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ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

2nd time staying at this hotel but a different season. Arrived 29th December at around 11.30 - rooms are not available until 12 but you are free to use all facilities eat and drink. As I had previously been and I knew where everything was the reception staff were kind enough to find us a room that was already prepared. Upon unpacking we then sat by the pool. Although not hot it was a comfortble 22degrees. Pool is like ice and i only managed to swim in it once - kids were always in it but only to the knees. Nights can get chilly so i would suggest taking a jumper/cardi. Food wa perfect couldn't fault. New Years eve was amazing we had cocktails & Champayne with management & a speech thanking us for our support to the hotel. The gala meal was served tn the main restaurant or the pool/Italian restaurant - we selected this and it was quiter than the main part. Food again was amazing a huge selection for everyone. Show were put on the the theater hall but we stayed in the lobbey bar where they had disco music playing. Just before midnight the Animation team come around with party bags for everyone they contained had balloons blowers streamers - which everyone enjoyed. The bar does stay opem later on new years eve - we left around 3.30am and it closed shortly before that. The week did heat up a little - althoughi would also take lwarm clothing just in case. Would i do this again - yes i would i have already started looking at the prices yes i will stay at this hotel. We meet some amazing people who helped us celebrate the New Year in style and who we will keep in contact with. It felt weird going to a foreign country that had Christmas decorations up - but it felt great.

We could not wait to revisit this Hotel and see all the staff as these people make this hotel as it is not the best hotel in Marrakesh,but the staff are amazing and we love everyone of them as these people make our holiday and look after us. This year we saw the standard of the hotel take a dip and not up to the usual standards which was a shame. Buffet on Xmas eve was not a patch on previous years, no cooking/cocktails demonstration all stopped,so you can see the standards slipping. The 2nd Manager name of Kevin asked me if I enjoyed the Gala Dinner which I replied there has been better in this hotel. After all the price has not gone down and it is not that cheap to go. This person has never been in management and this was very easy to see as he has no people skills at all. He gave me his card and said email me,really I am a guest in the hotel for the next 10 days and email me rude arrogant little man. I will be contacting Rui reference his rudeness. This rude person is also horrible to the staff and this was seen by many guests he threw a plate at a chef in front of guests no no no so wrong. He says to staff do this do that,the staff know what to do. He does not realise without the staff he has no hotel as returning guests would follow the staff. Hopefully his 1st manager will get rid of him out of this hotel before it is to late. Plus side new year was how it should of been and all the stops had been pulled out and the standard was back to how it should be. I spoke to Rafael 1st manager who said is this better and I agreed it was,so the changes had been made. 3rd Manager is really good he use to work on reception and Rafael needs to make him 2nd manager as he knows all returning guests what they like and he has very good guests relations. Hopefully one day we will see him as 1st manager of this hotel when Rafeal has moved on makes sense to have a manager who knows returning guests and knows the staff and the hotel. Would I return for the 8th time after the attitude from Kevin this year maybe not. Just need the hotel back to the way it was and no more staff to leave. We have heard next year the hotel is under refurbishment which is now needed. Hopefully the overhaul will be completed.

Just ignore the negative reviews and enjoy this excellent hotel. It's got everything you need for a great 4 star break with the added bonus of 5 star staff. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Marrakech and have stayed here now on 5 occasions. The food is good and varied and will not poison you despite some of the `Delhi belly` compensation claim reviews you might read. The rooms are comfortable and roomy if a little on the dark side due to the energy saving bulbs. The pool is too cold to comfortably use at this time of year but don't whinge about it - go use the heated pool instead. The drinks are good if you avoid the red wine and the entertainment staff have really upped their game and re much better than they have been on previous visits. The New Years Eve gala dinner was smashing and the management and staff really pulled out the stops to make sure everyone had a great night. As good as ever and we will definitely be back.

This hotel doe not live up to the Riu standard and most certainly is not a 4* hotel. The rooms were disgusting, mouldly couch, stained headboard, broken floor tiles, blood on curtains, loose plug sockets and broken shower. We moved rooms but the replacement was no better. The food was very average - Pizza, Chips, Spag Bol, ect. they did have some Local dishes but i found they were really greasy. The salad tasted of chemicals and the utensils were not changed enough (i witness a child lick one of the spoon and then put it back in the bolognese sauce, it took them 15 minutes to change it). All in all it was the same food day in day out. The only positive was that the Italian al la carte was very good, just a shame we could only do it once. The pool was ok, it looked lovely but was ICE cold, it was also very difficult to get a sunbed in the sun, most were reserved by 8am but the people didn't turn up to use them until 10/11am. Sunbeds were comfy but we did have visitors...we found numerous cockroaches by the sunbeds and on them, making it very unnerving when lying down. The majority of the staff were lovely but the entertainment crew were relentless, we counted 8 times in one day they disturbed us to ask to join in on activities, i normally wouldn't mind but they started calling people lazy if they didn't take part. the on site photographers were a PEST, they would not leave us alone, constantly trying to drag us off to reception to see the pictures they take of you in the pool or at night. In the evening they block the walkway and pester you again for pictures, they don't seem to understand the word no. The hotel location is OK, if you want the hustle and bustle of the "real" Morocco then its best to stay closer the the medina. it cost between £15-£20 each way to go into the main centre or there is free bus which you have to book in advance for. We didn't get this hotel "cheap" and i was very disappointed at the quality as we paid more for this as it was a 4* than others in the area. If i could do this again i would avoid this hotel and opt for something cheaper as i don't think the star rating makes any difference to the quality you get in a standard all inclusive hotel.

