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Staybridge Suites DFW Airport North

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We've been staying in this hotel every time we visit friends and it's alway a breeze. Great customer service both front desk and housekeeping. The rooms are always clean and up to date. I love staying here!

I stayed at Staybridge Suites Irving for 2 weeks recently. The property is located between an upscale neighbourhood and the highway. Within walking distance are; a big box hardware store, huge electronics store and a few restaurants. The entranceway has a seating area and I saw mostly smokers congregated there, as there are specific cigarette ash trays for their use. Oddly there is a no smoking within 25 feet sign, just 15 feet from the smoking area. Arriving back to the hotel on “Social” evenings, you need to work your way through the congregation of smokers at the front. There are 2 speakers at the entrance tuned to a local radio station, so you get a mix of music and talk/news and advertising. The speakers are not always running – not sure why. The front desk staff were always friendly, although some of them are often seen immersed in their smart phones. The area immediately behind the desk was always cluttered with packages, vacuum cleaners, tools, etc.…. The breakfast room was well laid out and had very comfortable leather seating. They had a choice of Styrofoam/plastic or real plates and cutlery. There was always a selection of cut fruit and the eggs tasted real (not from powder) In back of the breakfast room, there is a small pool area and adjacent BBQ and lounging area. Beside the breakfast room is a 30 seat theater where you can borrow DVDs and have viewings. The Business room with computers has a library of books and games. I saw some conference rooms. Laundry is on the main floor. There is a small gym with machine weights, aerobic machines and some floor equipment like stability balls, rubber bands, mats, etc. There is a TV and some sanitizer to clean the equipment after usage. There are 2 elevators. They move slowly. Suite I was on the 4th floor in a one bedroom suite which seemed a bit dark for the following reasons: - The décor of the suite is dark. All dark brown wood, dark chairs, etc. - The lighting is old weak spiral fluorescents made more dim by being in shades - The window decorative side curtains are permanently adjusted to block about 8 inches of window on each side Living area One single window which does not open Hide-away couch (which I found to be uncomfortably hard and very narrow) Large very comfortable leather easy chair Work desk (large) Work chair (very comfortable adjustable faux leather) Internet & connectivity - Measured both wired and wireless at a very slow 2 Mpbs throughout my stay. - No USB charging ports available Kitchen - Good layout - Fridge temperature was set way too low before I knew about it and melted my first freezer items - Fridge was a bit loud at times Bedroom - One single window that does not open - Large comfortable bed with good linens - Comfortable leather arm chair - Good amount of storage - Alarm clock Bathroom - Sink/mirror separated from toilette and tub/shower area - Amenities; The usual, however I had only 1 single shampoo, when staff knew I was staying long term and there is a sign in the room that says if you are staying more than one week, only once per week room maintenance is provided. - Bathroom fan very loud Water Temperature/Pressure - Pressure is med/low - All 3 water faucets in the suite are dark brown and have no visible HOT/COLD indications. Selecting the right temperature required experimentation as to which direction to go. AirCon/Ventilation - The AirCon control is remote and you must remove it from its holder and point it to the wall sensor in the kitchen to change settings. Only when you hear a beep has the setting been taken. - I had to experiment for a few days to find what worked, because whatever I dialed in, the actual temperature ended up to be about 10 degrees lower. I usually kept the control at 76F, which ended up being 66F (as measured on my watch when not on my wrist) Other Controls - In the bedroom, I counted 4 separate wall switches which did nothing. I asked the maintenance person what they did and he didn’t know. Entertainment - 2 med. size flat screens with some premium channels included - All the channels listed in the guide were actually available (note there is a laminated card showing available channels – there are actually more channels available compared to what is on the laminated card) - Channels and TV are true high definition - There is an available external HDMI input where you can plug in a Chrome dongle or your laptop, however you can’t select that HDMI input with the universal remote. Instead you need to use the controls on the side of the TV itself (Menu/Inputs) - There is one DVD player in the living room and I did see DVDs to borrow in the lobby. Cleanliness - Overall OK, but I did see traces of former guests in my suite; oily finger impressions on cupboard doors in the kitchen, stains and a chewing gum mini blob on my night table. Even in the elevator I saw the same hand prints for the entire 2 weeks of my stay. Unlike other hotels where I’ve seen staff busy cleaning and polishing the common areas, I saw little of that at this property. Maintenance - Bathroom lamp above sink defective upon my arrival - Toilette seat missing one attachment cap cover - Toilette roll holder was broken and temporarily propped up - Shower curtain was partially torn out of some of the eye-lets - Faux Leather desk work chair torn up (read about this in other reviews as well) - Faucet in kitchen didn’t output hot water when handle turned either way(hot water port in cartridge likely clogged) - Faucet in kitchen has scale buildup at the base Soundproof? - Very good on 4th floor near end of hallway Security - No in-room safe - Card swipe required from outside doors (except lobby entrance) Other amenities - Hair dryer, iron, ironing board Also - Kitchen floor and bathroom are dark brown tile, remainder of suite is carpeted What I liked - Quiet and secure - Comfortable bed - Breakfast area comfort and food choice To improve - Internet speed - Extra level of cleanliness, attention to detail - Provide more amenities for long term guests - Maintenance items (torn chair, light bulbs burnt out, toilette holder, kitchen tap no hot water) maybe a room checklist for housekeeping staff would help - Don’t allow clutter to build-up in the front desk area (first view a person sees when checking in) - Replace spiral lights with dimmable LEDs - Label unused light switches as such - Add labels to faucets indicating Hot & Cold - Adjust border curtains to allow more light into the rooms - Provide another area specifically for smokers (by removing a couple of parking spaces) Considering the features of the common areas (outdoor pool and BBQ, cinema, library, etc...) I think this property would be great for a family reunion, get-together, or company retreat. This hotel has all the basics for excellence. Some small upgrades, attention to details and maintenance improvements would go a long way.

