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Castro Hotel

2.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We were there this summer. Best experience during our vocation. Everything is new and clean. The restaurant serves wonderful food as in the breakfasts as in the evenings. Workers were very nice and carrying. There was a free wifi in the room. Also, the hotel had a nice pool. The location was very good as the hotel is near the bus stop and is very close to the beach.

Amoudara is the only place to avoid to spend holidays in Crete, one of the worst i would say in southern Europe because of the terrible pollution and presence of a huge electric plant on the beach. Strangely enough, this area is crowded with visitors enjoying the worst of the mass tourism : a succession of hotels, overrated and expensive bars and restaurants, noisy street and permanent gaz smell due to the plant. However, you may need to stay in Heraklion for 1 or 2 nights to catch an early flight or spend time visiting the museums. In that case, the hotel Castro is a good bargain: clean rooms with good beds of a good size, AC, a small swimming pool that is not crowded, a family and welcoming atmosphere thanks a very nice staff, a bus stop transporting you to Knossos ans Heraklion museums right in front of the hotel. The floors are a little bit noisy but the price is worth it. The hotel also offers half board in their restaurant, we didt it but portions looked yummy and huge.

We were invited to visit Heraklion, so some friends arranged our booking with this hotel. I was told that it is a renewed hotel of 3 stars with breakfast included 200m from the sea and they managed to arrange with us a price of 30/euros per night for a double room. From the description of our friends, I thought we had made a great deal. When we arrived, the first impressions were meeting my expectations, however soon after the first night I realised that I got what I paid for, meaning quality that worthy 15 euros a night per person. The shower was not very practical to use. Water was dripping even if you were very careful. The air-condition was not very efficient but anyway we did not use it much. The balcony doors were not closing properly. In case we were using the air-co more it would cost a waste of energy. The sound insulation was poor. We could always here people when talking in the corridors. Maybe because our room was next to the stairs. However, sound was also coming from outside. Local people were talking everyday since 7:30 in the morning!! Maybe we were hearing more sound because our room was close to the front of the building and the main street and we had an open balcony door every night. Going to the breakfast, I found some stuff good but some bad. There were fresh vegetables, bread and cheese. Unfortunately a variety of 2-3 fruits was missing. The quality of the jams, honey, coffee and juice was much below average and maybe bad for the health since it seemed full of conservatives and additives. We decided to have breakfast somewhere else after we tried once. The most negative aspect for me was the cleaning schedule. In short, sheets and towels are changed once every 4 days and there's no room cleaning on Sunday. We stayed from Friday night till Monday night meaning that our room was cleaned just twice and both sheets and towels were not changed not even once. This seems strange to me for a 3 star hotel. Of course we also did not have much soap to get clean from the beach and the salt. Last, the beach close by was not something special for me. Might be the best in Heraklion city but it's below average compared to the beaches at the west and south of the island or the beaches of other greek islands. Last, there's no greek night life close by so if you think you wanna go dancing then you should move to the city centre. All in all, I believe that the low price you are charged for the services that you get is rather rational. However, I feel deeply disappointed that I was fooled by the description of my friend that it is an amazing place, fully renewed and we were really lucky that they made us a cheap deal. They made me expect more. With a bit higher price (20-25 euros per person per night) you can find a room more to the centre or closer to a better beach/city (e.g. Rethymno, Chania). Search wise before you decide ;-)

We booked this last minute via Thomas Cook. We booked a room bed and breakfast. The hotel is composed of 3 blocks set round the pool area. On arrival we were greeted by I presume the owner who booked us in. When my husband read out from the board on one side the opening time for the restaurant the owner said "No, it's not open now, it's the end of the season you have come very late". Not the welcome one would expect. Our room was on the 2nd floor. It was very basic, a double bed, a flat screen TV (with only local programmes), a full size fridge and a balcony with a plastic table and 2 chairs.There was a lot of storage, cupboards and drawers. The room didn't have a kettle or anything to make a drink. There was an ensuite shower, well yes, there was a shower tray with a handheld type shower head hanging from the wall, the unit surrounded by a plastic curtain. One has to be careful, when my husband first turned on the shower, the water pressure caused the shower head to flip up to vertical and it sprayed the room over the top of the curtain, soaking the bathmat and towels! As showers go, once it was positioned it was effective. The drain in the middle of the floor isn't terribly efficient as the water doesn't really reach it. The shower room also had a hairdryer, one of those that is wired directly in and only works while you hold it. Unfortunately the handle on the dryer had split and the hot air was leaking through it making it almost too hot to hold, I had to wrap a towel round it to use it. The room and contents were really clean and the room service was most days, not Sundays though. There is aircon but as we weren't given the controller we couldn't use it. We managed without, it was a bit warm at night but manageable for us. Beware of the hidden mosquitoes, hubby was bitten a lot as he wasn't expecting them and you don't see them. Breakfast was a disappointment. We attended for the first morning, there was nothing cooked, a choice of a white cheese that may have been feta but didn't really have much taste, some unattractive processed ham and cheese, fresh tomatoes, some bread and something that may or may not have been butter in catering pots. Coffee from a machine was pretty horrid, there was some orange liquid in a jug that presumably was orange juice but didn't taste much like it. There were two types of tea. We chose to avoid breakfast for the rest of our stay. The pool is lovely and is kept clean. The water in it it isn't so warm. There was a sprinkling of basic sunbeds of the plastic variety with umbrellas. Given that there are 3 blocks of accommodation I can only suppose that in high season they put more out otherwise you'd be fighting for one. The poolside bar wasn't open either. Location is good, on a fairly busy road that is lined with shops of all kinds, restaurants, car hire outlets, clothing shops, jewellers, beach toy and souvenir shops and supermarkets which sold all the basics and some local foods too. We made use of them to provide ourselves with breakfast food. There are buses and the service appears to be a good one, buses go to lots of places, Heraklion takes about 15 mins, you can even get a bus from the airport so you could save yourself the transport cost. There is access to the beach which is pretty close. The beach itself is not proper sand it's shingle but if you walked toward Heraklion you do eventually reach a little sand. All in all the hotel might suit those looking for a cheap base from which to access the area, it's pretty basic but clean. We bought a kettle and had cups which made it more comfortable for us.

