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ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive

4.0 out of 5.0

ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Didn’t take many pictures just videos but this is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The staff are so hardworking and friendly. The hotel is so clean. The food is amazing. The staff go above and beyond for you. They made me feel so special on my birthday. I don’t normally like going to the same place but I will happily visit this hotel again. I have no bad things to say about this place. Deserves 5 stars not 4!

Just returned from our fifth visit to this great hotel. Loved it before, but the refurbishment has made it even better. Gorgeous, spacious,chic bedrooms, fabulous lounges and wonderful staff at all levels. The food was extremely good, always plenty of choice and a fantastic Animation team. We'll be back!

This is my 4th stay at the riu and once again it was perfect I was very happy to see the pool boys collecting up towels of reserved sun beds before 8am it’s a rule that should be kept Staff were lovely and the food was fine you will always find something you like Grounds are beautiful as always I will def be returning again for my short break as guaranteed sunshine

Booked this resort again this year . Amazing resort , comfy rooms and beds lovely atmosphere true holiday style . Great entertainment and awesome food everything u can imagine to eat and drink and a truly outstanding hotel director who oversees everything from big to small and goes out of his way to ensure everything is great .had a lovely holiday again with my family here and can’t wait to return again next year .

We are a family of four with 2 children aged 12 and 15 and stayed at the Riu Tikida Palmeraie from 28th June to 12th July 2019. We had a fantastic holiday and met some wonderful people, so would have no hesitation recommending this hotel. Service at Hotel We thought that the service was wonderful at the hotel. The Bar Staff and Restaurant Staff couldn’t do enough to help you. For example, as soon as you finished a drink at the restaurant, the staff would immediately bring you another, even though the drinks were self-service. We have been to many all-inclusive hotels and the service here was among the best we have encountered. The longest we had to wait for a drink was maybe 2 or 3 minutes, but this was unusual. The reception staff couldn’t do enough for you so no complaints there. Animation Team and Entertainment We all thought that the animation team were excellent and super friendly. They even managed to get my 15-year-old son to take part in some of the activities each day, including Darts and Bingo. They were trying to get everyone at the pool involved but were not pushy if you didn’t want to take part. The entertainment at night ranged from really funny audience participation to pretty average dance shows. However, you could see the huge effort from the animation team. If you didn’t fancy the entertainment, then there were 2 other bars with Live music being played. Pool and Sun Beds For the first few days after we arrived, the majority of sunbeds were taken by about 6.30am, which was ridiculous. However, during our stay, Hotel Management implemented a policy that if you leave your towels on a bed before 8am, then the Pool Boys would remove the towels from the chairs. This policy resulted in a few unhappy people at first, but it has mainly stopped the practice of people leaving towels down and then disappearing until lunchtime. Consequently for the majority of our holiday, we could pop down to the pool any time before 9am and easily find 4 sun beds for ourselves. Completely agree with what the hotel as done here and other holidaymakers I spoke to also thought this was a great improvement. The pool itself is fantastic. It is huge, very clean and a perfect temperature to cool off in the Moroccan heat. They have no issues with footballs or inflatables being used in the pool. Restaurants and Food There are 3 restaurants; the Main Restaurant, the Moroccan and the Italian. You need to book the Moroccan and the Italian at reception, but this was no issue. The food in all the restaurants was on the whole pretty good, if a bit samey. We didn’t really encounter any queues for food during out stay, and the staff would sort you out a table so no problems there. Excursions We organised a guided tour of Marrakesh, a camel Ride and also a visit to Essaouira. All 3 of these are highly recommended. Rooms and Late Check out We had 2 rooms, and both were huge. They were in Block 4000 so was a bit of a walk, but this wasn’t an issue for us. No complaints about the rooms and they also contained a safe. As our flight was at 11.25pm, a few days before we left, I arranged to keep the room until 4pm. This cost 400 Dirham (£33) but you could have paid a bit more to keep the room until 6pm. So, in conclusion, this is an excellent hotel and we really enjoyed our holiday. The only negative would be the WIFI, which was hit and miss at the poolside and also in the rooms. However, if you sat in the main lobby then the WIFI signal was much stronger.

