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Son Corb Boutique Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We did read reviews posted on trip Advisor prior to the planning of our wedding. By doing a second research here at TripAdvisor I find reviews that are less good and now regret that did not take these postings serious and looked further into to other reviews. I have in the past been working as a travel professional within high end hotels and restaurants and feel knowledgeable about standards about what is acceptable and or not. Our experience: We felled in love with this small and cozy boutique hotel at Mallorca close to our apartment in Son Servera. The hotel was in the past a sheep farm before it got turned in to a boutique hotel by a capital venture group. We started to work on the wedding planning in March 2017 and had our first site inspection and meeting with the hotel manager at Son Corb in April 2017. Our wedding The manger was very nice and we had a good feeling and trusted that all would be perfect for our special days. All our requests and wished were answered with “don’t worry”, “of course”, “si si”, “trust me this will be just perfect”, “we can do it all”. The responds time of the staff and management was slow, but the planning went forward. We had 2 meetings at the hotel with the manager and booking employee, several e-mails went forth and back and we spoke with them on the phone (we do not live permanently in Spain). We were always greeted with a smile and friendliness from the manager who told us that everything would be just fine and we not would have to worry about anything during our wedding other than enjoying it. The hotel requires a minimum of 2 nights exclusivity of the 22 rooms to arrange a wedding. The Superior Rooms are nicely decorated but all the baths rooms need a refurbishment (avoid the Standard Rooms), beds are average and the walls are like thin paper. A baby was crying from 04:30-8:00 AM this kept me awake the day prior to our wedding celebration. There were only 4 other guest rooms booked + 5 rooms from our group (54% occupancy). A family with a new born baby was allocated next to our room which was a very ignoring as we needed to sleep through before our wedding. We were very excited about our wedding at Son Corb and recommended friends to stay at the hotel during the summer. All our guest was invited for a two 2 days stay but some guests extended their stay prior. We ended up ensuring Son Corb 61 room nights. The execution of our wedding was unfortunately a disaster. The hotel manager and staff did not follow the plan and schedule we had agreed on. They were stressed and we got answered in an inappropriate tone. The hotel management did not take our feedback positively but did instead defend them self. A reason why we have decided to post our review here. We went directly on honeymoon after the wedding and had time to "digest" the execution of the event. We decided to write an e-mail with our feedback to the hotel manager who had been in charge of our wedding but we got no responds and decided therefore to give her a call. The manager answered the phone. I greeted and said how are you doing but the manager hung up the phone. I called again and there was no answer. I then called the HQ I Palma and got transferred to the managing director /CFO of the hotel. He was already aware of our feedback. The hotel manager did afterwards deny that I made call. I never experienced this kind of disappointment and execution of an event followed by arrogant and rudely feedback from the management. The managing director / CFO’s feedback to some of our points was that I was lying and that he personal didn’t find weddings important. It took one month before we got the final conclusion. The hotel manager ignored me in the morning until we went to her desk for check-out. She offer me a coffee and started to apologize how sorry she felt about all the mistakes and lack of services and said in own words “you cannot remarriage” and she started to cry and telling us that she did not sleep and eat for two days and that this would be the second last weeding she would take part of at Son Corb or she would resign (another wedding was booked for the following weekend) and that her management not are willing to pay for trained staff, suitable furniture’s, equipment’s etc. We actually felt sorry for her as she had gone the extra mile giving’s us additional services (babysitter, hairdresser appointments etc.). We ended up giving the gift and a thank you card which we had prepared in advance – even that we had decided not to give it to her after all the disappointments during the last two days and she started crying again. Here is a list of some of our feedback to the hotel management: BBQ Dinner (held a day prior to our wedding) The grilled meat and sausages were cold and there was not enough of the items for all guests. The service was very slow. They were busy checking their cell phones and chatting together. I had to serve drinks for the guests myself. The service for breakfast on Saturday was slow. There was not enough bread and scrambled eggs, poor prefabricated juices. etc. and the Nespresso machine is not efficient for 46 guests. Lunch at the Pergola. The menu is very limited, poor food and the service slow. We were promised that lunch service on Saturday would be open until the ceremony at 3 PM. But the staff (two waiters) could not manage to take the food orders. Due to that we had had to postpone our ceremony 30 minutes. We had to argue about the rooming-list and table planning. The table plan was finally agreed in July and a list of how the guest should be allocated was delivered in advance. The hotel manager told us one day prior that she on her own experience and feelings had decided to swop four of the guest rooms. I told her not to do so and she confirmed. But it did go wrong during the check-in two of the arrivals were allocated wrong according to our agreement. I was overhearing the conversation between the employee who spoke with the hotel manager on the phone. The excuse was we cannot change it in the system and the personal greeting cards and chocolate could not be reallocated. We stated clearly that our wish was to have our guest sitting opposite from us (wedding couple) at the table. We agreed on this on our second