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Bella Vista Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Arrived in April 2018, for a family holiday. We requested a family room for 2 children and 11wk old baby, only to find that we were booked into a cramped double room. The cot was held together with cable ties. There is building work here which looks like it’s going to be going on for some time. There was drilling which began at 8.00 am. The outdoor pool which we were looking forward to using was shut and empty of water. The food was ok but limited to basic rice and pasta and was very repetitive. We woken every night in early hours by students who would bang on the doors run riot and seemed to want to wake everyone up. We reported this twice. The Bella Vista is miles from any beach and situated on a dangerous busy road. The hotel had about three large school groups on a trip. It was the hotel from hell and can honestly it’s the worst hotel that we have ever stayed in and cannot wait to get home.

We stayed at this visit when visiting Malta in February. We LOVED Malta, but were so let down by this hotel. The room was average, which is what we expected for the price. Air con was not working (thankfully it wasn't a summer month otherwise we would have been dying of heat) - when we said to reception about the air conditioning not working, they said someone would be up to look at it. 4 Hours later and no one came, we said again to them and their customer service was shocking. The manager told us that the air con would not work and we should 'leave the door open a bit to let air in' - as you can imagine, being in a foreign country we did not feel comfortable leaving the door open and was shocked that he told us to do that. The staff were extremely unhelpful and did not offer to try and make our stay more comfortable. We had booked with On The Beach so we complained about the hotel to them about us not having air con even though we had paid for it. On The Beach were extremely helpful, but they tried contacting the hotel about this matter for over a month and still have had no reply from Bella Vista. We paid for All Inclusive, and this hotel is so far from being all inclusive. The food was not good at all and is very basic, we were expecting this but we thought they would have more choice than they did. Breakfast only lasted 2 hours, and so did dinner. Lunch only lasted 1 hour. We thought it would be okay since we paid for all inclusive as we could have snacks throughout the day for free. The 'snack' bar, was so restrictive for all inclusive guests and didn't include half the snacks they had to offer like cakes and crisps - you had to pay for these. The snack bar was also only served from 10-3pm and when we arrived back at half 3/4 most days we were starving and would have to wait hours for dinner to be served as the snack bar was closed. Certainly not all inclusive!! If you want a decent all inclusive holiday, do not stay here. If you want nice food, do not stay here. However, if you are booking 'room only' then I would say that the rooms are fine so you would be fine staying here (but not in the summer when it is roasting!)

We have just returned from a week’s all inclusive stay at the Bella Vista. All in all it was much as we expected and we had a lovely week’s holiday. Even if the food was a bit repetetive, you never left hungry! It was a disappointment that the pool was empty, especially as this is used to advertise the hotel. The staff are really hard working and helpful. However, the latter part of our stay was ruined slightly by the large groups of students who were often not well supervised and were running around the hotel making a lot of noise until the early hours, clearly drunk. The hotel really needs to deal with this. The room was fine although the 2 single beds pushed together were not what we were expecting. I think the week was good value for what you pay and the staff were, as I said previously, hard-working and polite .

