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Hotel Illot Suites & Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My first holiday 2017 for nine years. All inclusive purchased including transfer for £550pp so I wasn't surprised to find a lovely hotel that is in need of a little tlc here and there. Negatives: Gym is roasting as the air con was never on in there and when we asked at reception was told it wasn't hot enough '27degrees'. Also, of the several pieces of cardio, only one very old x-trainer worked. In comparison, the outdoor pool was colder than the arctic ocean! I agree with others in that the transfer bus is awfully long, would suggest hiring a car as the area is remote anyway and there aren't many attractions nearby. Positives: The staff were very friendly and helpful The rooms are kept clean and tidy - good job housekeeping! Food was good if not repetitive but great chef cooking fresh option at the grill each night. Quaint little town, though a tad touristy... once you've browsed one shop you've seen them all. Advertised as a four star but I would say it's a three star. I feel I've been a tad harsh but truthful... In summary: for what I paid this was exceptional value.

We stayed here for 2 weeks in September we were happy with our room and the cleaner was lovely she done the room every day with fresh towels and sheets the indoor swimming pool was nice but it was only open from 8-1 for children then closed then opened at 3-8 for adults only!! The jacuzzi and hot room was not working, the food was the same pretty much for the whole 2 weeks which we didn't enjoy at all! The bread rolls were always hard! There was bread and ham and some not very nice biscuits in a cold room that is left out all day for all inclusive guests which was not nice at all!! The outside bar don't serve all inclusive guests beer or coke as you have to go inside to the cold room and do it yourself but if your a paying guest they will serve you these drinks!!! The staff on the main desk and outside bar are not very friendly they all seem quite unhappy!! And unhelpful, the outdoor pool was so cold my children couldn't go in it!! It actually made my fingers hurt when I was in it like frost bite!!!! It's in a good location as it's a short walk to restaurants and shops and about 15 min walk to beach I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone deff not a 4*.

We are just back from our 10days holiday and it was absolutely terrible.We were told that at the airport that our hotel was overbooked and we need to stay one night at another hotel.When we arrived the following day to Illiot they hardly payed any attention to us,we were not welcome at all,they almost have as half pension instead of all inclusive and it took 30min to check in.Our room was awful more like a room in a youth camp and not in a 4stars (!!!)hotel:old fashioned,dirty and with a view of a very poor area.The breakfast was ok but dinner and lunch simply bad quality from cheap ingredient.(many times rather decided to eat out)All inclusive was a joke:hardly any drinks inclusive and morning and afternoon snack in a spare room with some strange cheese and salami and bread from a bag.Personal generally rather unfriendly-expect the young lady and the middle age bold man at the receptions who were the only ones who managed to smile at us. The hotel was a big disappointment as from the online picture and outside it looks different.we will definitely look for another hotel when eventually going back again.

I have never left a review for anything in my life, I’m quite easy going and never complain about anything, but I feel the NEED to write this review as I don’t want anyone else to suffer the same experience as me. I stayed here last week with my boyfriend and was sadly disappointed with the hotel, it looked amazing on the website but it couldn’t be further from the truth. How they can advertise this as a 4 star I do not know, more like 2-3! Firstly, we arrived at 2am to check in and it took 45 minutes just to get into our room as the young man on reception didn’t have a clue what he was doing, another family were waiting to be checked in at the same time with a young baby and child so I felt so sorry for them. Not what you want when you've had a day of travelling! When we woke up in the morning our apartment was flooded (it had rained heavily in the night), my boyfriend got out of bed and it was like a swimming pool. We had no idea where the rain had even come in from as all windows and doors were shut. Luckily we didn't leave any valuables on the floor. When we went down for breakfast there were various buckets throughout the hotel full up with water including the restaurant, we looked up and there were holes in the ceiling with water leaking through!! The hotel on a whole was very unkept, it looked like it needed a good clean along with our room, the indoor pool was freezing cold, sauna and hot beds didn’t work, the equipment in the gym was rusty and looked like it hadn’t been used for years. Even when they attempted to do some maintenance they had no consideration for the guests….someone was out cutting the grass at 10am when we were trying to relax on the sun loungers (surely they should do that when people are eating breakfast)?? Majority of the staff were so unfriendly and we didn’t feel welcome at all, it felt like it was an effort for them to serve us a drink which is not what you expect when you pay all inclusive. Countless times the bar was left unattended and no-one around to serve us, there was hardly any choice either. The food on the whole was good but we did feel like they served up the same food all the time. Also there is no entertainment whatsoever, unless you call 'sticking some spotlights and music on outside' entertainment. And don't be fooled by the spa either, I decided to treat myself to a massage for 46 euros and I wish I hadn't bothered, they called someone in and all he did was stroke me and make weird groaning noises!!! That was just as much a rip of as the hotel was. I would go back to Majorca as the area was lovely, lots of restaurants and shops but definitely NOT to this hotel. Avoid it like the plague and don't waste your money!

