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Blue Sea Costa Verde

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

My wife and I were very fortunate to have had a long weekend booked at this hotel by my son and his girlfriend. After reading previous reviews we were expecting nothing more than we would from a 3 star hotel but were pleasantly surprised. The staff at reception were really lovely, really informative and were more than happy to sort out taxis when we needed them. Arrived fairly early but had no problem booking in with enough time to go for lunch in the dining room. Wine, beer, fruit juice, coffee & tea all on tap, just help yourself. The wine was maybe weak on the alcohol front but it tasted very nice and was perfect to go with a meal. The coffee was as good as most I have ever tried. Lots of juicy salad which I love and plenty of other meat, fish & vegetarian options. My wife is a big fish lover and she was well impressed. Lots of fresh fruit & a good selection of breads. Not too far to walk to the beach. Even our walk to Palma on the Sunday was very enjoyable but I would not recommend everyone trying it especially in flip flops like I did. Transportation was really good. Taxi rides worked out between 20 & 25 euros to or from the airport or Palma Buses were only 1.50 euros, try to speak Spanish or you may have to pay 5 euros. Bus 23 to Palma left from a stop about 150m down the road from the hotel. Bus 25 (Palma Express) left from a stop about 500m along the strip (Carrer D’Amilcar) just around the corner from the Bus 15 stop which also went to Palma. Bus 25 back to El Arenal was easy to pick up from either Plaza Espana or at the top of Passage Del Born. The EMT app was great for finding out when the next bus was due, didn’t want to waste time waiting at the bus stop. Not sure what time bus 25 stops running but we got one at gone midnight. The pool was lovely and clean and just the right temperature to get cooled down. The beach is really shallow so no worries for the kids. The sand looks like it is cleaned daily. Lots of sun loungers. We got there about 09:30 and stayed about 1.5 hours and no one came to collect any money off us. It was all inclusive so the hotel were obviously serving me the standard San Migel in half pint plastic cups but no problem keeping going back. Spirits served were obviously not the brands I was used to but both Vodka & Bacardi were fine. My wife particularly like the vodka and Slush. The room was clean and made up each day. Not huge but again we are talking about a 3 star. The mattresses are not quite what we are used to but no matter, I can’t remember laying there feeling uncomfortable, after very active days & evenings it was straight to sleep. Some of the other guests were a little rowdy at times but hay, it’s a holiday, if you can’t let your hair down then, when can you, it certainly never caused us any distress. Should we mention the Germans, might as well, we had no issues, they were pleasant and some of the stag party groups really amusing. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again & recommend it to my friends.

The hotel itself is ok food is really good. I cant understand how people had a problem with the food. Food was always hot breakfast got a bit boring but they had everything to choose from eggs, bacon, beans with sausages, fried potatoes, bread with all diff jams marmolade nutella, 3 diff cereals, youghurts and fruit, crossiants and pain au cocolate. What more do people want? Lunch was always brilliant again there was brwad fruit youghurt there was always 3different types of mixed salad or tapas always chips always a rice dish eg chicken curry at least one meat one fish one pasta dish. Plus dessert. Dinner was roughly the same choice as lunch but was never left overs from lunch. There was also someone cooking fresh each night we had burgers hotdog fajitas etc I could not find one bad thing to say about the food. Drinks available were also good and bar staff were friendly enough. Entertainment was abismil. Really really poor which was such a shame. But you can easily walk into the town in 10mins which has everything you could want During day it was hard to get a sunbed plus you had to constantly move around the pool because of shade. Beach is 10 min walk and is beautiful. Also water park was ok. Location of hotel is absolutly perfect. Now the big issue is that the hotel does not deal with guests well. Big groups of german men drinking all day shouting taking over the place. The sights i witnessed from these 'men' were unbelievable. Flashing their bits was mild. Absolutly disgusting. I heard the hotel did fine them one night as they wrecked their rooms and threw sunbeds etc in pool but they were mostly left to do as they pleased. Then arrived a group of spanish girls all i can say is thank god we were leaving if their behaviour by the pool was anything to go by. THIS IS NOT A HOTEL TO BRING A FAMILY TO which is a real shame as the location is great as is the food. Im agraid i wouldnt be back to this hotel but id go back to the area

The hotel itself is OK. Its very clean, what really badly let's it down is the guests who are allowed to book here. In my opinion this should be one or the other, either it's a family hotel, or its a party hotel. Having it as both is so wrong. Myself and my daughter stayed here 4 nights. 1st night kept awake all night by drunken British men,our last night was the worst though Drunken German men. They had zero respect for NOBODY, loud, arrogant, spoke to staff like crap, and partied all night long, not thinking that people are trying to sleep. It was horrible. This hotel really needs to review it's guest list. The food was just OK, limited choices on hot food, salads always looked nice, my daughter didn't like most of it and lived on bread, we ate out a few times despite being all Inc. Our room, despite asking for a nice view was a Back Street. It takes 20/25 mins to walk to sea front. The resort itself is very German based, very few English. We would not recommend this hotel to families. Maria was the nicest member of staff.

