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Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We stayed in an Oceanview Bure and the view was amazing but the rooms could do with an update they were a bit tired. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and we thank them all. There were many activities for those wishing to participate. The food in the dinning room was not very good, breakfast was probably the best meal of the day. We expected fresh fish at a resort on the water but it was tough and tasteless. The resort is in a beautiful location but needs updating.

as the title says this was our fourth time to hideaway a very special place for my wife and me, to the upper tier management your staff are not happy(was told by several staff members), place is run down need some money spent on it . 1) the pool area use to have tables no longer is there any, the shade umbrellas are few and far between now and the ones that are there are in such a bad way it is not a good look for your resort. 2) maintenance for an example a hand rail to a set of stairs to the beach was laying on the sea wall when we arrived and was still there when we left 7 days later at least remove it if you cant repair it , not a good look for your resort, took 2 visits to front desk and a phone call for some simple maintenance to be done over a 12 hour period first reported at breakfast still not done at dinner. 3)the beach over my first three morning walks along the beach i was disgusted to find butter/ jam/ Vegemite single serve packages on the waters edge over the first 3 days i would have picked up over 60 of them showed and reported every day to management or front counter and showed them but every other morning i would find more ,this is not the hideaway i use to know, if the resort is going to treat the water like this and not do anything when reported is a huge bad reflection on the resorts care, every morning workers would clean the sand but still on the waters edge was single serve packets i think i got them all after 3 days customer relations did come and see me and apologies but it should never happen in the first place if you the resort dont care neither will your guest very bad reflection on the resort. 4)was at the hideaway for fourth time this time to celebrate my wife's 50th birthday starting making contact with resort regarding this back in February, and finalised this on arrival, and they totally stuffed it up i payed 430 fjd for this dinner(surf and turf platter) i am not going to go into the circus of events that happened but lets just say for the first time in many visits to fiji i let out my bad side, and when i insisted on speaking to the head person was told they dont have night management what the hell it was like 7.30 pm and no management, 3 times i had to go sought stuff ups out , finally a manager arrived from half an hours drive away, to sought the crap out so booked for 6.30 final got special dinner around 8 ish .(after the waiter told us at the table your lobster is being cooked now my wife had no idea what i was orgainising so that let the cat out the bag) kitchen didnt seem to know to much about it.(after getting platter items were missing) floor staff didnt seem to know any thing about it 3 times we was offered the regular menu 3 times told them no organised special , dinner event and they went to kitchen came out and walked straight past us should of known there was going to be trouble, when the table i booked had the wrong booking room number on it. i did end up getting a 50% discount but you are in fiji at our special place to celebrate a once off occasion and they stuffed it BIG TIME. more to the circus of events happened but wont list them all 5) breakfast buffet choices has been reduced by about 30% since our last visit but the price of resort has increased a fair bit. 6) things like the quick bite cafe not open the Mongolian and pasta restaurant needs a total do over very bland/ drab environment.(and closed on buffet nights so you have no choice) 7) the only thing going for this resort is the location is still great, upper tier management if you dont change things you will go down, we stayed at double tree at sonasli for around the same price the following week and OH MY GOD the service we got was superb the buffet breakfast WAS TO DIE FOR varied every day not like hideaway( included in price) the meals same price as hideaway but on a totally different level and a huge choice on the menu, staff asked if we were in fiji for special occasion told one staff member here for wifes 50th and BOOM with out asking they made special things happen and all for FREE didnt ask didnt expect but they did and went out of there way. hide away lift your game or you will go further backwards than you have already, you are special to us 4 times visit got engaged in 2012 at resort on valentines day BUT HATE TO SAY IT unless you change your ways price to match your service we will not return ,GOOD LUCK TO YOU, this review is to reflect on the upper tier management and not the staff of hideaway resort

We loved this place! The gardens were beautiful, the staff were very friendly, welcoming and helpful. The spa was just amazing! I highly recommend buying one of their 3 or 4 day unlimited packages - I felt very spoilt! Loved the nightly entertainment and the happy hour games. Accommodations were a little tired, but overall vibe was very relaxed & it really helped us get into the holiday spirit.

Loved this place, staff are very friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. The food was great and the nightly entertainment was good. Our beach bure was lovely and to walk out the door and onto the beach was great. The main buildings and pool were tired looking and could do with a fresh up but the staff and food more than made up for it. I would stay there again.

We stayed here for 3 days - staff were very friendly and on the 2 nights when we ate in the food was excellent. Breakfast was included in our package and was excellent with a large selection. The bure we stayed in was adequate but a bit tired and in need of maintenance(especially the bathroom). The resort is aimed at families many of which were there on all inclusive package deals. Snorkelling can be done in front of the resort - plenty of fish but coral is minimal - efforts are being made to regenerate the coral which is great.