We stayed at the Bella Vista hotel in Qawra, Malta, that was advertised as a 4* hotel and the experience we had was just not good enough. * On arrival we were told the pool was empty due to maintenance - the pool was empty throughout and we were given no warning prior to the holiday that this would be the case * The rooftop jacuzzi was also empty, again with no warning. The sign above it said it is in use from April but remained empty throughout our stay. * The hotel is advertised to have a “rooftop bar”, this is not the case, the only bar in the hotel is 6 floors below in reception. There are signs stating that you are not allowed to take drinks away from the bar area, meaning when sunbathing on the 6th floor, you are unable to take a drink with you, meaning you cannot really access the all inclusive during the day. * One morning my partner was filling up my water bottle (with water) from the juice machine. We needed to do this as as I said above, there is no access to drinks on the rooftop where we were sunbathing. We were told off for doing this and told not to do it again. So we had to buy bottles of water to take upstairs with us, which again is not acceptable when we paid to be all inclusive. * No matter how careful, the shower leaked and flooded the bathroom each use, which is a massive safety issue * Midway through our stay the hot water stopped, and when it returned it was yellow/brown in colour * The toilet took around 4 attempts to flush each time * We went out and left the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door twice, yet the maid still let herself in * We booked a “relaxing couples massage” in the hotel spa. A ‘couple massage’ suggests 2 people being massaged at the same time. The therapist was not in the spa at the arranged time and so we had to search for a staff member to track her down, we were told she was parking her car. She arrived 10 minutes later and said “oh, I’ve left my music in my car” but made no attempt to retrieve this. She then proceeded to massage myself and my partner one after the other, while the other waited... this is not a couples massage, and is not what we were looking for or pre-paid for. The room was cold and brightly lit, meaning it was not relaxing at all. The therapist blew her nose several times while massaging my partner and at no point washed her hands which is unhygienic. * I developed a cough midway through the week, probably due to the poorly washed glasses. * We arrived on early hours of Easter Sunday, we went to the hotel restaurant for lunch. We got there and there was a formal event on for the locals, who were dressed in suits and formal dresses. We were not pre warned about this and had to go out and pay for our lunch, despite being all inclusive. * The whole hotel was full of teenage students, who the hotel were serving alcohol to, causing chaos. On one night towards the end of our week, the teenagers were running riot at 3/4am. We woke up to the pool area being covered in smashed glass (presumably from the doors being slammed and them running around at all hours). A friend of ours made the staff aware of the glass as there were children around, the glass was still there in the evening. We told the hotel reception about this 3 times, and his response was “well, I’ve told house keeping”. This is not a good enough response and is very unsafe. * The night before we left another 54 teenage students checked in, and as we were waiting to leave, another 30+. They were all extremely loud and disrespectful. * Our “all inclusive” ran out at 12pm on our final day, despite our transfer not picking us up until 11.30pm. Lunch starts at 12.30pm, meaning we had to find our lunch and dinner that day. We were told this was because our all inclusive started at 2pm on the day of check in, but we did not check in until early hours of the next morning due to our flight times and so missed out on half a day of our all inclusive on the first day, and half on the last day due to the cut off times. I have never had this before with an all inclusive holiday, and do not think this is good enough.

We recently got back from a lovely week in Malta. We knew that we wanted to be active and site see a lot on this holiday so we picked a cheap hotel as a base. So we were very pleasantly surprised to arrive at a large, clean, well equipped hotel. Reception has it's own information desk, well stocked shop which was very cheap, a snacks bar with seating, a drinks bar with seating, sofas and dance floor. The reception staff dealt with the booking in quickly and we were soon in our room, which was large, clean, well equipped, balcony overlooking the pool, bath with shower over. The only slight issue that we had was that we had 2 single beds pushed together. We arrived at tea time so we went straight to the dining room. It was full enough to have an atmosphere but there were plenty of seats left. I'm vegetarian, my boyfriend isn't but we both had plenty of choice, lots of salad, pastas, bread, cheeses, meats, vegetables, soup. The staff brought drinks to our table and were always polite. The bar served a very good selection of all inclusive drinks, a local version of Malibu was included and the wines were actually very nice, my boyfriend really liked the lager and the rum. It's only about 10min walk to the main centre but that meant that the local area was quiet with a beautiful park across the road, it's on a bus route which is handy for getting into the centre or to many other destinations around the island. We bought a weekly bus ticket for €21 and we traveled the entire islands of Malta and Gozo using that, you can get a bus from outside the hotel to the ferry port and get a return journey to Gozo for €5 each. It's so cheap to get around that the hotel location just isn't an issue. If you head out for the day and are all inclusive then you can ask them the night before for a packed lunch to be made, we did that every day except Sunday when we chose to stay at the hotel and make use of the lovely warm indoor pool. The lunch on the Sunday was served in a different dining area and was lovely. We had our evening meal at the hotel most nights and enjoyed it, breakfast was lovely too, I've got no idea why people give bad reviews on the food? I had lots of fresh salad, feta cheese, fresh bread, pastas and was always full. We only heard building noise on one day, it was pretty loud but started after 8am and we were up for breakfast at that time and heading out for the day so no drama. They do seem to have a lot of add on charges, wifi, room safe etc but you can opt out of these. We really enjoyed it. Can't fault it at all for the price, we plan to visit Malta again later in the year and we would happily stay here again x