Clean rooms, nice pool, very pleasant stuff. A breakfast was good. The place is near to the beach but the weather was windy and there were a big waves. The amoudara is small place but there is good connection with Heraklion.

The rooms are spacious, modern, and clean. The A/C worked great. The pool is large and nice and it is a short walk to the beach and really beautiful sunsets! We enjoyed the hotel restaurant for dinner quite a bit - excellent food in our opinion. Very nice breakfast as well.

Definitely a good hotel to stay at. Plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Just a few minutes walk from the beach and a bus stop, giving you easy access to Heraklion and several sites e.g. The Palace Knossos. Provides good food and services, the staff are very polite and helpful. The bedrooms, bathrooms and hotel facilities are all very good. I would certainly stay at this hotel again if I went back to Crete!

We spent excellent time on September, 16-26 in Amoudara, Crete, at the CASRTO hotel. Everything was OK. You only ought to ask for the room looking at the pool (very pleasant) as the streets are not quiet. The staff is friendly. The rooms were cleaned every day. The air-condition, TV, free WiFi etc. worked. The breakfast jams were marvelous with charming aroma. The road to the beach (10minutes on foot, 4Euro for the sunbeds and umbrella for 2 persons) runs along the narrow pretty river where you may feed fishes, ducks, tortilla, funny mice – all of them adore a loaf/bread. Also it produces the mosquitoes :( Despite the village is situated in 8 km from Heraklion Airport you will not hear the noise of the planes. And in spite of the reviews the sea was calm 8 days from 10! Complete calm! It is worth to visit Rethimno (80km) and St. Panteleimon monastery at Fodele (18km from Amoudara). But Chania is too far (about 3 hours on car). So Castro hotel in Amoudara is a nice place to stay.