Having just read the previous 3 reviews, I can only say DITTO DITTO. I took all my family (11 of us ) for a much looked-forward-to holiday. We had booked Ocean View Bures and a 2 Bedroom Bure, and the all inclusive food and drink package. Trouble started when we arrived late on Friday, as they refused to believe my 12 yr old grandson had been paid for as an adult ,even though I had the printed booking. Saturday morning saw us contacting our Travel agent and Qantas holidays and this was eventually sorted out by our wonderful Travel Agent, Karen, from Ramsgate Travel. The rooms, although in a great position, were old, very tired and dirty. My daughter and family had to move to another 2 bedroom bure as their air con didn't work. THEN on Sunday night 7 of us got violently sick with the worst gastric bug we've ever had. We talked to others in the resort and there were MANY people sick. We went to management to express our disgust so far and our travel agent also made sure this was all reported to management. Our rooms by then were filthy and we asked for some kind of compensation. Nate, the acting resort manager, did her best to help us but obviously doesn't have the resources or authority to fix the whole sorry situation. We were upgraded to Deluxe bures which were lovely and modern.......the standard of accommodation you would expect, but unless they clean them properly, they will deteriorate fast. (the original rooms should be gutted, we've had better bathrooms in dilapidated roadhouses in the Outback). So there we were nearly half way through our holiday with NO relaxation so far. To cut a long story short, we also experienced the following; caterpillar in salad hair in pasta slow (even for Fiji) service in dining room rude service from barman live bug in straw We did enjoy the location and attentiveness from Faiaz the chef and Voli's cheery greetings in the dining room and the lovely friendly girls at the bar. The food was surprisingly good..........amazing as so disorganized. We have all been to Fiji before so we understand about Fiji time and also the problems caused by Cyclone Keni. We wished we had gone back to Plantation Island Resort. We would have left Hideaway but 11 people on holiday do not have that choice!! Thank goodness we had the support of our hard working travel agent. If you don't make these situations known, nothing gets done.

This was supposed to be a birthday present for myself and husband and a family holiday that we saved up for. It turned into a holiday from hell. A very expensive holiday. Kids couldn’t wait to leave. We would have moved resorts the day after we arrived, if we could have afforded to. No hot water for majority of 7 night stay. Had to upgrade our room, at our expense, to get any water hot or cold. Only 1 of the 4 restaurants available. Food lukewarm or cold, very mundane, soft drinks always flat and warm. Resort operated on a generator for the length of our stay. Which was turned off twice a day. No electricy for an entire day. How is food and drink kept cold? The resort pool was so dirty that you couldn’t see the bottom of the pool. There were no water activities available, scuba lessons, snorkelling or kayak hire. No Wi-Fi all week. Management was non-existent. The air conditioners in rooms were mouldy. This resort is ill equipped and lacks any infrastructure or management to deal with any type of emergency, minor or severe. The resort management would be better maintaining the resort, then having staff burying seaweed. So many people were getting sick. We got sick Sunday morning. Surprised it took so long. Made for a great flight back to Australia. Did leave a report for management, but still waiting for response. Unsure how this resort keeps getting such glowing reviews, based on the amount of people we spoke with at the resort.

This week in April was a special holiday for celebrating our daughter's birthday. Nine visitors in our party made the trek to this place, can't call it a resort, because it was basic and that is being kind. We arrived after a Cyclone had hit at Easter so there must have been troubles because everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Even though the resort looked okay from the outside on arrival. The whopping great generator in the front of the building should have given us a hint of things to come. 1. The food: Breakfast was good, however, the lunch and meals at night were appalling. 3 of our party suffered gastric and vomiting for 24 hours each on different nights so it wasn't just one meal that caused the outbreak. 2. Not their fault but a cyclone category 3 Keni went through the Island causing a staff shortage + other things mentioned below. 3. The power went out at 1.00am until 3.00am every morning. Perhaps due to shortages of power due to Cyclonic conditions, who knows. My husband wears a mask for his breathing and because we didn't know the power was going off he woke in a panic because he couldn't breathe. Until we realised what was happening, we had to set an alarm to wake him up each morning before the power went off. This is a very serious concern for us because he can't sleep without his machine. 4. The Manager on the front desk was apathetic, I could not get her to see that what was on our travel documents were right. She would not give us the $500 Dine, Wine and Spa credit on departure, even though my paperwork stated that we were entitled to it. We had to leave before it was sorted out with the Travel Agent because Fiji is 2 hours ahead of Australia. To the Agent's credit they have given us a refund for that amount and a voucher towards our next holiday booked through them, so thanks to them for that. 5. No water, in the mornings, hot water was off too for a period of time, so showers had to be put off until it was turned on again mid morning. 6. The staff were pretty laid back, if you get my drift. Fiji time is a joke. To run a resort you need to be efficient and look like you are enjoying your job. If something is requested, like cleaning our room or towels for our room then the service should be delivered. Not forgotten about leaving your guests to run all over the place to look for the cleaner. A bed had to be stripped fully because of sickness but that didn't happen until we made a request personally. 7. Our entry door closed on us permanently one afternoon, no number of cards would open it and after finally getting someone to repair it, (the whole door handle was replaced upside down) taking a couple of hours +, we had to leave the staff to it with our room unprotected. 8. When Keni Cyclone hit, a cyclone kit was left outside our room with no instructions or ability to contact the front desk due to the power going off. You couldn't venture out because of the coconuts and branches falling from the coconut palms. Very dangerous. We watched it from our bure with no contact from anyone. Enough you say? Maybe but. My reason to give them a blast? Perhaps they might get their act together and make it worthy of the glowing reviews of the past.