I've stayed at Staybridge Suites in other states before and I loved it, which is why I chose to stay at this hotel. However, this time, I was disappointed. Many things were wrong. First, the first room we were given had a broken closet door and broken kitchen tiles that could be dangerous if walking barefooted. We immediately requested a room change. Second, the second room had a bathroom door couldn’t be properly opened or closed because it rubbed on the bathroom floor. We had to push hard to open and close the bathroom door, which made a horrible noise causing one of us to be awaken if the other person needed to use the bathroom. Third, the bathroom sink water pressure was extremely low and took a long time to get warm. Also, white lime deposits were caked up and very visible on the bathroom faucet and it made brushing our teeth disturbing. We began using bottled water to brush our teeth and wash our face. Fourth, our DVD player kept turning off in the middle of a movie. Fifth, almost every time we left the hotel and returned, our room keys wouldn't work. Several times we went up to our room and then had to return all the way back downstairs to get a new key. This terribly annoyed me especially when returning late and tired. We asked why this kept happening and were told to keep the key away from our cell phones. We did, but the key still stopped working. This was very annoying! Sixth, when returning to our room late one night and after getting new keys, we opened the door and the hinges pulled completely out of the door frame putting saw dust on the floor and on our clothing. We then had to stand their holding the door open until someone came to fix it. Seventh, on one day, we tried to use our iron, but it was completely broken with water leaking onto our clothes and the carpet. I called the front desk to request another iron and waited almost thirty minutes. Then I had to call again because no one brought and iron to my room, which almost made me late to an event. Eighth, the weekend breakfast employee wasn't very nice. We asked two questions about some of the food and our questions were met with very sarcastic remarks. For instance, I asked what an item was and her remark was "It's Breakfast". Then I asked if she could tell me what it was and her second remark was, "Of course I can, I made it". She then walked away and I never asked another question. On the same morning, my wife was walking to the juice machine to get more orange juice and the woman turned off the machine. She then told my wife that it was 10:32 and breakfast was over. We both felt that was very rude and other guests even shook their heads at the situation because they also tried to get some more juice. It was only 10:32! Now, on a good note, Jessica the front desk manager and Charles the engineer was extremely kind, courteous and helpful with our problems. I commend them both!! The room and hotel was very clean, which was a great thing. The food was also very good.