After the recent reviews on here I wasn't expecting a great arrival. The transfers are shocking and would definitely take a private taxi next time so it's only 1 hr rather than the 3 we had to endure. However, the hotel did cater food and drinks for us on arrival at 3am and the rooms were ready and staff very helpful. The room was lovely, a few problems with the air conditioning but only had to inform the staff once and it was fixed within an hour! The pool area wasn't the biggest but fantastic as we had a small child. The sunbeds do get busy but always managed to get one throughout the day as guests were very respectful and moved towels if they weren't there all day. Lots to do in the area and staff were helpful in advising what was available etc Would definitely go back, the hotel I believe has taken on board the recently bad reviews- was a lovely stay

For a 4 star hotel, this was absolutely awful. I think the 'all inclusive' is a joke, maybe 5-10 of the drinks were all inclusive? Everything else on the menu was charged for. (€3.10 for an orange juice) and to top it off, one of the two bartenders acted as if serving us was an inconvenience and didn't smile once, which made going to the bar horrible. Some of the staff were really friendly, however the older woman on reception was really moody our whole trip, and gave us a bad impression from the moment we arrived. Our room overlooked some smelly unattractive buildings, it smelt damp, we had old bedding, our air conditioning did not work, and our jacuzzi bath had the buttons removed from its controls- so did not work. Our shower leaked, the bulb in our side lamp was smashed, half the indoor pools were empty and the hot tub was freezing.) The spa was constantly closed, the hot beds did not turn on, I saw the sauna on only once during the stay, and the steam room was out of order. And this may seem insignificant, but there were not turtles in the turtle pool as advertised in the foyer, which was one of the main reasons we chose to stay here for the novelty. The food was okay, the main meal being quite good, a lot of choice. There was fish, vegetables, salad, chips and fried food, so something for everyone. However the puddings were absolutely horrible, and we skipped them most days. They are pretty to look at, but were just cheap cream cakes which made you feel sick, and lots of disgusting jelly like puddings in various colours which tasted like thick gone off sugary milk, (I can't describe the taste). Some of the staff were really lovely, for example the all the cleaners, one of the barmen,the men and young woman on reception. So I feel bad that I cannot identify the rude staff from the lovely welcoming ones. However overall, we did not feel welcome in the hotel, and I would recommend trying to find another hotel if you plan to spend any time using the pool or other facilities. It would have been an acceptable 2-3 star hotel, however what was advertised was far from what we got. Will definitely be returning to the area as it is stunning, but picking another hotel.

We booked for 6 people (2 rooms) for 6 nights all inclusive, arrived at 2pm on our first day and our rooms were not available they had overbooked, we were shipped out to a 4 star hotel in the same resort which was very nice taxi paid by the Illot and were told to return the next day at midday and our rooms would be ready. We arrived at 12.15pm the next day and had a further 2 hour wait until our rooms were ready, clearly unacceptable on a 6 night visit. We also found 3 other families this had also happened to and it appeared they targeted the all inclusive patrons as the half board customers are more likely to stay and spend money in the bar etc.. We managed to negotiate our room on the last day until 8pm (check out is at midday) however the all inclusive card was wiped at midday. Good bunch of fellow holiday makers staying at the hotel and the food was very good, rooms abit tired as was the indoor pool, staff did not seem particularly happy to be there, hot water for showers in evening for all and the ac in the rooms needed abit of working out too.. on the whole a 2/5 due to the poor start we had.

Ok hotel. Food often tasted the same. Cleaning really good. Horrible view from our balcony ant smell from the kitchen. Only two **, because we expected more from a **** Star hotel. All the rules were bended by visitors. When we talked to the staff about it - nobody took responsibility for doing anything.

We arrived to the hotel after a 3hr coach journey. Which has no toilet! This hasn't put me and my girlfriend in the best of moods. When we arrived we were told our room wasn't ready. The receptionist never apologised for us having to move hotels and the inconvenience it caused. The receptionist also didn't acknowledge when we first arrived which we also found quite rude. After a night in a much nicer hotel we checked in with a much more helpful receptionist. The room was spacious. It consisted of a kitchenette, lounge, bedroom and bathroom. The toilet in the bathroom didn't look like it had been bleached for a while. The air conditioning was very weak and really cool the room at all. Food at dinner was average. Even though we were half board we opted to eat out most nights. The breakfast options were reasonable. Fresh pancakes were popular. One of the main issues we found with the hotel was the lack of room by the pool. As mentioned in previous reviews the pool is very small. There aren't really enough sun loungers if the hotel is full. You have to be up very early to guarantee yourself a place by the pool. We were going for breakfast at 9am and that was too late to get a sun lounger. Luckily there were family members staying nearby and we used their pool facilities for the duration of our stay. Overall the experience we had of this hotel was poor. The room was a good size but lacked a view. The service on reception when we first checked in was poor and left us with a poor impression of the hotel. The lack of space around the pool was also an issue. I would not personally recommend this hotel to anyone.