This place is beyond a joke.. it looks lovely from the outside and reception but as soon as you enter the corridors for the rooms the first thing you notice is the old dated stained carpets. The first room we were given was that small we couldn't get our hand luggage suitcases through the door without bashing the wall, the bed was 3ft wide for 2 of us to share (I am 30 weeks pregnant) it was very basic, smelly and had no balcony, we complained and got moved to a second room with a balcony, BUT this time there were used wet towels on the floor and half drank drinks on the balcony... by this point I was fuming, I went to reception to complain and we got told we can have a better room but at an extra 7 euros per person per night so we just took it as we were mega tired and very wound up. This (third) room was a standard room what you would expect to see in a 3 star hotel which is what we thought we had already paid for. This room was backed onto the lift, we had someone fall against our door crying clearly drunk, the rattling and banging of the lift, shouting all night and the very noisy drunk groups which meant we had no sleep... my partner was so angry, we went to reception again and got moved to our fourth room, this one was again a standard room but on the second floor not ground, apart from the dirty tissues on the floor it was better. We managed to get one good nights sleep.. the last night of our "holiday" we were woken up at 2am by steaming drunk Germans shouting next door and knocking on everyone's doors, something was also thrown off the balcony by one. Our flight home was at 4am so we booked our taxi and very gladly left. I am absolutely gutted that I didn't get pictures of these rooms as you would really have to see it to believe it. There is no entertainment, no sun around the pool and the food is awful. The staff are very nice so there's one nice thing to say I suppose. This experience has taught us to only go to places we know now so we have no chance of this ever happening again. This was supposed to be our last quiet break away before our baby is born but the hotel ruined it. If you are going on a party holiday and are on a very tight budget then this is your place to go. It's rated at 3 stars, how is a mystery. I would rate this place as a one star being generous.

We are currently here at the hotel and from midday-20.40 this evening we are roomless with no shower facility. We understand that the hotel may not allow us to stay in our room due to being full (although late checkouts are advertised) but we would have least expected the hotel to organise one shower room for late guests to use. (Especially as 'shower room at your disposal' is written in the welcome pack you receive in your room.) We asked yesterday, the rude reception member told us to come back this morning, that we did, same receptionist was there and were told no we cannot pay for late checkout as the hotel is full. I mentioned that a shower room is offered in the welcome pack, she then told me this is only if a room is available. Great! What are we meant to do for the whole day?! We can't lay in the sun because we will be covered in sun cream and get hot and sweaty and that's not how I want to be flying! Despite this one particular staff member at reception who came across rude, unhelpful and not customer friendly, the rest of the staff were lovely and happy to help. Michelle on arrival was fab and answered everything we needed to know and made us feel very welcome. 'James' or Yalman (not sure how to spell it) behind the bar in the evening made effort to get to know our names, made conversation and was very friendly. Also the male lifeguard always walked around the pool and said good morning which was a nice personal touch. As for the food. We really did not enjoy it. First night our hopes were put up when we had roast chicken, broccoli and potato, but from the first day it all went down hill and we were disappointed at every dining we made. I would not say we were the only ones disappointed either! I am not a fussy eater myself and I even struggled to find something I enjoyed most days. If there was something that took my fancy. It would be luke warm and lacked flavour. However, my friend did enjoy the bread and chips that she ended up having most days for lunch and tea. Luckily we only came for 5 nights and 2 of those we ate out!! Drinks were of good variety. We were happy that there was a water fountain that we could use at any time of day to fill our water bottles. The outside bar that opened yesterday also provide slush's which were very refreshing. Evening entertainment was non existent. We were ready to play bingo on our first 3 didn't happen. One night it seemed to be a disco for a group of 14 year old Spanish girls, which looked like a school trip that was also staying in the hotel. As for the groups of people. When we arrived we were expecting a chilled out place, however there was a large group of 'lads' so questioned straight away how relaxing our stay was going to be. However they left on the first night and all was well. Until yesterday and the night before when atleast 3 large groups of men turned up and we have had sleepless nights for the last 2. 4 am woken up to banging and what sounded like a party next door. And again at 6.30 am where they decided to play their music at full volume!!! Furthermore, we witnessed a lad 'flashing' to his mates down by the pool whilst we were enjoying the pool facility. Not a pretty sight!! We are glad to be leaving and get some peace and quiet. Despite all this, the room itself was clean, shower was ok although tended to give random hot blasts and then cold. The cleaner was very friendly. Beds were comfy made every day. Clean towel every day. Wifi down in the lobby was good, we were also able to connect to the free wifi in our room at times. We were never short of a sunbed by the pool. However we couldn't find one spot around the pool which had sunlight all day. We would not return to this hotel, however we are thankful that MAJORITY of the staff did make us feel welcome :).

