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Hotel Bakoua Les Trois Ilets

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I’ve not spent a night in Le Bakoua for many years. But I’m used to visit this hotel for diner, for a drink or for meetings. It’s a must. Mainly because of its prime location on the tip of La Pointe du Bout. To have a drink on its terrace and enjoy wonderful view on Fort de France Bay is unforgettable. White sand beach surrounded by rocks is superb. The Coco Bar set up in a hut on stits in the middle of the creek facing the beach is unique. Tropical garden is also beautiful. Colonial-style setting gives a charming old school look to the Bar Le Gommier and the lobby. But generally Le Bakoua needs some refreshment. Unfortunately service is irregular and erratic in spite of the good will of staff.

We just finished a week’s stay at Hotel Bakoua. It was a very mixed experience, some wonderful, some annoying. Like the previous review, we were given the wrong room upon arrival. We had reserved, months ahead, a beach-front ground floor room. We were given a 2nd floor suite, far from the beach, which had a broken air conditioning unit. After a bit of fuss, this was corrected the next day. Location: Great. Beach is small but clean sand and clear water. Views are spectacular. Ferry to Fort de France is close and it runs often and well. Village Creole is a restaurant/shopping district right down the hill. Made for us tourists but fun. A 30”-45 Drive from the airport. Rooms:beachfront room was very nice. It has a covered porch right on the beach. Room was smallish but very clean. AC was a bit lacking. We bought a little fan in town and were comfy enough. Housekeeping did a great job Restaurants: okay, here is an annoying part. 3 restaurants, all open at very set hours. Do not try eat at Hotel Bakoua between 2:30 pm and 7pm. Nothing is open, and you can’t buy so much as a bag of chips. Silly when you are on vacation,and your hours are flexible. We got smart and brought a few things for the mini-fridge. Also, meals were okay when the restaurants were open but really expensive (20 euros for breakfast and 45euros for dinner, per person) Staff: most were courteous. If I stayed again, I would double-check my room reservation and stop at a Carrefour on my way to the hotel.