as I live in a region with long and rather cold winters,I usually prefer beach holidays with warm foreseeable weather and warm water;so taking into account this years events which affected also holiday resorts,I excluded risky places and my choice narrowed down to Spain and Greece;as the prices in Spain are slightly above those of Greece,I finally decided to chose Greece and knowing that in Crete there are always good offers I booked a 14 nights stay through in Crete at the Castro Hotel in Amoudara/Heraklion with halfboard;the flight I booked on my own with Aegean Airlines from Bucharest to Heraklion with a short stopover in Athens; the ticket was 255 Euro roundtrip with 23 kilos of extra luggage;first of all,I have to say that Aegean Airlines was a very pleasant surprise for me and they deserve my sincere congratulations;they have new Airbus planes in very good condition;although we took off from Bucharest with a 10 minutes delay,we arrived in time in Athens and in Athens we were also delayed about 10 minutes but arrived in time in Heraklion;the crew was very friendly,pretty and helpful stewardesses and on the first flight we got a dinner with a free drink and coffee;even on the second,which was a domestic flight we had a little snack with a free drink and coffee;upon arrival in Heraklion and after receiving the luggage it was already midnight so there were no more buses to Amoudara and I had to take a taxi;there were plenty of taxis and the normal price to Amoudara is 25 Euro but after bargaining he accepted to pay him 20 Euro and in a few minutes I arrived at the hotel;I have to mention that one day before departure I sent an email to the hotel asking them kindly to provide a room in the new buildings which are further away on the main road and on the last (third) floor as I prefer the upper floors;upon arival at the hotel desk the presumable manager,a rather young man,acknowledged that he received my email but he has no free rooms in the new buildings and instead he has a room "which is very good on the second floor of the old building with limited seaview";as it was not the time and place to argue,I accepted,although if he had been a little forthcoming he could have said that for the moment he has no room according to my wish but that he will do his best to meet my request as soon as possible;unfortunately this didn't happen until now that I'm writing this review; I arrived on Wednesday night and now when I'm just writing it is Sunday evening;now,to be precise,this hotel consists of three buildings;the old building is right at the streetfront and between the entrance and the street there is the restaurant also called "Maxim"; I must say that I have read here a lot of malicious and subjective comments about the fact that the rooms in the old building are noisy and very disturbing;the fact is that there is the normal traffic noise of cars,buses,bikes,mopeds but non of the exaggerations that at midnight the youngsters are making there rounds with there heavy bikes or with their cars with the sound system turned on at maximum level;there are mostly old mopeds,some bikes,but none of the frightful and wild bikers;the funny thing for me is that most of them are riding bikes and mopeds without helmet which in my country would be unthinkable,although it is considered "less civilized";the fact is that all the old rooms are completely renovated and brought to a decent,European three stars standard;the paint is impeccable,the flooring is very good,probably marble imitation or travertine,all bulbs are functioning,the finishings are very careful,the bed mattress seems decent enough,there is LCD,the room has a good functioning heavy iron shutter at the balcony door and a gliding glass door with a sensor so if you open it the A/C stops automatically; so the noise is no problem;during daytime you usually are not in the room as any normal human being goes to the beach,and you anyway can't sleep with the open balcony door at night as the A/C is not functioning;so after shutting the shutter and a glass there really can't be heard any noise;the bathroom has all the equipment,seems like new,with wall and floor tiling of good quality,good finishing,with a hairdryer where you can insert the electric shaver if necessary;I don't know how the new rooms are as I probably haven't been considered worthy of occupying a new room for 14 days; it is regrettable that such differences are continued to be made even inside "the united Europe"and even inside Eastern Europe,part of which is member of the European Union;apart of the old building which has rooms directly to the street and on both sides of the building,in the backyard there are two new buildings on each side of the swimming pool;the hotel has presumably some 80 rooms of which most of them are in the two new buildings;all in all and despite all malicious complaints,the hotel is a three star of European standard undoubtedly ! now to the food from my experience of four days so far; the breakfast consists of fresh white baguette bread,some kind of juice,still water,milk,corn flakes,yoghurt,honey,cheese,Greek feta,butter,two kinds of marmalade(peaches and roses,I think)and the same kind of ham every day;with all regrets to the people here I must say the coffee is hardly drinkable;it comes from a rather small and outdated coffee machine;I think that two things could be done with the breakfast and that is changing the ham assortment from time to time and improving a little bit the quality of the coffee; as I see,people are civilized and don't drink more than two cups of coffee on average; as for the dinner,it is decent consisting of soup every evening,a salad with mayonnaise(eggplant,vegetables,potatoes),a choice of other vegetables such as tomatoes,cucumber,cabbage,onion on separate plates and naturally the main course which was so far chicken with potatoes ,pork in the oven with potatoes,a very good spaghetti with veal and Wiener schnitzel with ,ashes potatoes;unfortunately until this evening I have overseen that on a small table in a bowl there was red mellon for desert; every evening there is a choice of two courses but I mentioned the ones I ordered; all in all I can recommend this hotel for a decent stay having the overall feeling that the money was worth it;my regrets are towards some mentalities that change very slowly...

Goes to the top of I would expect from a 3 star hotel. We had spacious "family" apartment with 2 rooms, 2 balconies and a bathroom. One of the rooms is just for sleep while the other had a wardrobe, an electric stove all the necessary utensils (spoons, forks, knives, plates, frying pans and so on), a normal sized fridge and it's perfect for families of 2 adults and 2 children. The lighting and conditioning are automated, when you leave it would switch off. When you close the balcony door A/C would automatically turn on. Cleaning was good not only in the room but all over the hotel. It has an average sized but a deep pool (with section for kids). We've rented a car and found that there's a convenient parking lane with automated lighting. The beach is about 5-10 minutes walk, it's sandy but not protected from waves, although I could only enjoy the fact. You will find a number of nice cafes and restaurants in the area, as well as other services like car rental, excursions, many supermarkets, souvenir shops and so on. Although we haven't found any good clubs to spend a night in.

Andrea Papandreou 301 Malevizi Crete Island

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Outdoor pool

Castro Hotel is located within a few miles (5 km) of Pankritio Stadium and Theodoros Vardinogiannis Stadium. This hotel has 82 rooms and welcomes guests with conveniences like a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and free in-room WiFi. In central Ammoudara, the hotel is also close to Ammoudara Beach.


Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Continental breakfast is offered for a fee each morning from 8 AM to 10 AM.


The 82 rooms are recently renovated and have an array of amenities, including balconies, refrigerators, and phones. Guests can expect free WiFi and 14-inch TVs. Hair dryers are also available.

Property features

At Castro Hotel, guests enjoy features like an outdoor pool, a children's pool, and free WiFi in public areas. If you drive, take advantage of free parking. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with tours or tickets, luggage storage, and securing valuables. Additional amenities include a meeting room, express check-in, and express check-out.

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