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Village Pierre & Vacances - Sainte-Luce

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

1. Disgusting housekeeping practice - cleaning supposedly every 4 days but went 6 days with no clean towels and no bed linen change!! AWFUL!! If, someone were to fall ill and they were travelling alone, the hotel staff would prob not find him/her till their next cleaning which time the poor person would have...well you know died!! 2. There are NO SUNBEDS ON THE BEACH - 3. The b'fast and dinner added up to E45 - multiplied by the number of nights and its gets expensive!! Better get a car and buy your own food from Carrefour!! 4. Jumbo car hire guy Enrico, really really very helpful and efficient. Thanks! 5. Diving school Kariba, on premises great and very proffesional - top quality equipment too - thanks Thibo and Guy!! !!!

We had a great stay here in the end of july and then we came back a few weeks later. The location is great, nice natural beaches in walking distance. The hotelrooms are a bit outdated, 90s style. I personnaly dont have a problem with that. The rooms are functional with a fridge, freezer and stove. I had a great time thanks to great staff, very friendly and helpful, even if i dont speak a word french. The athmosphere was great, familyoriented, lots of activites. The restaurant was ok, food is not that great. I enjoyed my stay alot and will definately come back thanks to staff, location and a vacation athmosphere.

The hotel is reasonable, it has two beaches right next to it. One on the right and the other on the left of the grounds. The room we had was pleasant enough the only problem was the House Keeping. We had our room cleaned twice during the stay with bed linen and towel changes, and also the lack of toilet roll supplied (2) was not sufficient enough for five people. I have never been to a hotel before where you are expected to go the reception and ask for it before. So we ended up just buying our own. Also we was told by Reception that House Keeping was every four days, being used to Europe and Asia as a family we are used to house keeping every day and at the minimum every second day. Having stopped in Martinique previously although at a different facility, I have never found house keeping a problem before. The Hotel grounds are well kept and the staff are very pleasant. The swimming pool area is very good, and there are many activities provided throughout the day and evening, but it is difficult to joining with them unless you speak French. Although probably 98% of the people who stay here are native French speakers I can understand this. The first night upon arrival we tried the buffet. Which I thought was expensive for what it was.The food available was not great. We never gave it a second chance. Also there is a large car park and I could never understand why it was always so full considering that there were far more parking spaces than hotel rooms

DO NOT STAY HERE! REPEAT: DO NOT STAY HERE! This dilapidated excuse of a resort made for a ruined vacation, thanks to its many deficiencies: To start at the beginning: checking in: a total disaster, no signage, no organization. Be prepared to waste at least an hour checking in, and also be prepared for absolutely no service. Worst of all: only one room key, the old fashioned metal kind. Since our initial unit was “only” half a mile from the reception desk where we were told to leave the key, one can imagine the inconvenience, which became much greater when we were to move to a unit for six people and still given only one key. The rooms are very dated, with 12” televisions (we never used ours) inappropriately located. The rooms were cleaned only once a week, with towels changed very infrequently. And we were asked to pay 10 euros a day for the use of the room safe! When we asked for assistance with our bags (my wife and I are in our mid-seventies) the answer was “pas possible!” As a result we had to carry our bags up 39 steps to get to our first room unaided. The rooms have a bare minimum of furniture, with the most uncomfortable beds imaginable. The bathrooms are a step back in time, with showers elevated 12” or so off a tile floor, with plate glass doors, making for a dangerous exit after showering. We had reserved many months in advance for a 2 bedroom unit for six people during the week our daughter visited us. We asked for a late check out from our first unit and an early check in to the 2 bedroom unit. “Pas possible!”. Could the management arrange to have our bags moved? “Pas possible!” We were directed to take our bags down the 39 steps, place them in an unguarded storage room, then had to wait 5 hours with no offer of pool towels, no offer of anything; just frequent trips back to the reception desk to see if our 2 bedroom was ready. 5 hours and many trips to the reception desk later, we were given the single key (for six people now!) and made to collect our bags and carry them up 51 steps to an attic hovel that P et V falsely represented as a 2 bedroom unit appropriate for six people. The entire unit had dormer-like ceilings, so there was no standing headroom in at least half the space. One bedroom was about 5’ x 7’ (see photo) with no way of getting into the bed and only a small light at the door of the bed. Each of the two bedrooms had headroom only directly above the beds, so that a trip to the bathroom in the night always resulted in assaults on the head by the sloping ceiling. Night-lights? Of course not! The bathrooms and kitchen were the same: only very limited headroom. Furnishings? The “living room” had a 30” square outdoor table and 4 garden chairs. There was virtually nothing on the walls other than an obsolete TV hung at the end of an alcove in the living room, thus making it viewable by only one person. The bathrooms had the same shower problem, and were a disaster. The beaches surrounding P et V are quite nice, but are all public with easy parking. And in Martinique the beaches are public, open to everyone. So . . . do yourselves a favor: if you want to stay in this area, rent a house or apartment with a pool and walk or take a short ride by car to the beaches, which have many nice restaurants for lunch. Don’t even think of wasting time or money on the awful food at P et V. The nearby town of St. Luce has many good restaurants, but it is a good idea to make reservations. After a first miserable meal at P et V, we went out for all our other meals. NB: bedroom photograph is from unit for which you are asked to pay 310 euros plus per day!