meeting in June and once again during our third meeting in July. The manager informed us two days prior to the wedding that they she had ordered two flowers decorations to be placed in front of us instead of our guests. We did again have to argue for our wish and the hotel manager got mad and disappointed and told us that they had a cost of EUR 200. The staff did not prepare the tables for the wedding dinner as agreed. I discovered it by coincidence after the ceremony when I on my way to our room passed by the “Pergola”. The hotel manager responds to me was “go away” and I did. Luckily my friend decided to stay to make sure that the table plan got changed as pre-planned. If this change were not made we the wedding couple would have the rain pouring on our backs during the wedding dinner. One row of guests seated on the side got the rain on their back and I had to ask the staff to move the tables further in the room before they took any action. There was plenty of space and it could have been done during their preparations. Due to the delayed lunch the dinner got postponed ... instead of the 30 minutes but the dinner ended up being 75 minutes delayed. Wedding menu and table We got ensured that the menu would be wonderful and the chef from their catering vendor is a very well know chef at Mallorca. Our request was NOT to have any red and orange colors in the flower decorations but instead a wild and naturally look in light pink, white and cream colors. We showed pictures and the responds from the hotel manager was don’t worry "I understand si si" "no worries"... The flowers decorations on the tables contained red, orange and white flower. They were in my option so ugly that I would not even use them for my own funeral. The hotel manager did acknowledge that the vendor did not deliver was they ordered. That was their excuse. We were not informed in advance but had to discovered it when we sat down at the table. The wooden folding chair was "not wedding look” at all and NOT comfortable! We had to request change the chairs for 6 guests during the dinner (the older guests and guests with back issues). I had to demand the staff to take chairs from the breakfast restaurant. The table placed in the center of the room was too low and the guest had to balance at the edge of the chairs seat to be able to eat their food. The rest of the tables were uncomfortable due to too many table legs which made the space between the guest too wide so it was difficult to talk with more that 4 people during the dinner. There were no red wine glasses on the table. The service was slow and we had to ask for sparkling water 3 times and they did still not manage to get to on all tables. The children were not offered soft drinks before we asked for it and they did only get 2 out of four courses (same menu as the adults) we paid EUR 45 per person for the children. 1st course / dish cold melon soup and ham was ok but nothing special. 2nd serving the Sole was cold as taken from the freezer and looked like someone has thrown up on the plate. It was cold and covered with a white and sticky sauce. The agreement was a to serve a clear butter lemon sauce on the side. My husband had to leave the table and tell the hotel manager that we expected them to "pull them self together" and make sure the plates were warm and the food hot before being served. 3rd serving the veal was nice and tender but the garnish; potatoes, mushroom, vegetables were a mess and the sauce Inglese cold. 4th serving the dessert was a real disaster. The chocolate Fondant COLD and they had forgotten the Ice cream, berries and raspberry coulis. I told them to serve it promptly. Not perfect as it was agreed as a dessert symphony but ended up being a mess served on two plates at the same time. We had agreed on a "free bar" concept after the wedding dinner for a cost of EUR 2000 for +55 adults. We ended up being 41 adults but did still have to pay the same amount and were not offered any discount due to the delay of the dinner and not being offered to keep it the bar open longer. Breakfast on Sunday was again REALLY slow. They served fried eggs it took time for 46 guests. We had again and again to ask for bread, juice, coffee etc. The discount given at check-out as a "courtesy" for the mistakes was EUR 45 for the salty nuts and almonds. EUR 450 waived from our invoice was the costs for the wedding cake (EUR 200) and hot dogs (EUR 250). The manager accepted this at check-out as we during the preparation didn't feel comfortable about the suggestion of the cake. We had suggested to have it delivered by our own vendor but the hotel manager promised that it would be the nicest cake ever. We had agreed about the taste, the ingredients and the look. The manager received pictures of the decoration and look of the cake in advance and reconfirmed our order. The delivery failed from their vendor. Instead of a round sponge cake in 4 layers, covered with marzipan and edible flowers we got a flat two layers sponge cake, with no flowers and no marzipan. The manager who we where was in close contact with did not inform us in advance but we had to realize this as it got served. The hot dogs got served 1.5 hours too early right after our 4-course dinner at 11:30 PM and the items were already placed on the buffet. The sausages were pre-boiled and not as agreed served with a mix of boiled and roasted sausages. They were served cold as they could not be stored in the fridges after being heated and placed on the buffet once. The bread was cold and the cucumber salad was salted but not as agreed pickled. Out of common healthy hygiene conditions (at least in Denmark). Our agreement was to have the late-night snack served at 1 AM (also written in our programmed placed in the guest rooms by their staff). Our suggestion to compensate for the mistakes was a discount of 10-20% on the Wedding Dinner (not on the rooms, drinks, flowers, Service etc.). The hotel manager told us to take contact the owners on Monday if wanted to negotiate further discount as she did not have the power to approve it. The management replied that they don’t accept our complains but admitted that the service was not perfect, and that our discount was the wedding cake, the hot dogs and salty nuts. They felt very sorry about this situation but decided not to pay any other compensation.