Just returned after 14 days 1st April. Was a little worried about noise from building work next door. But it appeared to have finished for now. As for the hotel we found it exceptionally clean both in the public areas and the rooms. The hotel is slightly out of the main Qawra " strip " which is quiet anyway , but Buggiba is just 10 min walk at the back of the hotel with a short cut available (no disabled access ) We found the food lunch time and evening to be in general very good with at least a fish and two others to pick from and well cooked and full salad as well, if you expect British pie and chips forget it this is a multi national hotel so and the food reflects this we was pleased to see, Breakfast was not good for us brits , scrambled eggs/bacon one day, fried eggs/ horrible mini frankfurters the next day and every day baked beans ONLY. Service at the bar was very good beer ok but spirits were the usual 30% proof and more like water so you drank it like that ?????? Hotel was well served by a free bus service at 9 and 9.30 am into Biggiba bus terminal and the local buses at least 8 passed the hotel ( stop just 50 yards up the road ) They have a habit passing you full up (and we was out of season ) Best to walk to bus terminal (10 mins) and be first in line especially if you have an important time to be some where. Best get the bus cards 12 trips for 15 quid and unlimited travel in two hours on any bus was great value Deals to be had at happy hours as we was all inclusive at the Bella Vista we used mostly the hotel but expect to pay £1.50 up to £4.0 a pint. The Bella Vista gets in general 3.5 stars but we have given it 4 because it is certainty working for it. We have been in many "all inclusive" and will be back to the Bella Vista in the future to be sure very good value for money, please bare in mind it has mega school students in March but we had no problem with them at all and hardly seen them, another serious down side we left on 1st April and still EMPTY pool not good and its 28 degrees but indoor small pool was nice

Having never been to Malta we booked based on the pictures for a week all inclusive. I wish we hadn't. Whilst the room was clean and tidy it was on the 4th floor overlooking the building site next door. As it was Easter weekend, there was no work till the Tuesday end then there was the noise and so much dust you couldn't keep the door open or sit out. The pool outside was empty - No mention of this in the website. The indoor pool was very small and dank smelling so not used. The gym facility was closed. Then there was the food. It was barely edible and so bland. Not alot of options. As someone who has a severe fish allergy there was alot but we persevered for 3 days. Easter Sunday evening the restaurant served plates of mussels. The whole restaurant stank. I couldn't even sit in it was so bad. I spoke with staff who had no idea what to do. The chef wouldn't come out to speak with me either. Eventually the duty manager did who suggested I take something to my room or get a cake!! We didn't eat our evening meal there again. Malta is beautiful and this hotel ruined it. As for bookings there were alot if student groups who were not well supervised at all and the noise level some nights was awful. The evening entertainment was a disaster and aimed at a much older clientele. If you are considering this hotel save your money and go elsewhere

I have never been so disappointed! We booked this hotel based on the pictures promoting this hotel. The first night we were there, we had no heating. We called their attention to this and they were unable to resolve it. We asked to be given temp heating or another room,but was offered additional blankets. This was obviously not acceptable so eventually we were given a portable fan heater of which we thought was satisfactory. However, the following morning we went down for breakfast and by the time we returned to our room, the heater disappeared. I'd like to point out that our holiday was an ALL inclusive or so we thought. We discovered that we had to pay for towels, the internet( didn't work) use of the gym and the sauna cost 11 euros per hour!! The drinks (alcohol) we had to pay for them after 11pm. There was coffee and tea facilities in the room but you have to pay for, however, you have to pay for tea bags or coffee. I asked to be issued with an iron and board and yes you guessed it there were costs for too. We didn't feel that this hotel was a place for children as there was NOTHING for them to do!! At no time did the hotel staff or manager apologise to us for the shoddy service we received. In fact the manager himself is a Jack of all trades and by this I mean that he is responsible for the tourist programme, maintenance, the hotel and other area's. The country itself is beautiful, but I would never recommend anyone , family and friends, including the devil to stay at this particular hotel. The way my partner was spoken to by a member of staff is utterly unacceptable!!! I firmly believe that this hotel has been falsely advertised and misleading. We also discovered that other holiday makers were experiencing similar issues to us and were also dissatisfied with the standard of service from this hotel. People, don't waste your money at this hotel.