I usually take reviews with a grain of salt as we have different expectations. However all previous negative reViews are spot on. Only good thing about this place was the view otherwise Not much value for your money. As one of us affectionately called the place "poubelle". So many issues not sure where to begin Day one Door did not lock from inside, two outlets not working, fridge not working, hot water not working. Front desk incredulous when I called and advised that these needed to be fixed breakfast was included in package but restaurant refused to sit us until they could mark the ticket (mind you they also double checked using a master list so they could have seated us) Day three had to pitch a fit for towel change; only received. 3 day wifi pass but was not advised so had to go back to front desk for a longer pass Moldy bathroom tiles cockroach found one evening

We were accommodated in Pierre et Vacances resort during the "Jeux Nationaux du Sport en Entreprise", for a week in may 2016. The room was very spacious, acclimatized, with balcony and a view. Very old furniture and bathroom. The resort itself seemed good and bad: there was a shop, but only opened during certain hours, a market mostly closed. The restaurant provided breakfast and diner as a buffet, and the food was Martinique specialty, but each evening a bit different, to included some themes: seafood, continental, Martinique, "normal" food. We got sick from one of the Martinique special sauce. Easy to find the resort once you've been there. Access only by car or bus. No public transportation in Martinique, between the villages.

We enjoyed the scenery, closeness to a gorgeous and picturesque beach, immaculate landscaping within the resort, and a very well-maintained and large pool area. The staff was nice and helpful at all times. The services otherwise seemed geared towards families with a need for a very regulated daily schedule, especially when it comes to opening times of restaurants. This proved to be a hindrance for travelers looking for more flexibility. The availability of towels in the resort seemed overly optimized for energy/water consumption, which limits their availability to the point of not feeling clean. The once-a-week brief cleaning of the room does not help either. The (Basic) Wifi service was spotty and extremely unreliable. The beds and mattresses were hard and uncomfortable. The breakfast and dinner buffet food was plenty, but of medium quality and taste.

We are a family of 5, myself, my wife and our three teenage children, 18/16/13. We arrived about 7pm on a Friday night. Now, we've been living and working in France for 8 years and the kids have all attended French school, so we'd consider ourselves fluent. In fact French people can't tell our kids are not natives. However, the guy on the gate had no idea what we we saying (or behaved that way). I simply said that we had a reservation and gave our name... he said "what?" So I went again... "what?", about five attempts. I asked my kids, am I saying something wrong here (it is pretty straightforward to be fair). They tried - still no luck. He was speaking back to us in french telling us that he really had no idea what I was saying and that this was a private residence and you had to have a reservation!!!!!!!!! I spoke in English and we got in... You need to have french to have a holiday here. The place looked ok, gardens very nice, but the rooms were minimal, tired and basic. The staff were either super helpful, or wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire, no in-between. You had to return to reception to get toilet roll. They might leave 1 roll for 5 people every 4 days. Our apartment was cleaned 3 times in one week and ZERO the second 8 days!!! Not sure what they were thinking. 1 bed linen change in 2 weeks... not enough. The hotel food was very basic and something you'd get in a self service buffet in a supermarket canteen - but at €30 a person. Christmas on Martinique is not for tourists. Everything closed for 2 days. So we had no choice but to eat in the hotel restaurant. The buffet was NO better, except the tables dressed a bit nicer and a band were playing. But instead of this meal costing €150 for the family, it cost €465!!!!!! Robbery. They should be ashamed. The restaurant Mahi Mahi - don't go. In fact go hungry instead. You have to order starter, main course, dessert and coffee at the beginning in one go. Then wait as bits and pieces are brought out piecemeal. Some had finished their dinner by the time others were served. Just rubbish. You'd need a brass band to get a servers attention too. Clinically blind to requests for rudimentary things like water, or even the food you ordered. Eventually, without desserts I went to the till to leave (2 hours at this stage). The lady said that she'd already opened the tin on two desserts (how fresh is that). We paid for what we had and left. The pizza restaurant… would open at 7pm and run out of pizza by 8:30pm - I mean c'mon, how hard is it to get that right!! The alternative is rubber chicken and chips or the main restaurant for canteen food buffet at €50 a head. Wi-Fi - Nah, don't get your hopes up, it simply doesn't work… Sainte-Luce is a potholed riddled, 3rd world shanty town that has had the life photoshopped out of it. No matter what you think it is going to be like from the books (that make it look amazing), you will be disappointed. It has a couple of dodgy shops, one Third World supermarket, and a pothole ridden beach road with sketchy looking restaurants along the dirty beach (crabs galore, but not on the menu! ). The restaurants are corrugated tin roofed, MDF structures with mismatching plastic garden furniture and things that eat your legs whilst you eat. 'Chiche' was our gamble one day, (not too bad for a middle of the road restaurant) we were happy and the pics look great!!. We'd an amazing meal in 'Case Coco' but do book well in advance. Overall, it's a run down hole, with sketchy dudes making inappropriate sexual remarks about my teenage daughters (16 / 13 year olds)! We live in France, so speak French, so we had the advantage of being able to book the restaurant, read the menus and the disadvantages of being able to understand the sexually explicit comments about my kids, from sweaty locals that wouldn't get a kick in a stampede. It is indicative of a lot of Martinique small (advertised) towns - sketchy at best, lot's of dudes hanging about leering at the tourists. I never felt 100% safe, never felt I could leave so much as an empty water bottle in the car, was always on guard, expected to face trouble at any point. The Island needs to clean up its act. It has massive potential, is extremely beautiful, but people don't understand customer service. They don't have the infrastructure, mindset, culture to really embrace the asset that they have. All activities we did - sea canoes, jetski, dolphin watching, snorkelling, SCUBA, quads, beach buggies, canyoning etc, all needed phone calls, sometimes days in advance, all needed to be booked through french... We made it a great time, we had a good holiday, but I would try another island next time.