The room was well appointed and a good size with a desk, lounge area and a kitchenette with dishwasher, microwave & fridge. The queen bed was comfortable. Bathroom had a shower only with good water pressure though the bathroom light/fan was extremely noisy. The reception and breakfast area were nice and clean. We had to wait 35 minutes for the shuttle from the airport. The driver did call us after 25 minutes apologizing for the delay. We stayed on a Friday night and didn’t realise the shuttle didn’t run on the weekend. During our stay we were told one of the shuttle drivers has a taxi on the weekend. I’m not sure whether or not he picked us up on our return as we booked a taxi back to the airport through reception. The driver pulled up in a car/van and then told us it was a fixed rate of $32.00 to the airport which was expensive. I would give this hotel 4 stars for the accommodation and would stay here again though not on the weekend.

I booked my stay for 3 night and I was impressed, the lobby was gorgeous, the property was clean(inside and out) and the amenities were great. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Juan. T, he made my check in very swift, he provided info about the hotels policy(s) and amenities. Juan also provided his humor which further eased the check-in process, a friendly face for this place. My room was very clean, the place looked like the furnishings and fixtures were fairly new. Things to expect from this Hotel. 1. A very nice room with a kitchenette equipped with over count microwave, refrigerator, toaster, dishwasher (with liquid and powder soap) , a glass cooking top(non-induction), Plates, drinking glasses, wine glasses, silverware and cookware. 2. Free breakfast in the morning 3. A guest Pantry where you can grab a snack to eat but I think hours our limited depending on staff hours 4. A sweet swimming pool and hot tub 5. A cabana with a gas grill, this is great if you throwing a small get together 6. Secure access, a keycard is required to get every where in the building (except elevators) 7. Free parking with large enough spots to fit a lifted truck 8. Great front desk staff, Just like Juan, another person who was at the front desk greeted me is my girlfriend every time we returned to the hotel from an outing In Conclusion- I would stay here again if you are not from the state of Texas than you should be aware that a car is a must. There are many malls around this hotel but walking is NOT an option as the highways and main roads is the only way to get a round. The neighbor hood is very nice though so if you must take a stroll, feel free.

I booked this hotel through Priceline and I had to change the date. I was not sure if the hotel allowed and therefore I called them about 3 weeks before the check-in day. The front desk staff was courteous and changed the date with Priceline customer service representative. Things were not same when I went to the hotel on the changed date. The front desk lady told me that they cannot allow me to check in. I had to call Priceline and was on the phone for almost one hour. The front desk lady told me that the hotel needed the difference between the date that was booked to the date it was changed. Finally I had to cancel the reservation and find another hotel to stay after 1.5hrs. The front desk lady had no customer service skills and the manager was absolutely unwilling to accept it was their mistake.