The hotel is just a few km from centre of Marrakech (and hotel provides a free shuttle service). We first stayed 2 nights in a riad in central Marrakech then 3 nights in the Riu and that was a perfect mix and length of time. We were pleasantly surprised by the weather with highs in the mid 70s/ 24c on first week of Jan so we were able to sunbathe around the pool. My children even swam in the rather cold outdoor pool but there is also a warm indoor pool on site. Food is good and varied. Rooms large and clean. Entertainment staff very friendly. A really nice winter break mixing culture and relaxation.

We arrived at the hotel in a private transfer which was an experience in itself, the driving in Marrakesh is crazy! The driver didnt speak English but seemed very nice and friendly. Upon check-in the reception staff were very welcoming and gave us a bit of information about the goings on in the hotel. Our luggage had to be left outside and the staff had to bring it to our room, which we had to wait for for over 40 minutes, which was very inconvenient as we wanted to get our swim wear on and get our bums round the pool in the beautiful sunshine! We wasn't directed well to our room but luckily the groundman helped us find it, we walked in to a very large dark room, big big, two couches, TV and dressing table with marble bed side tables but no plug sockets apart from one. The bathroom was large which big shower, bath and sink, the toilet was in a separate room, I would say it was lovely but it was covering in ANTS! I tried to get rid of them myself but reported the problem to reception who said they would send housekeeping to fix the problem. We unpacked and went to get some sun around the beautiful pool. Unfortunately the pool was like an ice bath, far too cold to swim in but nice to dip your feet in. We collected our complimentary pool towels which looked more like face cloths, very thin, worn towels but did the job. The sunbeds were comfy and there were plenty. The pool bars were nice and clean, serving drinks all day. The staff were very friendly and had really good English. The entertainment team were very good, they walked around the pool inviting you to play games or join in with activities that were taking place that day. Very good if you have children, they have football, volleyball, bingo, Zumba, Morrocan Cooking Classes and a kids club. Our first impressions of the hotel started very well and we thought the ants would be taken care of and gone by the time we returned later on that day. Unfortunately this wasnt the case and the ants seemed to be getting worse, I zapped some with some Jungle Spray and this seemed to keep the number of them down, I couldnt have a shower as it didnt seem clean plus the room was freezing!! Luckily they had brought us some robes so these kept us warm as we changed for the evening. We were looking forward to our meal as it had been a long day and we were ready to stuff our faces! The buffet was 'ok' it had a bit of variety, pizza, pasta, meats, moroccan dishes (which were lovely), salads and desserts. The staff were very friendly and served you drinks, you could have wine or soft drinks, all other drinks were served in the bars. We enjoyed our first evening and felt satisfied and very full! We ventured into the lunge bar which had a TV that played football but without sound as there were an acoustic guitar or piano player that was really good, a nice way to chill out after a hard days sunbathing. We arent big drinkers but they served most drinks, we tried a few cocktails which were nice. In the other bar they offered an evening show which we soon found out was basically the entertainment team doing a different dance routine everynight, nothing else, no other type of act so this got a bit mundane and the dancing was brilliant either! After the show was disco music but it was more like butlins, kids running about everywhere which is great if you have kids, not so greatif you wanted a bit og a boogie without thinking your at a kids party. We returned to our room to still be greeted with our room mates 'ants' so decided to ask for a new room the next morning. The reception staff were a bit reluctant to move us but did and the move was fine, we packed our cases and was told the new room would be ready for 12pm which it was and they had moved our luggage for us. Our new room was slightly more updated, with a more modern feel but still very dark and lots of empty space. It was still really cold in our room but soon warmed up with the use of the air conditioning turned onto 'hot'. We had lots of wardrobe space, a safe, again two couches but a tiny TV that you could hardly see as the huge thick curtains hung near to where they positioned the TVand also the dressing table was in the corner of the room with no light so couldnt use it as couldnt see a thing! BUT... No ants so was happy! We did a few trips while we stayed in Marrakesh, visited the Atlas Mountains, 4 Valleys and also the souks both in the day and at night. The shuttle bus to the town was great, always on time and the driver was really friendly. The hotel had an indoor pool which was warm enough to swim, the gym was ok but got very busy so I decided to walk/jog around the hotel grounds which was really nice in the evening just before the sunset. We didnt use the Spa but thatlooked nice but seemed very expensive. The shop was nice, had some nice things to buy but the souks were much cheaper. You can change money at the hotel and they did a good rate, we didnt spend much to be honest as the souks were dirt cheap so your money went a long way, as long as you haggled! Our stay included New Year Eve so the hotel was hosting a gala dinner which you had to book, either in the main buffet restaurant or in the smaller restaurant which they had been renovating so we opted to book the quieter one. The event started with cocktails in the lobby with music and dancing, it was a great start to the evening. In the smaller restaurant the food was really nice, different then the other nights which was good change and had a lovely atmosphere, more like a restaurant. After our meal we had a few drinks in the lobby bar before we went into the main bar for the show. The show was the same as all the other shows, dancing! It was like a kids party, we left the bar before midnight struck but welcomed the new year with a few tunes on in our room and a few drinks. Overall our hotel was 'ok' it needed a little updating and maybe more variety in the evening. If i returned to Morrocco I dont think I would stay here again...