The place is very pretty, with well maintained gardens. The pool is nice, with plenty of lounge chairs. Overall, however, we were disappointed compared to other places we've been. Here are some downsides for American tourists: 1. Very little English is spoken. The staff had the bare minimum to do their jobs, but if anything atypical arose, it was hard. Almost no other guests spoke English so it was a bit isolating. 2. The room was spacious and clean, but in poor repair. The shower water always covered the floor and pooled in the bottom. The second bathroom had only a tub and a low, hand-held sprayer. 3. There were no decorations in our room, and the furniture was what is usually seen on a patio. It was very spartan. 4. There was only French on the very tiny t.v. that was not anywhere near a comfortable piece of furniture for viewing. 5. You are fined if you leave dirty dishes, but they give you no dish soap or a sponge. 6. Not enough toilet paper was provided. 7. Beach towels could only be exchanged every other day. We used ours to sop up the water from the shower, so it would have been nice change them daily. 8. Washers require Euro coins, but there were none available on the property. After arguing a bit, a staff person finally came up with a few coins for us to purchase. 9. Dinners were plentiful and the site was nice, but the food was bland and very expensive. 10. Check-in took over an hour. Check-out went smoothly and was quick. Overall, we were disappointed. We did not feel "pampered" in the least. Most staff were friendly but they were not in a hurry to do more than the minimum required. We will not go back.

If you don't speak or read French, it can be quite isolating. We found a few English speakers, but it was difficult to get information about hours and services. The beds were very hard and uncomfortable. The pillows were almost useless lumpy, clumpy squares. They make you buy toilet paper if you are staying more than a couple of days. You have to buy dish washing soap and sponge. Superette on property. Opens at 730 to 2, then 4 to 730 pm. You get 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel per person. The bottom sheet on the bed was very rough. The property is very pretty and the beach is nice. Easy walk along shore to other little beaches and some beachside restaurants with bars near town. Snack shack is limited food but good chicken and pre-made salads, pizza I heard was mediocre. Buffet restaurant is 30 euro per person and is ok. Mahi Mahi is lunch only. You need reservations for lobster night Monday and Saturday at Mahi Mahi. Bar doesn't open until 4pm. Older bartender is grumpy and rude and makes terrible drinks. Complained when we wanted mango daquiri instead of lime (who wants a lime daquiri? ) Taxi Phil speaks excellent English 0696 253 404; He was great, very prompt and reliable. Reserve airport pick up and drop off with him! He'll also get you to town and come back to get you. (10 euro each way) When you leave room you lose power so you can't leave device(s) to be charged. Key to room includes card that goes in slot to turn on electricity. A/C stays on though. Nice balcony with outdoor kitchen. Big clothes drying rack included in every room. I doubt I'll go back, I'm too spoiled by the beauty and ease of getting around in St. Thomas and St. John. Prices are good staying and getting here (Air Norwegian!) But St. John prettier with that beautiful caribbean blue water.

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