A real find - off the beaten track, but near enough to walk to Cala Bona and the coast. Hotel is quiet with a big pool and ample areas for relaxation. Staff always helpful and ready to make you welcome- very useful when it comes to restaurant recommendations and bookings. Highly recommended. We will be back

Beautiful reception and gardens, great pool area, ok rooms. Unfortunately, food is ghastly (eat in the city which is a 10min stroll from the finca), service non-existing and the lady of the house a dragon. Not the top choice for a relaxing weekend.

My daughter and her partner chose Son Corb for their wedding and it turned out to be a brilliant decision. The occasion was struck by horrendous thunderstorms, but Son Corb manager Isabel and her helpful, hard-working staff came brilliantly to the rescue. The switch indoors was a fantastic triumph and all concerned were absolutely delighted. Everything was great, the food, the service, the luxurious private setting and especially the wonderfully 'un-corporate' atmosphere. Our family can never thank you enough, Isabel.

The Son Corb hotel is a wonderful quiet, well located, oasis - a beautiful hotel in a beautiful setting. From the moment you drive up the sweeping drive you realise you are staying somewhere special. The rooms are simple but comfortable (although I highly recommend asking for a second pillow!) and the air con works well. Other reviews have suggested the rooms could be refurbished, but I kind of liked the simplicity they offered - although, tea and coffee making facilities are a bit of an oversight. The pool is beautiful and unless you are unlucky enough to share your time with people who abuse the space and get up early to lay towels over the sunbeds - and then sit elsewhere(!), you will think you are in a little bit of heaven. But...what stops this from gaining the extra star in my rating is some odd attitudes... Whilst the breakfast is excellent, the snack menu at lunch time is left something to be desired. We mistakingly ordered from it one day - and never again! Food not great, they had run out of a lot (and there's only a few items on it!) and it took ages... That said, the hotel does not attempt to position itself as a foodie place, so that can be forgiven. What was less comfortable though, is the attitude to very minor cost savings... For instance, you receive comp water on day one - but that is it, no more. Then when the toiletries run out, again, that is it (unless you ask for more). If you bring in your own drinks, that is very frowned upon (even though twice the hotel bar ran out of wine!) - and if you ask for ice to take to your room...well you might as well ask for gold encrusted diamonds!! The hotel just needs to shake off some of these very minor attitudes (and either put on a snack menu that they can actually cook or drop it altogether) and you will have a truly amazing hotel. With all that said - would i stay here again. Without a second thought, yes!!