Honest Review A lovely hotel which has benefited from the recent refurbishment. Amazing rooms- very large, clean and amazing shower. Staff often put in the effort to make snakes/swans etc with the towels. There were flower petals on our arrival. A couple of niggles with the room: -sheets not changed at all during stay -one day we came back to the room stinking of ammonia, we actually thought someone had urinated in the shower. I think they may use ammonia as some form of cleaning product and if had all gathered at the bottom of the shower, very off putting. -bed bugs!! I’m fairly sure we had bed bugs, as myself and my mum were covered in very small itchy red dots, all on our sides and backs. Didn’t see a single mosquito during the whole visit and these bites aren’t mosquito bites! -air con... what air con? If there wasn’t a fan in the room we wouldn’t have survived. The air con was extremely poor and often at night, our room was hotter inside than outside. Pool Large pool but I think that’s where the pro’s finish. Bees/wasps- many many many of them! Will swarm around your drinks and anything spilled on the floor. I don’t think they sting but it’s not very pleasant. There are also very small little midge type things which may also be what our bites are from.. As a lot of the other reviews have mentioned- this hotel is all about who you know and who you tip. If you want decent sunbeds with a cushion, you will need to get up at 7.30/8am. There are clearly people tipping members of staff to get them the same sun beds day in day out. A lot of the sunbeds are extremely uncomfortable- my tip, go for the green ones with the curved edges. The pool somehow felt dirty to me, never saw them cleaning the actual pool, only the tiles surrounding. A lot of damaged and unstable tiles. Animation team are lovely- but beware, they will hassle you to join in with their daily games etc. We didn’t participate in anything and they soon got the hint, however one guy called us lazy because we didn’t want to join In!! Again as mentioned- very very clicky with customers who make an effort to join in and zero effort made with people who don’t. Day in day out there is a song which they all dance to which gets played about 4/5 times over the day- this gets a little draining. Weather glorious- couple of cloudy mornings, otherwise sun 8am-8pm. Tatty sunbed towels and very small so I would take something else extra to cover your sunbed! Food.. breakfast- watered down milk, “Kellogg’s” cereal out of a generic plastic bag- I don’t care it’s not Kellogg’s but don’t have a label on it saying it is, fried breakfast and beans quite unbearable.. plenty of fresh melon, but limited choice with other fruits. When you go to the souks etc you realise what amazing fruit they have available in this country and all you get offered in the hotel is melon, bananas, apples and oranges (which I could eat at home). Lunch was ok on the whole. Tea again was ok but the food really isn’t great, a lot of reused dishes. Tfaya dish lovely- Moroccan speciality which I would recommend trying. Two “speciality” restaurants- pre booked. Italian was basically the same as the normal restaurant- buffet style. Moroccan restaurant was nicer, but again buffet. Drinks are ok- sprite, cola etc all taste genuine, cocktails very hit and miss. Wine ok- we stuck with the rosé which was average. Entertainment- do not come to this hotel for the entertainment!! I have stayed in other RIU hotels and every night there has been a show. Here there were a couple of shows which were clearly thrown together at last minute. Don’t get me wrong they try and make an effort however we walked out of a couple of “shows”. There is a lot of audience participation expected: I.e mr and Mrs, mr Riu, and dancing. If you go to the dancing entertainment- YOU WILL get dragged up, so to save the embarrassment I wouldn’t go. There was a comedy sketch night- where I honestly felt like you needed to be taking something to find it funny. Again the entertainment is finished with them all dancing to the same song as throughout the day and then a “disco”. Often we went to bed at 10.30pm so take something to do at night, a lot of people were playing cards. The bar in reception is lovely, air conditioned and nice staff and ambience- would highly recommend sitting in here. There are also little ramakins ready with nuts popcorn olives etc which are nice. We did a couple of trips through TUI: Garden tour- Majorelle gardens and the secret garden, a half day trip which we loved. Perfect opportunity for pictures. Discover Marrakech- a full day tour going around the main sights with a tour guide. The trip was ok, however If you don’t want to be constrained by the time spent in places it can be quite frustrating. For example, we stood outside Koutoubia mosque for about 5 minutes whilst the guide talked, then we walked about the back and another 5 mins talking and then we had to get back on the bus! Conversely, we were then taken to a herb shop in the medina and spent over 2 hours there where you were given a talk by the owner on the medicinal benefits and demonstration of his products. At the end you are all given a bag and expected to buy something. I found this too long to be here as it then only gave us about 30 mins free time in the entire day. We were also made to feel very rushed by the tour guide afterwards as I think the shop owner had kept us far longer than he should have. There is clearly an association between the tour guide/ TUI and this shop! Also apparently his products were unique, however as soon as we left, you could see about another 1000 stalls selling the exact same products in the same bottles- of which you could likely have bought for cheaper as the herb shop was fixed prices. It goes without saying- you will get hassled in the main square and souks. It was just myself and mum on our holiday and we felt extremely intimidated and even after forcefully saying no thank you, a lot of people still followed you around insisting you buy something and making you feel guilty by telling you they have 5 children to feed. We were going to use the hotel shuttle bus to visit at night but we didn’t in the end because of the experience during the day. The square is full of animal cruelty- donkeys and horses whipped to within an inch of their lives to work and pull tourists along- evident by marks on their backs- not once did i see any of them have access to water. Monkeys on chains. Snake charmers- beware the snakes are starved and only fed if they rise out of the bags- hence why they associate the music with food. Please don’t get involved with this. If you want to take a picture, be prepared to be dragged off and pay- nothing is free down there. Henna ladies will constantly scream/shout at you and grab your hand and start trying to put henna on so beware of that. We didn’t use the spa or the gym. Henna tattoo- we both had a henna done by the lovely lady in the shop at the hotel.. between 100-200 dirams dependant on the design. We were told you could wash it off after an hour however we both kept it on over night and just peeled off the raised bits the next day. Mine is 4 days old now and still very dark! Do not get a henna down at the souks, they use henna paste mixed with potent chemicals and people can react badly and get burns etc. So at your own risk.. Checkout- I think it was 450 dirams for a late checkout. Checkout is at 11am. I would strongly urge you to pay for late checkout. Our flight wasn’t until 11pm. There are “facilities” in the indoor pool to shower however I have to say they are disgusting. The humidity in there is about 100% and the heat is unbearable, the shower is awful. So in the end we couldn’t even shower and had to get ready in the reception toilets- really not ideal. Reception staff always friendly. You can change money here and there is also an atm which charges 2.45 dirams to make a withdrawal. There is a free shuttle bus to the main area but it brings you back at 8pm when it is still light, so to go later you would need to get a taxi which I think is about 150 dirams- as I said we avoided this after our experience. Apparently the new quarter of Marrakech is nice at night where there are more mainstream shops etc. So all in all the hotel is ok. Average food and clicky relationships between tipping people! I think if you want a true authentic experience in Morocco I would look into staying in one of the Riad hotels and pay for separate flights + food etc as the facilities offered at this hotel don’t make me want to stay all inclusive in Morocco again.

