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Dellarosa Hotel Suites & Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

The only reason I could not give this 4 stars is because of the room. It was small, cramped and the bathroom needed a total rip and replace. Lobby is beautiful, breakfast was excellent and they have a great bar. Neighborhood is ok not great but walking distance to good shopping. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. Ok if you are on a budget. Convenient for taxis to and from the city center.

Would give 0/5 if possible. 1/5 is too high score for this place. (I am a frequent high reviewer, so this horrible rating is well deserved by this hotel from a normally patient and generous customer). Appalling customer service! Accused of stealing bathrobe by cleaner and receptionist. We were given only one bathrobe on arrival, which also happened to be stained, but as it was trivial, we did not complain. The following day we were enjoying a peaceful lunch and tea by the pool when the cleaning lady very rudely interrupted and accused us of stealing a bathrobe. Despite us politely saying there was only one on arrival, she arrogantly persisted telling us that she put two, so we must have stolen it. We couldn’t believe the nerve of this rude woman, who we had regretfully tipped earlier in the morning. We went to reception to complain about this disgusting encounter, and we were again accused of stealing and told that we would be charged for the robe. We asked to speak to the manager, who offered fruit and one small bottle of water as an apology, but this obviously failed to counteract this highly offensive accusation. I don’t know why anyone would even want to take one of their disgusting bathrobes, especially us to take all the way back to Australia. Other comments about this hotel aside from this experience: - Pool is extremely frigid. Not swimmable, just for show. Don’t expect to sunbathe here, maybe an hour of sun per day as the pool is surrounded by tall buildings. - We were given two single beds put together instead of a double which was requested. - Bath was not clean and sides peeling. - Towels need upgrade. - Not given enough toiletries and paper, had to ask for more. - No Moroccan tea at breakfast We frequent hostels and budget accomodation and never have we experienced worse customer service. I can understand being asked about a missing towel, but to be interrupted at lunch by a rude cleaner, then further accused by the female receptionist was not good enough. This proves that it was not just one rude person making accusations, it’s a theme of horrible customer service at this hotel.

The Dellarosa is a centrally located hotel in Marrakech, a 10-minute car journey from the airport. The hotel is clean and spacious, a little tired in places but overall pleasant and comfortable. The service is a mixture of warm Moroccan charm from longstanding local staff, mixed with downright rude younger workers from overseas. Our warm Moroccan welcome was overshadowed by a young woman who, upon inspecting all of our documents "decided" that information was missing. After repeatedly demanding another email printout (we hadn't received any other emails), she finally found the information that she was looking for which was within the documents we had presented all along. She proceeded to accuse us of withholding that part of the documentation, despite the fact that it had been in her hand throughout the debacle: not a great first impression of a hotel. That said, she was friendly and helpful throughout the rest of our stay. Rooms are of variable size and decor. Beds are comfortable with clean linen. There are only two plug sockets in the room so it is necessary to unplug a bedside lamp if you wish to charge a telephone. If you wish to charge two devices then you cannot use a bedside lamp. There is a hair dryer, mini refrigerator, secure safe and large wardrobe. Bath towels are provided (fine for me but possibly a bit small if you're tall-I'm 5ft and thin so I was perfectly happy, although they were not thick or soft). My room had a small terrace but this was very shaded. Complimentary toiletries are provided but they don't remember to replenish them every day (mine were replenished once in five days, in my friend's room they were replenished twice but on her last day she had no toilet paper). Towels are not always replaced even if they have makeup stains on them. The hotel prides itself on 24 hour reception. However, the night staff are unable to help with most common requests, their standard reply being: "ask in morning!" After a day of travelling, I wanted to have a bath before going to bed. There was no plug in my bathroom so I asked reception for one. "Ask in morning, we're just nighttime!" was the reply. So I wasn't allowed to take a bath on my first day of my holiday. Another guest asked for an adaptor to charge his phone and received the same reply. The following day I asked for a bath plug and was told that someone would bring one shortly. An hour later I was told the same thing. Three hours later I still had no bath plug so I asked again. An hour later one was brought but it didn't fit the bath so it leaked. Eventually, 24 hours after my arrival, a proper plug was brought and I was finally permitted to have a bath! This leaked, but very slowly! On the one hand this might be termed "#firstworldproblems," but on the other hand when you pay for a four star hotel it's usually because you want a relaxing holiday without any aggravation. That said, the bath was large with plentiful hot water, and there was a shower over the bath too. The pool is downstairs and is mostly always in the shade so I doubt it ever gets hot enough to swim in comfortably unless you are used to swimming in cold water. The roof terrace is very pleasant but only has six sunbeds so sunbathing opportunities are rather limited if the hotel is busy. I enjoyed sunbathing there- there are sun hats decorating the wall that you can use, there are toilets with beautiful Moroccan tiles, and showers that you can use to cool off. There is a bar too, but it is not staffed all of the time. Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country so you cannot sunbathe in a public space, you're really limited to the hotel. There is a vast seating area on the roof with dining tables so there is plenty of room for you if you just want to sit down. There is a large tented area providing plenty of open-air shade with comfortable cushioned seating for ten people, although that part of the terrace often smells of sewage! The hotel is situated within walking distance of the souks and beautiful gardens, it's a wonderful experience to spend the day exploring. I was expecting people to hassle my friend and I, but actually I found people to be polite and friendly. Turn left out of the hotel, then diagonally right at the roundabout with the fountain in the middle (the petrol station is on the far right), keep walking and eventually turn left and walk through the souk, eventually reaching Djemaa el fna). Of course people wanted to sell us things, but when we said "no" they were friendly. We dressed appropriately (just cover your arms and legs, no need to cover your head) and were treated with respect. Breakfast at the dellarosa is variable. I think that you shouldn't visit Morocco expecting a Full English Breakfast - stay on the uk if you want that. I don't usually eat breakfast, so on holiday I like to have fresh fruit, and I was surprised by the lack of fruit at the dellarosa. On my first day there were oranges, so I had an orange. On my second day there was no fruit at all. There were plenty of pastries with jams and chocolate spread, some hot and cold meat offerings, cheese, cereals and milk and also some sliced raw cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. As I'm vegan the only thing I could eat was the cucumber, tomatoes and onion, but by the time I'd got my cup of tea they only had cucumber left, so I just had that. I think you can have a decent breakfast if you don't have dietary requirements but I think fruit should feature daily on any breakfast menu personally. I'd recommend the mint tea. On many mornings the self-service tea table ran out of tea bags and hot water. They slowly brought more, but not enough to serve all of the people waiting. I felt that requesting anything from the lovely members of staff was a little like dealing with people who have Aspergers: they are neither lazy nor unhelpful, but you must be very, very specific in order to be understood: for example if you would like tea, you must specify that you not only want tea bags but also hot water, otherwise only one will be brought and not the other. The bar is very pleasant. I'd recommend the Dellarosa cocktail- it contains vodka, gin, fresh mint and lemon, and pineapple juice. It's very refreshing. It appears to have a low alcohol content (one drink normally makes me very tipsy but I was sober after two) making it expensive at the equivalent of £7, but it's very nice. Complimentary canapés are also provided in the bar, the service is generally good there, and it has a good atmosphere. The hotel restaurant offers international cuisine, personally I would recommend eating at one of the many authentic Moroccan restaurants near the souks. The hotel restaurant offers a buffet for 200 Dirams or an a la carte menu. Ingredients are not stringently listed, so a "seasonal vegetable pasta" (the only non-meat option) had unadvertised cheese on it so I had to send it back as I don't eat dairy products. It was returned but the only vegetables in it were sliced peppers, no other vegetables at all. I'd recommend going to Cafe Kessabine in the corner of Djemaa el fna, where you can get a delicious vegetable tagine or cous cous for 45 Dirams (less than £4). Overall you can have a pleasant enough holiday at the Dellarosa, and the staff will help you when asked to, but you will have to ask for many things repeatedly. If only they used checklists this hotel could be outstanding, but sadly they clearly don't, and so there are too many omissions in the service.