Did not think it possible for an hotel to be this bad but I was wrong. Luckily we were bed and breakfast did us not have to face the dirty cups and disgusting food too much. The entertainment was a guy try to ring the same songs 10 different ways. It is also a long way from the centre so you have a good 10 minutes walk through the dog mess covered streets to get there. If you are desperate for a break then possibly would recommend stay ing at home rather than go to this place. Horrendous never again it has put me off the place forever

We've just got back from a 4 day trip away with friends and in summary, don't judge Malta based on this hotel! When we arrived, it was quite early due to early flights, we couldn't check in til 2pm which was fine as we already knew about it. There was a lot of paper work to complete on the reception desk asking personal details for each guest like name/address/telephone/email/passport number etc. I just think that this level of intrusion is a bit excessive as you aren't told what is going to be done with your personal details. I can understand your passport for obvious reasons but not the rest, bit unnecessary. We had a walk around the hotel area and went outside to see the pool area. There was no water in the pool and it was cordoned off with red tape, when we asked about it we were told it was broken but they couldn't tell us when it would be fixed and said " it's too cold to swim there anyway, use the indoor pool". Being English, we think temperatures in double figures is hot enough to get you bikinis out and sunbathe! So it certainly wasn't too cold for us. That was probably the biggest let down for us because we like to sit around the pool and enjoy the sun having a laugh but it was just desolate. The pictures on here from the hotel themselves are taken about 9am when the sun is over the pool but after about midday you never see the sun again! Big big shame we feel like we were misled booking this hotel it was nothing like what we expected. There's a lot of bad reviews about food on here, personally I'm a really fussy eater, but I would say there really isn't a lot of choice for the meals and I wouldn't even bother with breakfast to be honest! We decided to eat out the last two days because we were absolutely starving. Lots of places in buggiba square to eat and it's much better food choices than here trust me! We were all inclusive but this is the last time we ever do this! The rooms. Where do I start. We had 2, one was facing a solid 15 foot high wall and had a 2 foot tall fence between the neighbours (no privacy whatsoever) and the other was overlooking construction work next door. Really disappointing views to say the least. My bedside table callapsed and was never fixed during our stay, the sheets were not changed once but beds were made, the cups provided in the room were never removed or replaced despite clearly being used so we had to use dirty cups every morning! The toilet leaked when flushing, the shower was spraying water everywhere out of the pipe and falling off the wall. Just really not 4 star quality. I also asked for a softer pillow as they were really hard and lumpy this was never received. Didn't feel like we could complain to anyone cos the staff are very rude on reception, I think it was Omar who we saw the most. Very rude man. Malta is a very lovely island but avoid this hotel at all costs!

Qawra Coast Road St. Paul's Bay Malta

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool and indoor pool

Bella Vista Hotel places you within a short walk of Birdpark Malta and within a mile (2 km) of Bugibba Beach. This 4-star hotel has 157 rooms and welcomes guests with free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and an indoor pool. It's also close to Malta National Aquarium and St Paul's Island.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast, served each morning from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM. Enjoy a bite to eat at the hotel's restaurant, or relax with a drink at the bar/lounge. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


All 157 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, refrigerators, and coffee makers. 14-inch TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds sport premium bedding. Ceiling fans, phones, and desks are also available.

Property features

Bella Vista Hotel features karaoke, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for EUR Depends on trip length per vehicle one way. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub.

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