We stayed here for 3 nights, having spent the preceding week at Auberge L'anse Mitan just down the beach. So we were coming from a 2 star (at best-will post that review soon) property to a supposed 4 star hotel. We dropped our luggage off that morning, and informed the reception desk we'd return at 3 pm for check-in. First, let me say that the front desk personnel varied widely in their courtesy and helpfulness. There was one employee who barely made eye contact (I believe his name tag read "Gilbert"), failing to acknowledge a guest who was waiting for help right across the desk from him. Others were more forth-coming, the name John-Michel comes to mind, though I'm unsure if the spelling is correct. In any case, we returned at 3 to be told the room had not yet been cleaned. For some unfathomable reason, we were told the room wasn't ready because we had previously requested a first floor room and then asked for a second floor room, which is incorrect--we had specifically requested a beach-side room in Building J or I on the second floor. In fact we had stopped in several days prior to view these rooms and then requested a similar room when we made our reservation. We were okay with waiting a while. We were told we could change into swimsuits and use the facilities while we waited, but the changing room (the infamous room #1) was occupied. Finally, after waiting around for 15 minutes, we decided to check the room, following the vague, unhelpful directions given to us which landed us two levels below near the hotel laundry. There, an employee directed us to the room, which was occupied by other guests. We gave up, returned to the lobby, hot and frustrated. I asked for some water, at which point we were offered water and a glass of t'punch which helped mellow us out. While we were hanging around the lobby, I overheard another guest at the desk asking to change rooms because his room was too hot and the a/c was insufficient. Finally, two+ hours later, we were able to access our room, #140. It was small with a king bed (fairly comfortable, but beginning to develop that king bed "ridge" in the middle with the two depressions on either side where people sleep--I turned the mattress end to end to minimize that), built-in desk, one chair, but plenty of closet and storage space. Bed linens were of good quality, but why, in tropical climates, would a hotel use heavy, warm duvets instead of a top sheet and a light blanket? Do they want us to crank up the a/c in order to sleep under such heavy covers? I slipped the cover off the duvet and used that as a top sheet, relegating the heavy comforter to the closet. Our housekeeper gave us another top sheet the next day to add on. Housekeeping, incidentally, was great--our room was very clean upon arrival, and well-maintained during our stay. The a/c worked fine. The balcony held a table and two chairs and a view, somewhat obstructed by palm trees, looking out over the water. For an unobstrucetd view, choose rooms 144-148, or perhaps #s 134-138. The bathroom was large, with a terrific, deep tub which filled quickly, great powerful shower head, lovely towels, good quality bath products and lots of counter space. The room had a Nespresso machine and two pods (request extras if you're a coffee drinker--each Nespresso pod makes only a small espresso shot). The mini-bar was not cold, and clearly was not operable. Evidently, the "inspection" that each room undergoes after cleaning before a new occupant arrives, does not include checking to determine if appliances are in working order. Thus began our quest for a working refrigerator, dealing with the front desk and an affable, though overworked "technician" (mentioned in other posts I've noticed) who came, took the unit away, never to return that evening. As we had cheese, pate and other food needing refrigeration, we made do with buckets of ice, requested, and obtained in a timely manner at least, from room service. Each time I called the desk to inquire about the status of said mini-bar, I had to explain our situation all over again to each desk person. Inter-staff communication was not optimal. By the next morning, after more calls to the desk and still no sign of a resolution, I walked to the lobby to complain in person that our food was spoiling, my husband was angry, and wanted to leave (this in my French, which isn't perfect, but good enough) and why couldn't they simply bring a working unit from an unoccupied room? A half hour later, the technician brought a new refrigerator to the room. I'm afraid that in order to get what one needs at this hotel, one must be quite aggressive. I can do that, but it takes a lot of energy and I always veer away from being that stereotypical "ugly American". I loved the infinity pool, long enough for lap-swimming, and always uncrowded, perhaps because, inexplicably, there was no shade, umbrellas etc whatsoever, just lounge chairs. The small beach was more populated. Our room was blissfully quiet, but we received a notice the night before we left, announcing there would be a wedding in the restaurant up the hill from our building, and guests could have dinner in another dining area (we ate no meals there, the buffet breakfast option was 25 euros per person!). I suspect the music from that event might have been a problem and was glad we would be gone by then. In summary, there seems to be a lack, in some of the staff, of basic courtesy and caring about their customers, and inter-staff communication needs to be improved. There is a certain level of incompetency (the desk called our room shortly after we checked in to report that our credit card had been denied when in fact they simply hadn't run it through--but we still had to call Visa and were informed the card hadn't been entered at all, and this after we had reserved online days prior, taking advantage of a "flash sale" whereupon one's credit card was supposedly instantly charged--go figure!). If possible, choose the "luxe" rooms in the beachfront buildings J and I. The ground floor ones offer direct access to the beach, although they tend to be dark. Those on the second floor, like ours, have superior views from their balconies and are lighter.

My friends and I did not stay at this property but wanted to take a looksee for future trips - so we popped in for a sunset cocktail at the infiniti pool /lobby bar. The inifinity pool has a magnificient view - the lobby bar is classy and sleek. We each ordered a cocktail - I ordered the Creole Coffee - One friend ordered a cognac but they were out of cognac, another ordered a vodka, another a beer and the remaining members of our party ordered Pina Colada's. The Service was polite but my friends had difficulty ordering as the server spoke no english. We noticed that a number of the arriving guests were ariline pilots and steward staff. the sunset was lovely because the pool sits atop a cliff. Drinks were moderaly priced - we were not offered any snacks or olives as we saw other guests receiving so we were not sure if those were reserved for hotel guests. I would definately consider this property for our next trip to Martinique based on the view - but I might split the visit between 2 hotels to narrow the scope of offerings and preferences. This hotel is close to Creole Village. just walk down the hill.

We spent a delightful week at this hotel. The location is excellent, near the Village Creole where we would have breakfast in the morning. The 20 euro breakfast at the hotel is a bit expensive and not really worth it. Our room (large and comfortable) had a lovely view over the palm trees and the beach. We loved the beach and we loved the two restaurants. La Sirène for lunch and the Coco Bar overlooking the water are recommended. The Chateaubriand at night offers a superb menu. On Friday nights the hotel holds cultural events with a band and dancers. What we particularly enjoyed were having "ti-punchs" on the terrace at the bar of the Chateaubriand overlooking the spectacular sunsets over the bay. The staff was super friendly. In short we will gladly return as soon as possible.