The hotel is really beautiful, the interior and exterior. The plant life is well maintained, the pool is large and there are plenty of sun beds. We were so surprised at the size of our room, it was huge! Really modern, great bathroom with a lovely shower and generally cleaned to a high standard (the sheets weren’t changed which was our only issue, however it was just a minor thing) The food is great, I’m not a fussy eater so I found plenty of choice at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food varies slightly from day to day, it was always hot and tasty. The Italian a la carte restaurant had amazing service, the food was great and freshly made in front of you at the pizza station. The drinks menu was extensive for an all inclusive hotel, so that was good too. Evening entertainment we found very funny in the main hall the 2 evenings we went, other than that we sat at the poolside bar and listened to the live music- this was our favourite place to sit of a evening, really relaxing. However, our holiday was dampened by the lack of service and interaction with staff. It is clear that this is a hotel where people return year in and year out, said people get a high level of service (no doubt due to tips). I get this and would have happily tipped, if the service was worth tipping, however I won’t tip simply to be noticed. Some (most?) meal times we sat ourselves and got our own drinks whilst tables around us had table service, friendly casual chats with the staff and plenty of laughs and attention were shown to them. Yet, we just sat there feeling uncomfortable most meal times because everyone around us had this care and attention and we were almost ignored. Same around the pool, there’s a lot of banter and love with the visitors...except only us, it sounds dramatic but this was exactly how it felt. The only time we were ever approached was when they couldn’t make the numbers for volleyball. Again, we were not overly bothered about the lack of service because we are capable of getting our own food/drink/ making our own entertainment- yet, it was pretty embarrassing to feel left out in a room full of people. If the service was there I wouldn’t doubt that we would return. I see most of the reviews mention how great the service is, maybe they are all the returning visitors- or maybe we just didn’t fit in. All in all it’s a stunning hotel and I’m sad we didn’t get the service we saw others receive.