hi,second visit to this hotelin november and not impressed, i only came for 5 days and spent 3 days ill with Delhi Belly, which was quite severe. From then on I didn't eat or drink much apart from bottled water. I spoke to approximately ten other guests who had suffered with the same problem. I still had it for a further 3 days when back home in the UK. I did complain to the hotel but they blamed it on everything else but their hotel and said i needed medical evidence.

This is my second Christmas break at this hotel and if anything, it was better than the first time. The food, drink, service and the condition the rooms were kept in were all exceptional. The staff were polite, friendly and helpful at all times. I have been to resorts where the staff are friendly because they have to be. In this hotel I believe that they are friendly because they want to be. The only downside to the holiday was an elderly couple on their fourth visit for whom nothing was right. The food was never right and their xenophobia, with particular reference to the Scots, ( which I am proud to be ), a race of drunken we're do wells, was very offensive. I found myself hoping that people of other nationalities in the hotel couldn't understand them because they didn't care who heard them. I guess ignorance comes naturally to some people. One very minor niggle would be that on occasion the dishes at the pass were sometimes a little on the cool side but that is a very easy fix I imagine. The dishes however were all delicious and catered for all tastes and dietary requirements. I am seriously considering returning next Christmas. Well done to everyone at the resort and thank you for a second lovely holiday.

stayed 19th to 26th dec and really enjoyed the alternative christmas. hotel was trimmed up and had a festive feel to it (in a morrocan way). we wanted to get away from it so this was fine. went for a couple of reasons and scored on a few points. weather - fantastic... freezing on a morning 7 - 9, then cool until 10. then shirts off and full sun untill around 17.00. temps then droped about 10 degrees in half an hour - come 17.30 off to your rooms. evenings were again cool but comfortable with jeans and a shirt on. we got one of the best tans ever, traveled all over in 40c and havent tanned like this. maybe its just that you can sit in it all day at 25c ish. staff unvbeliveable, never saw 1 grumpy sod, all of them were so attentative. we did tip a couple and you should too, it goes a long way to them and shows your appreciation. (note to management, you have some great staff there so keep looking after them). rooms spacious and clen - what more can you want... fridge with fresh water bottles every day. food.................... this is the only small let down. brekki the usual all inc. EVERYTHING / bar bacon. now i know its a muslim state but why did we have it for 2 days and not 7??? there are other pork / ham products on offer???? lunch - again everything.... burger, pizza etc. evening meal - everything..... unfortunatly for me, EVERTHING is covered in slop. yes it was ok but i would have liked a dry option on an evening. we did have roast chicken 1 night but for me that should be every other or so. food was ok and you wont starve, so dont let this put you off! i think it was me rather than them. million dollar question..... would i go back??????? of course!!!!!!

We love this hotel and will keep coming back while the same staff stay on. Nothing is too much trouble, they are kind and smiley with everyone. Food in the various restaurants is excellent international cuisine.

Route Fes, km 6 Marrakech

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located 1.6 mi (2.5 km) from Museum Palmeraie, ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive is within a 15-minute drive of Marrakesh Museum. This 4-star resort has 388 guestrooms and offers a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. It's in central Annakhil and also within a 15-minute drive of Ben Youssef Mosque.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy dining at Le Rikida, one of 3 onsite restaurants. You can sip a beverage at the coffee shop/café.


ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive's 388 rooms are air-conditioned and provide balconies, sofa beds, and ceiling fans. For entertainment, guests can expect to find cable TV. Hair dryers and laptop-compatible safes are also standard.

Property features

Guests of ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle for a fee. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include a children's pool, a fitness center, and outdoor tennis courts.

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