We didn't stay in the hotel, but had dinner our last night on the island in the Chateaubriand restaurant. It's prix fixe: for 45 euro you get appetizer + main course + dessert; for 35 euro you get either appetizer + main course or main course + dessert. (Some menu items are special, and there's a 5-euro charge for those). Service was very courteous and professional. We had the sweet-potato bisque to begin; for our main courses, Partner had the tournedos and I had the fish; both were delicious and beautifully presented, and the side vegetables were wonderful. There was also a small band playing live music (soft jazz / pop, very 1970s).

After a week of sailing around Martinique, my husband and I were looking forward to a couple days of relaxing in luxury on land. Unfortunately, we did not find it at the Hotel Bakoua. This property has potential but it has a long way to go in order to call itself a luxury hotel. Parts of the hotel are quite beautiful (the lobby, main restaurant, bars, pool, and grounds) but much of it could use some work. The private beach is not nearly as spectacular as many other beaches on the island. It is small, not well maintained, and the lounge chairs are dirty. The hotel itself is somewhat dated and the three rooms we saw were all fairly basic. Our room was acceptably clean but could have been better (dusty shelves, stained lampshade, sticky, used spoons on our coffee tray, and a used q-tip in the bathroom cabinet). What is truly lacking at the hotel however is customer service. We checked in at 3pm and were escorted to our “Privilege” level room. The room was warm and humid so we immediately turned the air conditioning to the maximum setting and left to explore the grounds. We returned an hour later and found the room as hot and sticky as when we had left. We went back to the front desk and reported the issue to Keny, who we quickly discovered should not be working in the hospitality industry. He told us that he would ask a technician to check our air conditioner but he could not say when that would happen. When I asked if we could move to a different room he said there were no other rooms available or clean and appeared indifferent to the fact that we did not wish to spend our vacation sweating in a hot room waiting for a technician. At that point, I spoke to the manager on duty, Marie-Julie, who was friendly and appeared to care about our situation but flustered about how to handle it. She showed us to another room which was as hot as ours and we declined. She told us she would try to reach a technician and/or find us another room. We returned to our room where we were surprised to find a technician waiting to check our A/C. He looked at it for a few minutes, said it was working as well as it could work, and left. At this point, the bellman arrived to take us to another room which, while not as cool as we would have liked, was acceptably cool and we settled in. This room was a “Superieure” level room with a garden view on a lower floor than the “Privilege” level room with a full ocean view that we had pre-paid for. The room had two double beds instead of the king bed we had reserved and it had a musty smell but at least it was cool. My husband noticed that the room was supplied with only one bath towel and one hand towel so he returned to the front desk and asked Keny for a second set of towels. Keny responded to this basic request by arguing with my husband and asking him what he had done with the towels already in the room! Another set of towels was eventually delivered (no face cloth however) and we had a very nice dinner in the hotel restaurant, Le Chateaubriand. The staff in the restaurant and bar were lovely. The next evening, we thought it would be nice to have a drink at the Coco Bar, set on a platform above the ocean with a thatched, palapa-style roof, and watch the sunset. We walked to the bar at 5:30 pm and were informed by the bartender that it was closed. At checkout, we anticipated there would be difficulty and we were not disappointed. The clerk on duty at 7am, Gilbert, was as rude and surly as Keny had been on check-in. When I asked him to adjust our bill to charge us for a lower level of accommodation than we had pre-paid for, he appeared not to understand (although we made our request in English and again in French), then told us that we had pre-paid for our room and it was our fault that we had not accepted the room we had originally been assigned. When I again explained that our original room had been unacceptable and asked him to adjust the bill, he claimed that I would have to speak to a manager about the bill and the manager would be arriving for work in about an hour. As we had a flight to catch, we left the hotel with the matter unresolved. Overall, the hotel seems to need some investment in facilities, staff, and hospitality training if it is ever going to be the luxury hotel it claims to be on its website. We would not return to this hotel. We would recommend the Hotel Plein Soleil (on the east coast of Martinique) however, where we had a much better experience at the beginning of our trip.