Having read Trip Advisor reviews for this hotel before our departure we were very worried as to what we were going to find! However we were very pleasantly surprised and felt quite indignant on the hotel's behalf at some of the unfair criticism we had read. We found all of the staff to be very welcoming and helpful and our room to be clean and more than adequate. The breakfast buffet had everything you would expect, cold and hot, plus a very smiley young lady making omelettes, fried eggs or pancakes to order. We were not in England so did not expect a 'full english'. Our only criticism would be the lack of fresh milk for making tea - we had to get hot milk from the coffee machine which turned out to be a very messy business! Regarding the buffet evening meal there was always a cold selection of various salads and two choices of hot with potatoes/vegetables which we found to be very tasty. As the veg had been sitting in the trays for a while they tended to be over slightly overcooked but what do you expect from a buffet? If you wanted to you could always order from the 'a la carte' menu. Overall we enjoyed our stay at the Dellarosa and although it may not quite meet English 4* standards in our opinion it wasn't far short. We had paid £35 each per night for junior suite/breakfast/evening meal and felt we had received great value for money. The hotel is about 20mins walk to the Medina and 15mins walk to the new town so well placed for both.

I would like to write a fabulous review for this wonderful hotel. My first stay at the Dellarosa Hotel Suites and Spa in September, 2017 and my stay was great. However, my second stay this April has been even better. The room I had was amazing and the service staff had put rose petals on the grand king size bed with the towels shaped into hearts, which was a really wonderful surprise as I had only booked a single room. I felt as though I was on my honeymoon! The breakfast has really improved since my last visit, although the addition of more fresh fruit would be welcome. However, leaving aside the fact that the hotel has wonderful rooms with all the facilities you would require for a brilliant holiday, with a gym, spa, swimming pool and a number of quiet and cosy areas to have a drink and a read, and is in a prime location being just a 15-20 minutes casual walk to Jemma El Fina, it is the staff who made my stay so great. Each and every member of the staff was very helpful, trying to accommodate every one of my needs and each and every one really did make my stay feel like a home away from home. In particular, I would like to mention Oussama who went out of his way to lend me his plug adapter so that I would not be without a charger for my phone. And at the end of my stay, he said that I could keep the adapter, a very lovely gesture going to show that the staff goes out of their way to provide an impeccable service. Thank you Oussama. I will definitely be recommending this Hotel to my friends and Family and would have no hesitation whatsoever in staying here again, which I most definitely will do so when I return. I love Morocco and I love Marrakech, and it’s the beautiful people of Marrakech which entice me to visit again and again.

