinks to choose from at the bar, my youngest son and niece especially loved having hot chocolate on the evenings. My partner was pleased to have San Miguel and I loved the peach schnapps. The Splash Park was really good and we had so much fun there. The water is salt water but it wasn’t an issue. The drinks are part of the all inclusive there which is good so you didn’t have to keep going back to the hotel. The only downfall was the fountains weren’t switched on and when we asked about it they said it was too windy. However on some days there was no wind and were still switched off until we enquired about it and then they would turn it all on. We went into Mahon a couple of times, they have a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays which sell nice little souvenirs. We also went on the glass bottom catamaran which lasted just over an hour and was very interesting to hear about the history and then go down below to see the fish. We also went on the shuttle bus, that ran every hour, into Punta Prima. The beach is really nice and the water was so clear. The children loved swimming in the sea and playing on the beach. And saving the best till last is the entertainment. There was plenty of activities to do everyday, one afternoon we went cliff diving which was amazing! My son absolutely loved doing that and was so confident at jumping in and swimming in the sea. The kids club ran twice a day, my sons and niece loved going there to do activities with Ara. She was always so good with the kids and would always run around and play with them. The entertainment on the evening was so good, they had a mini disco which we all loved! We all got involved with the kids doing the dances! At 9pm they would do adult entertainment. On a few nights they had entertainment come in from outside the hotel and the other nights there was bingo, quizzes, karaoke and Mr and Mrs Sur Menorca which me and my partner won! It was a lot of fun to take part in! I have to say a special thank you to the team. Jacob, Ara, Wesley, Magali and Mimi, you were all so amazing! We loved meeting you and you were all so good with my sons and niece, they adore you all! You are all so special in your own individual way and it was so nice to get to know you all! You made our holiday such an amazing one so thank you 😊

Carrer dels Equinoccis, s/n Sant Lluis Menorca

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located within a mile (2 km) of Punta Prima Beach, Hotel Club Sur Menorca is within 3 miles (5 km) of Museo Etnologico Molí de Dalt. This 3-star hotel welcomes guests with 252 rooms and conveniences like a water park, an outdoor pool, and free self parking. Also close to this Sant Lluis hotel are Cala Biniancolla and Cala Torret.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. You can enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge or visit the onsite restaurant for a bite to eat.


All of Hotel Club Sur Menorca's 252 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including balconies, safes, and phones. Guests can expect to find TVs with satellite channels.

Property features

Guests of Hotel Club Sur Menorca enjoy a water park, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. There's free parking and an area shuttle for a fee. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help with concierge services, and answer any questions about the area. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include free WiFi in public areas, a meeting room, and laundry facilities.

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