We stayed here for two days in February 2018 and loved it. I'm surprised the rating isn't higher. The location is ideal, right on the water with a small, idyllic private beach just south of the public beach. The waves are gentle, and it's perfect for children. There is a snack bar suspended over the water, reachable by a wooden ramp. There is also a water sports store where you can rent snorkeling equipment or jet skis. We were traveling with a child and chose not to eat in the restaurant, which looked fairly fancy, instead walking the 5 minutes or so to some more casual offerings in the Village Creole. In the mornings, we went to the baguette shop in the Village Creole for a light breakfast. It's very close and means that ATMS, restaurants and shops are all easily accessible without a car. You can also catch the ferry to Fort-de-France from the marina, which is a 5 minute walk away. I'd actually advise that over driving, because the traffic around Fort-de-France can be heavy. The hotel is older, but the room was spacious and clean. The beds were comfortable. We stayed in one the last rooms in section A (Petit Bourg) and had a view of the water, even though we hadn't paid for a deluxe room. It was an easy (less than five minute) walk to the private beach. Everyone we spoke to at the front desk was very friendly and helpful, and spoke English, which was appreciated because our French is limited. It's true this isn't a luxury four-star resort, but those don't really seem to exist on Martinique, apart from Club Med (which is several times the price). If you're looking for a comfortable home base where you can spend the whole day on the beach, or easily head out and explore, this is a great place to stay.

We stayed in room 107 for 4 nights. The tub backed up for 2 days. The shower flooded the room and the hallway every time it was used. We basically were not able to shower for the entire trip. The hotel staff was not helpful at all. This hotel needs to be entirely updated. Our room was dirty and the furniture was damaged and shabby. It is not a luxury hotel by any stretch. It is really awful. The pictures on the website are not what we experienced at all. There is no concierge to help book trips (snorkeling, etc.) so you are on your own. The second night there was a wedding. The restaurant was closed and music blasted late until the morning. The hotel is truly not set up for a private event like this. Our safe did not work in the room. We reported this and no assistance. We had to carry our passports and travel docs everywhere we went.

Stayed there for 7 nights. Let start with the positive. o Nice landscape o Nice beach o Exceptional view from the restaurants o Adequate car parking o Beds very comfortable Now the not so good o People at the reception not too helpful and unfriendly o Breakfast just OK, coffee awful, fruits were not fresh, cook would either overcook or undercooked eggs, bacon and sausages were smelling bad. o Room was no where near our expectations. For the price we paid, it was not at the 4 star level they claim. (Very old furniture, electricity was not working properly had to bang on on & Off switches to open lights, washroom faucet leaking, ceramic tiles damaged, cupboard not too clean, see pics). o One night they had a reception at the beach restaurant and the music was very loud and very annoying. We called at the reception to complain and they said they had a banquet from a group that rented the place. They said the music would be off at midnight. They never apologized for the inconvenience to all the guest in the hotel. o Too many people from other hotels or ships at the beach.

Pointe Du Bout Trois-ilets

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located within a 5-minute walk of Anse Mitan, Hotel Bakoua Les Trois Ilets is within a 15-minute stroll of Pointe du Bout. This 4-star hotel welcomes guests with 139 rooms and conveniences like an outdoor pool, free in-room WiFi, and free self parking. It's on the beach and also close to Golf de la Martinique and La Savane des Esclaves.


This hotel is home to 2 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Order from room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room. Continental breakfast is offered for a fee each morning from 7 AM to 10 AM.


The 139 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including furnished balconies, minibars, and free bottled water. Guests can expect to find free WiFi and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds sport premium bedding. Safes, phones, and desks are also standard.

Property features

At Hotel Bakoua Les Trois Ilets, guests have access to an outdoor pool, an outdoor tennis court, and free WiFi in public areas. There's free parking if you drive. The front desk has multilingual staff standing by 24 hours a day to assist with dry cleaning/laundry and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a meeting room, free newspapers, and a terrace.

Room options

Superior Double Room, Sea View

Queen 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

Deluxe Double Room

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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