This Moroccan hotel is located within easy walking distance to most areas of the town which means you can access any part of town on foot, the room we stayed in was well sized and bed fine too, the view was limited as we were on first floor, the breakfast was totally hopeless, they need to get a chef to fix this, the bar was stocked and service good, however the hotel staff were first class and very help full through out our stay.

Stayed two nights while on recent tour of Morocco. Very nice hotel. Wifi worked everywhere with strong signal. Staff were helpful, very friendly and welcoming. Room was good size- sitting room, terrace and bedroom. One problem with shower- no curtain/ door so place was drenched after taking shower. So make sure anything you don’t want to get wet is either not in the room or on far side of room. This includes dry towels. Bar served beer wine and some yummy cocktails ( limited choices but the ones I tried were great). Restaurant in hotel is nice but quite pricey and there are lots of restaurants in the area. You can walk to Medina in about 20 minutes at easy pace. Location around hotel was nice and seemed quite safe. Breakfast was very nice with lots of choice including freshly cooked eggs to order. Very nice hotel- quite enjoyed my two nights there and would recommend.

The general presentation of the hotel is okay, slightly neglected in places and most of the photos above seem outdated. Unfortunately i did not take any because I didn't feel compelled to. The rooms are relatively large bit very simplistic and appear quite empty. Some finishing details would have made them feel less clinical. The pool is constantly shades so opted for the roof solarium to soak up the sun, however bar service was difficult to find and areas quite dirty. I couldn't tell if it was from within the hotel, but could always hear loud music from our room late into the night. The food. I would suggest not to eat here. Breakfast is okay and pretty generic but lunch or dinner service is bad and the food awful. As well as inconsistent. A vegetable pasta one day would be completely different the next...and how can you really go wrong with pasta?! I would recommend they increase their menu as the choices aren't great. Had a dessert platter once and the creme brule was scrambled, panna cotta very gelatinous and chocolate fondant dry and overcooked. What I can not stress enough: do not order room service!!! Some of the staff were very friendly, particularly the barman and a lady at breakfast but generally quite rude amd reluctant to help. We frequently visited a hotel a couple of roads away called hotel fashion, where the food was delicious, the service friendly and they have a beautiful roof terrace with a pool and good atmosphere.

Stayed here 5 nights as part of a group of 6. All rooms were just fine, one or two minor issues (eg room safe not working in one room) but sorted out quickly and efficiently. Meals were fairly standard fare for Moroccan 4* hotels but there are several restaurants and snack bars in the immediate area and of course Marrakech has a fantastic choice of well priced restaurants with prices and variety to suit all tastes. There is a small pool next to the ground floor bar with a seating area and a great roof-top sun deck and bar where it was possible to lay in the sun and chill to escape the manic madness that is Marrakech. There is good free wi-fi in public areas AND in all rooms plus the room safes are free unlike most hotels in Morocco. All in all I would definitely recommend this hotel for a City break.

On entering this hote you get a wow this looks great but it all ends there very shabby rooms small dirty lack of hanging space leaking shower water took 15 minuets to drain away. The food was ageat disappointing Facilities’s poor based on a main road no relaxing areas well ove4 priced 2 star at best would not recommend to any one wanting a relaxing break. I actually booked into another hotel with a pool and garden only a stone throw away less expensive far better food and sevices. Thomas cook recommended the Delarosa rubbish I feel very strongly about been miss sold this holiday. Rooftop bar closed. Safe had to be replaced not working

5 Avenue Moulay El Hassan Marrakech

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Palais des Congres
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining

Located in Hivernage within a short walk of Palais des Congres, Dellarosa Hotel Suites & Spa is within a mile (2 km) of other popular sights such as Jamaa el Fna. This 4-star hotel welcomes guests with 80 rooms and conveniences like a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. Located centrally in Marrakech, it's also close to Koutoubia Minaret and Ben Youssef Mosque.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast, served each morning from 6 AM to 10 AM. Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at 500, the hotel's onsite restaurant. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


All of Dellarosa Hotel Suites & Spa's 80 rooms are individually decorated and have an array of amenities, including minibars, espresso makers, and free weekday newspapers. Plasma TVs come with satellite channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and Select Comfort beds with premium bedding ensure a restful night. Safes, phones, and desks are other standard amenities.

Property features

Dellarosa Hotel Suites & Spa features a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and a children's pool. Airport transportation is made easy with an airport shuttle at scheduled times for MAD 100.00 per room one way. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a fitness center, a spa tub, and a steam room.

Room options

Junior Suite

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 4

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Twin 1 | Sleeps 1

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Full 1 | Sleeps 1

Suite Master

Full 2 | Sleeps 6

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