I have just returned from a week at illot hotel with mixed reviews. All in all we had a lovely time met some great people but there is room for improvement! We arrived in the early hours with our 3 & 6 yr old who were desperate for a drink of water... we were greeted or shall I say grunted by the receptionist, I asked for a cup of water but were told the only water available is €1.50 from the water machine! Thank goodness we had change as by this point our children were so dehydrated from the 3hr coach journey, they started to resemble prunes! Yes, you did hear correctly... a 3 hr coach journey! We were expecting a 1.5hr journey! We were all ready for our bed! The hotel room was clean and a good size. The balcony was sufficient enough to dry your towels at the end of the day! The view was of the tennis court and over looking the Main Street. Air con was awful... I have more power blowing out my birthday candles and I'm only in my 30's! Each room has a kitchenette so take a travel kettle and tea bags! We wish we did! Breakfast was good each morning but the same everyday. Lunch again was good, dinner was also good but as the week went on we noticed we were getting left overs from the dinner the night before. So got very repetitive! We would not advise any peppa pig fans to stay here, pork was constantly on the menu! We were also expecting 2 food themed nights a week, we only saw a Spanish paella theme. Drinks... not all were all inclusive! Not many cocktails to choose from either! Mojitos would be a good drink to add! Beer was on tap... only 2 at a time per guest... I found this out after loading a tray of 20 beers for everyone at 22.59pm! The grumpy bar man chased me! Oops! Bar closes at 23.00 each night, which is a disappointment as everyone seemed to get into the flow around about that time every night! It reminded us of the dingo dongle challenge on I'm a celebrity... shutters get shut by a grumpy man! Hot drinks and water was not available until breakfast time. We filled our children's drinks bottles up with water and kept in the fridge for when they woke up! There was a variety of entertainment every night- bingo, quiz, mini disco, games, fireshow, karaoke. All were entertaining and the kids enjoyed it. Staff seemed miserable apart from the 2 animation guys, they always had a smile and welcomed us. Daytime games, water polo and water aerobics were daily and staff were not pushy. The pool was small but a good size if you had children to watch! Inflatables and water guns kept the kids entertained. There was a sectioned off shallow end for babies/toddlers. Sun loungers- you need to reserve early! Maybe a few more if placed strategically would help! Indoor pool is a very good size, and good too use if it's far too hot outside. Turtles- my son was excited to see real turtles only to be greeted by stone ones! Shops are all in walking distance. Which were ideal for inflatables and snacks for the kids! Pringles are €1 in the corner shops, €1.50 in the hotel. A pharmacy is also just around the corner. There are a few beaches. Very beautiful but busy! The bars and restaurants are aimed at the German, but very welcoming to the British. During our stay we chatted to many families who all experiened a bad arrival. each arriving late at night or very early hours of the morning to be told they didn't have a room available for them! These families were taxied to a nearby hotel for the night and then taxied back to illot hotel in the morning. Maybe a bit of advice - email or call the hotel 24hrs prior to travelling to ensure there is a room for you! Palma airport- take snacks and a bank loan!!! €3.80 for a small bottle of water! €2 for a small packet of walkers! All in all we had a relaxing holiday, met some fabulous people and made some lovely memories with our children.

C/Hernán Cortés, 41 Cala Ratjada Mallorca

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Hotel Illot Suites & Spa places you within a 10-minute stroll of Cala Ratjada Port and Sa Torre Cega. This 102-room, 4-star hotel welcomes guests with free breakfast, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. Cala Agulla Beach and l'Olla are also near this Cala Ratjada hotel.


Each morning free breakfast is included with your stay. In addition to a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there's also a bar. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service.


The 102 air-conditioned accommodations feature kitchenettes and balconies, and there's space to spread out with separate bedrooms and living rooms. 32-inch flat-screen TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms have hair dryers, free toiletries, and slippers. Safes and phones are other standard amenities.

Property features

Guests of Hotel Illot Suites & Spa enjoy a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. The front desk is staffed 24/7 to help with dry cleaning or laundry, and answer any questions about the accommodations. Other amenities at this spa hotel include a fitness center, free WiFi in public areas, and a kids' club.

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