Basic hotel but clean and tidy. Food not good.... who has chips for breakfast??? There was very little entertainment but what entertainment they did have the lady Maria was a evening while no entertainment was on,a group of German men thought it be a good idea to expose them selfs in front of my daughter n other children and guest. No police was phoned or nothing was done about it.well one of the guest had a go at them.i did complain to the manger the next day who said he should of been phoned then he would of rung police.( maybe your staff should know this)some other guest had music blasting from rooms all night.they did move me rooms in end but ended up with more music blurting out again.some of the staff are lovely and very polite.out of 7 day stay I enjoyed 2 days thanks to the people I met from uk. I wouldn't recommend this as a family hotel at all

Cheap, basis hotel. Not for families or older couples. Plastic glasses and furniture all day and at night, no entertainment or facilities to speak of. Don t waste your money unless all you want is bad fast food, alcohol all day and no sleep. Can t wait to go home.

I have just returned from a weeks stay at blue sea costa verde where I stayed all inclusive. The room was a good size, and we found the beds quite comfortable. The air con worked. The bathroom was also an ok size. Balcony had 2 chairs, a little table and clothes rail. We never really used the balcony though accept to hang out clothes to dry. We stayed in room 116 which is right above the bar, so if you want an early night you've no chance in this room! The bar does shut at 11pm though, so it's not too late before it goes quite. The food was very nice and there was a good choice to choose from. I'm very picky and always went away satisfied. I have included some pics of some of our meals. Breakfast was always the same, but there was enough choice that you didn't have to have the same every day. Cooked breakfast/cereal/fruit/mini coissants/ brown and white bread etc. My only critics with breakfast is the fried eggs didn't look fully cooked around the yoke and some had bits of shell on. One evening they also made burgers which was nice as I was proper craving one lol! All I will say about the food is some better descriptive labels would be handy. As I didn't have a clue what some stuff was so I wouldn't dare try it. The pool area is clean, and the pool is a good size, but is on the cold side. Plenty of sunbeds, and there's also a little play park next to the pool. The bar is large, bit dated, but that didn't bother me. Can only get 2 drinks at a time in plastic cups as mentioned in other reviews. My tip if your gettin a cocktail is to ask for it strong, then they will add extra alcohol to the cup before using the cocktail machine. The bar also has snacks, coissants/biscuits and sandwiches, which can go a bit stale, but are nice if you get one fresh. The entertainment is non existent. Not for lack of tryin! It's just other guests didn't want to play bingo so we couldn't play when we wanted too :( The hotel is in a great location, right next to the water park, which is great. Its not to far from the beach and shops either. The beach is great, €10.70 for 2 sun loungers. All I will say is that you are constantly....and I mean constantly harassed to buy stuff! massages/hair braided/fruit/drinks etc etc the only way to escape it was to go in the sea lol! We had a fab holiday and would go back to this hotel if it wasn't for the very large groups of men and women who had no respect for other guests! They where very loud at night, constantly banging on each others doors, giggling and singing, walking in the halls in there underware, and I was told by another guest they were also flashing their bits! Now I understand they are young and want to have a good time, but to mix them with families is not on! The hotel should have organised the rooms better so that families where on a different floor! It's hard to have a good time when you get no sleep and are shattered! Luckily for us the groups left for the last part of our holiday. But it is for this reason I have marked down our experience at this hotel.

hotel was ok but average bedroom is 8 foot by 9 foot, no fridge ( costs 40 euro a week to hire one ) some rooms have no balcony and are like a prison cell, but if you complain they will move you. food is plentiful and always something to select from, bar service was good. entertainment virtual non existent in evening, apart from bingo and karaoke, no entertainment at all two evenings a week ,Friday and Saturday, and no piped music to balcony area during day or evening. complaints about German bachelor party member twice flashing himself in front of children and ladys, Aprox 20.00 Hours two complaints about same person in same hour, nothing done about it, next day hotel manager said we should have telephoned him personally, DOH ! clients complained twice to reception, they represent management when he is not there, they should have phoned manager and police. So oviously not a hotel recommended for family

Noisy groups of drunken men. Not a family friendly holiday. Men flashing at other guests. Hotel is clean and food decent. No proper childrens entertainment except bingo if there are enough people to play. People knocking on random doors all night. We could only sleep between 5am and 8 am when the drunk guests passed out. Do not take children here.

Avinguda d'Europa, 33 Playa de Palma Mallorca

Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Located in El Arenal within a 5-minute walk of Aqualand, Blue Sea Costa Verde is within a 15-minute stroll of Port of El Arenal. This 3-star hotel has 124 guestrooms and offers conveniences like free breakfast, an outdoor pool, and a free children's club. It's near the airport and also close to El Arenal Beach and La Porciuncula Church.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. This hotel is home to a buffet restaurant and a bar/lounge. Get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


All 124 air-conditioned rooms provide balconies, ceiling fans, and phones. TVs come with satellite channels. Free toiletries are also included.

Property features

Guests of Blue Sea Costa Verde have access to an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and free WiFi in public areas. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this family-friendly hotel include a free kid's club, laundry facilities, and a garden.

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