Booked this two days before going. There were no reviews on this hotel at point of booking. "What a gem" we wanted a nice classy chilled out holiday and that's exactly what we got. Would recommend this hotel overall. Negatives: Only limited snack menu available. Food was tasty and fresh but inconsistent, (Quantities and ingredients.) Rooms could do with boutique styling. No coffee facilities in rooms. Some staff could be a little more friendly. Toiletries in bathroom not replaced when used. (Asked for more but was told they don't usually provide them), not the norm of boutique style hotels. Positives: Great Location (Not to far to walk to town/ Marina) Comfy firm beds great breakfast and coffee. Great Swimming pool Prices of drinks and food reasonable Some staff really friendly and helpful Great quiet and classy hotel Free pool towels. Beautiful buildings and we'll kept grounds. There are some negatives but I would definitely recommend this hotel and would return. It just needs a few small tweaks to make it a true boutique hotel. We had a great week here away from all the usual busy hotels nearby, a true little gem.

Son Corb Boutique hotel is a beautiful hotel. My sister and I stayed here for 5 days in July 2017 and it was everything we had hoped for. Staff were polite and friendly and very helpful, especially Marc. Our room was clean and comfortable and we appreciated the beds being made and bathroom tidied each day. The hotel itself is beautiful, so much space, a real boutique hotel. It is quiet, the pool is very large and few guests means plenty of space and beds. The breakfast was lovely, no need to pre book, and a great selection, we had breakfast here for about 3 of our mornings at the hotel. We did not have lunch or dinner, but a selection of food was available throughout the day if you wished. We were looking for somewhere not in the centre of Cala Bona, but not far either from the restaurants and bars and this hotel is exactly that. It is a 10 minute walk to the promenade that starts at the north of Cala Bona, at the Sunwing hotel, and carries on all the way to Cala Millor (about and hour stroll). Outside the Sunwing hotel is also a bus stop which you can take a variety of buses. We took one to the Friday market in Son Severa and also one to the Cuevas del Drach. Very easy. And everywhere we went felt safe. The beaches in Cala Bona are ok, but we would recommend taking bikes, walking (45 minutes) or bus north to Costa Dels Pins, it is quieter, prettier, and a sandy beach rather than the stoney beaches in Cala Bona and a wonderful beach bar too. A little bit south of here were also some more tucked away sandy coves. This is a lovely hotel alternative to the larger all inclusive hotels you will find in the centre.

The hotel was everything that we needed. The location was great and quiet, yet only a 1 minute drive to the seaside town of Cala Bona. The staff was very friendly and gave us some advise on where to go in the local area. The pool was salt water and a nice temperature with a beautiful view. The room was cleaned and clean towels were provided daily. On arrival we received a pool towel that was used for the whole stay. We stayed here for 5 days at the end of July so temperatures were very high, but the good air conditioning kept the room lovely and cool.

We booked this hotel as a bit of a last minute break. We liked the idea of it being rural but within walking distance of the beach and restaurants and that's exactly what we got. The hotel did indeed feel very rural being up a long drive, away from the hustle and bustle of Cala Bona. Our room wasn't in the main building, it was perfectly adequate, very clean, comfy bed and nice little terrace. We were lucky that for the first 4 days of our 5 day trip the hotel was extremely quiet. All we could hear were birds singing and the jingle of a goat bell! Breakfast was continental which was fine, with cereals, yoghurt, lovely fresh bread and fruit, with a hot option each day. The pool area was very nice with a lovely view of the sea in the distance. We found the staff to be lovely, attentive, but not intrusive. Special mention to Mark and Isabel who went the extra mile. Would highly recommend taking the bikes out and exploring The Greenway. We cycled up to Arta which is a small town not too far away, very quaint shops and had a very traditional feel. All in all we had a wonderful stay and would definitely like to return for some rest and relaxation.

The hotel is well kept, I stayed 4 nights and not once was the bed linen changed, the towels were changed daily. I got complimentary water 2 nights and charged for 2 bottles of water from the mini bar having only taken one. The owner / receptionist was very rude and never once had a morning greeting. The pool is lovely, the Hotel is well kept and quiet which I like, I just cannot abide ignorance. I was a hotelier myself so I know what is important. The air conditioning and toilet gave trouble but these things can happen. I would not recommend this hotel for its hospitality, that said the staff were very polite just the owner / receptionist were ill mannered.

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