This hotel is comperable to other 4stars in Canaries, Spain, lovely grounds, everything new etc however the STAFF does the job!!! I travel a lot and I'm normally to lazy to leave reviews but I felt that I have to this time. Staff can't do enough for you, seriously, I never have been in the hotel with such a lovely people and such a good service. If you want to be treated well and feel like a guest, don't think twice, book and enjoy. Pictures with best staff attached (Yassine, Faical, Chef... Abdesamsa and our favourite barman Amine, enterntainment team is lovely too, not too pushy etc especially Nozzy, good laugh with him all the time 😁) however all of them are great and work very hard. I appreciated it very much. Food is good and I'm sure everyone find something every day. I liked Moroccan and Italian restaurants too. Morrocan slightly better (skweres and sweets are delicious) Swimming pool is huge, no problems with sunbeds as they can't be reserved before 8am. Good idea anyway, was announced in the middle of our holiday and worked out very well I think. There were 3 things that I didn't like : I had to pay 100MADfor an iron and then leave 100MAD as a deposit for the iron. First time in my life I had to actually pay to get the iron. I could buy one for €10 in my country and bring it with me. Change it guys and increase the deposit maybe (like they do in other RIUs) . At checkout the receptionist was supprised that I didn't bring the iron and iron board back with me (!) and ask us to wait so she could get the porter to check is it in the room! Really?! We showed her picture of them standing in the room as I knew it will be an issue... The other receptionist gave us money back straight away while the other lady was still on the phone to a porter... and related to that is the 2nd thing.... dealing with the reception staff.... Sorry, that I have to say it but with women especially... Not a good impression at all which is supprising as they should be the best, they welcome and say good bye to guest, we were left with "That's it thank you"... barmans told us that we can leave stuff in the luggage room and take shower at the spa, barmans not receptionists, a bit of a shame. Last thing : our last nite, we were having a dinner and then one of a waiting staff that is higher than others (boldy guy with glasses his name starts with A) started to shout very badly at one of waiters, fine, it happens, do it at the back. About I'd say 50 people (guests ) around were in shock. I said it to him and his manager after words that is very unprofessional, very! They rally work hard, do t do that kind of things at the front of eating people. Respect them and your staff. All in all a great stay! We will be back. We'll done guys!

We visited the Riu Tikida Palmeraie for four nights on the 1st July, after staying at the Riu Tikida Palace in Agadir in February. The Palmeraie is a lovely hotel with lovely surroundings. Straight away I and the wife started comparing Riu 5 ⭐️ (Tikida Palace) With Riu 4 ⭐️ (Palmeraie). TOP TIP: book your flights and hotel independently, (Ryanair & Riu app), We saved approx £400, and that was with upgrading to a junior suite!!!. Hotel was very clean with modern decor, The staff are very nice & friendly The food I personally thought was great for the cost of the holiday. Drinks are average as it’s all local beers wines & spirits. £110 per night per room I don’t think you can really moan. The comparison with Riu Palace is that the food and service was of a better quality at the Palace,the staff are not as attentive as the Palace. One of the Terrace restaurant staff Leila was a true ambassador for Riu, very friendly and welcoming, I really think that she would make a good staff trainer for the new recruits, having myself spent the past 25 years in the food & beverage business. In summary: with improvements this could be a 5 ⭐️ but for the price it’s a great 4 ⭐️ and well worth a visit. I cannot say a bad word about RIU as this is our second Riu hotel this year with The Riu Palace Taghazout planned for November.

Just by walking into the lobby you know what such a nice hotel you will be staying in. Stayed in many all inclusive hotels and this is by far the biggest and most extravagant lobby I’ve ever seen. We arrived at the hotel at 11:30pm and was greeted with smiles and drinks which was nice. The receptionist was very nice and explained everything in detail to us which is always helpful when starting out at a new hotel. As it was dark when we arrived we waited until the morning to have a walk round and find our bearings. The hotel has just had a refurb and it’s simply stunning! Everything looks so nice and smart. The pool was enormous and always enough space to swim and do activities. The entertainment team was so fun and energetic. Breakfast , dinner and snacks are all in the same building and the food is really good. The evening meal is in the main restaurant and again the food is amazing and always kept fresh and stocked up. You have a choice of booking an Italian and Moroccan restaurant during your stay - free of charge. Only downside is this is self service but the food is cooked fresh and a nice change from the buffet style food. Could carry on writing about all the positivities but there isn’t enough space to write. If you are heading to Marrakesh this is a hotel you have to consider. We will always be looking at Riu’s after our stay here

Route Fes, km 6 Marrakech

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive places you next to High Atlas and within 2 miles (3 km) of Museum Palmeraie. This 4-star property has 388 guestrooms and offers a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool.


There are ample dining options with 3 onsite restaurants, including Le Tikida, which specializes in local and international cuisine. You can sip a beverage at the coffee shop/café.


A TV comes with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. The bathroom offers hair dryers and bidets. Other standard amenities include a balcony, a refrigerator, and a ceiling fan.

Property features

Guests of ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a free area shuttle. The front desk has multilingual staff standing by 24 hours a day to assist with tours/tickets and luggage storage. Other amenities at this all-inclusive property include a children's pool, a fitness center, and outdoor tennis courts.

Room options

Grand Double Room, Balcony

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Standard Double Room, Balcony

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Standard Suite, Balcony

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Grand Double Room, Balcony

Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

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ClubHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie - All Inclusive

Route Fes, km 6, Marrakech, 1585
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