We booked this hotel through Priceline because it was near the DFW Airport and we had a layover. The hotel looked great cosmetically - had been recently renovated, nicely contemporary. Our room (1 queen) was spacious, with a nice full size kitchenette and EXCELLENT lighting. Sink/mirror were stellar, bathroom looked nice with glass shower doors, but floor was warped and door was difficult to close. Bed was pretty comfortable, though a tad on the soft side. Desk chair was a misfit, as it was literally torn up. Cleanliness was okay. Looked clean, but we killed an ant under the bathroom sink and another on the couch. I don't know if it's because we had booked through an online site, but our room (219?) was next to the elevator, in a part of the hallway essentially overlooking the lobby, so there was a potential for lots of noise. We didn't end up having noise issues, though we did use the white noise feature on the clock. Amenities were very nice for this level hotel. Workout room had decent amount of equipment and all appeared to be in good working order. Breakfast was much better than most - eggs, cheese, excellent condiments, sausage, potatoes, waffles, fruit & cereal. BEWARE! If you're booking this because it looks like a nice DFW Airport hotel, THE SHUTTLE DOESN'T RUN ON WEEKENDS!! When we called from the airport on Sat. to have the shuttle come, we were met with, "Oh... I see you booked this through Priceline. Our shuttle doesn't run on the weekends." We ended up spending over $50 for a cab to & from the hotel (we left on Sunday) which ended our trip on a sour note. We certainly would have selected another hotel had we known. The front desk said it was Priceline's fault for not making that clear, but I had looked at StayBridge's site, and it's very deceptively worded. They state in their "Amenities" section: "Guests can get around on the complimentary shuttle, which operates within 5.00 mi." They state the DFW Airport is 4.2 miles. Under bullet point amenities they say " Free airport transportation" and in another bullet, "Free area shuttle." The fact that the shuttle doesn't run on weekends isn't on their site AT ALL. The only way they may claim we should have known is the bottom section, under "Business & Other Amenities" where they state, " A roundtrip airport shuttle is complimentary at scheduled times." Again, no mention that it doesn't run on weekends, and after seeing the other 3 references to free shuttle - specifically to/from the airport, I stopped reading because I found what I was specifically looking for - a free shuttle. If it weren't for the shuttle issue, I would have probably given them a 4, but when you're specifically trying to plan a trip and stay on budget and get hit with an unexpected cost like that, it's infuriating - esp. when there were so many other great choices we could have made... Felt deceived, and as though we had 2nd class service due to not booking directly with StayBridge...

Decent hotel for quick business trip. The hotel is located right off the freeway, close to lots of shopping and restaurants. Pros - good, hot breakfast Pool Evening activities, including some happy hours during the week Shuttle Service Rooms have kitchenettes Cons - Wifi really slow Shuttle service requires 24 hour notice

Overall the hotel was a decent place to stay. The bed was a little soft for me but I know everyone is different. The issue was the business chair in the room was so disgusting that I could not use it. I took a picture. The arms and and back had the material missing and ripped off. The other issue was there was a lot of black mold in the shower. Surprising since everything else looked clean and up kept. Hopefully the management will see this and take action. The employees I encountered were all helpful and friendly. The kitchen in the room was well stocked and clean. TV and AC all worked great. Windows had 3 levels of curtains that made for a good night sleep.

On the outside it looks great, on the inside it looks updated. However, couch cushions with giant holes in the fabric, no pressure in the bathroom sink, plenty of choices for breakfast but was not good, the hot tub was broken, pool was ice cold, and no one had dusted room in many months. I had to dust the room. My daughter spoke with the front desk on day of checkout and was promised the manager would reach out to her. That was a week ago-haven't heard from anyone. Great pressure in the shower. The fixtures are nice and the kitchen is usable but it seemed like they upgrades some things and left others unattended. I may try another Staybridge near DFW but not this one.

2220 Market Place Blvd Irving TX

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Free airport shuttle

Staybridge Suites DFW Airport North places you within a 15-minute drive of popular attractions such as Irving Convention Center and University of Dallas. This 3-star aparthotel has 100 guestrooms and offers an outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, and free in-room WiFi. It's near the airport and also close to Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.


Start your day off right with a free buffet breakfast, served each morning from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM. For a nice break, mingle with other guests at the free manager's reception.


All 100 air-conditioned apartments feature kitchens and space to spread out with sitting areas. Guests can expect free WiFi and TVs with digital channels and DVD players. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include sofa beds, coffee makers, and free weekday newspapers.

Property features

At Staybridge Suites DFW Airport North, guests enjoy an outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, and a spa tub. There's free parking, as well as a free airport shuttle at scheduled times. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with dry cleaning/laundry, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Additional amenities include free WiFi in public areas, 5 meeting rooms, and conference space.

Room options

Standard Room

Queen 1 | Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Suite, 1 King Bed, Non Smoking

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Suite, 2 Double Beds, Non Smoking

Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Suite, Multiple Beds, Non Smoking

King 1 | Sleeps 6

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