Have just returned from the week from hell at The Hideaway Resort. Admittedly we arrived on the tail of Cyclone Josie & as Cyclone Keni was about to hit - we booked the holiday some 3 months ago so hard to predict & by no means do we expect our holiday destination to be able to predict the weather, however it helps if they have contingencies in place but we'll get to that. The Fijians have a saying "No hurry, no worry" it's supposed to mean a more relaxing approach to life however there's relaxed & there's comatose apathy. The Resort is in a lovely location but it's VERY tired & dated. Supposedly there are 3 restaurants but effectively there is only one with one being a kiosk that was open just once in the week we were there. The other we went to twice but after that we didn't see it open again - you need to be aware of this especially if you are buying with the full meal package as this means you are obliged to eat there - the menu is limited & the standard of food is average to poor (one night we had 3 options - we got a taxi to the Outrigger & had a full buffet which was amazing). We lost power consistently which was only salvaged by the resort having a hired back up generator hooked up - however twice a day this was turned off as it would overheat thus no lights, fans, air con or even phones so in the middle of the night we'd be effectively trapped in our villa (we paid extra for a beach front) listening to cyclonic wind, rain & waves in pitch blackness with no contact with the office should we have an issue. You may say that this is something beyond their control but other resorts have their own back up generators & everyone knew these cyclones were coming. No activities were organised to make up for the lack of water sports so we were basically left fend for ourselves. We had to be moved from our original villa as there was a drainage problem, this villa was then locked up with no repairs carried out. Our replacement villa had air con that spat water at us when it did work & when my husband opened it up it looked as though it had never been cleaned since installation - mould spores & dirt galore! We had no water on at least 2 days (which when combined with 90% humidity & intermittent dirty air con meant we were not very pleasant to be around!). Maintenance of the building & it's infrastructure is non existent other than keeping the garden tidy or digging up the beach to bury the seaweed - yes really! One couple we met arrived late on a Sunday & were told they could not have any food as the kitchen was closed & they then had to endure no hot water for 3 days before being moved only to have no water the next day! You may say I am levelling first world complaints at a third world location but this location charges first world prices F$199 (approx. $120 Aussie) for an hour's massage, F$35 (approx. $22 Aussie) for a Long Island Tea cocktail. The average staff pay is F$3.00 per hour & as listed above no money appears to be spent on the Resort so where is all the money going? The staff are a mixture of very sweet or just plain apathetic - take your pick! I did raise all of the issues with the Manager (I don't just whinge about things I try to address issues with the relevant personnel). Whether anything will come of my concerns I just don't know so all I can do is highlight the fact that this location is very basic thus expensive for what it offers (watch your bill by the way you can be charged for things you don't have!). It's dated & standards are not the best - prices are up there & if you think about putting it on the credit card be aware they charge 3% fee no matter what your card. We'd go back to Fiji but not between Nov-Apr (cyclone season) or The hide, run away last resort (catchy isn't it!) unless they bulldoze the place & rebuild & re-train some of the staff!

First time traveler to Fiji - didn't know what to expect. At first glance, I was dubious - no TV, DVD player or sound system. Oh no! What to do? Then the beautiful Mila at reception said these magic words - "Isn't that why you came? To get away from all that? That's when the penny dropped - Fiji time!! And what a time it was. Once I stopped thinking like a pompous tourist and just relaxed, it is heaven on earth. You learn to appreciate the ambience, the glorious weather and emerald water - and the sounds of life passing you by. Magic! And the staff are just plain, nice. Down to earth, friendly people who have a joy for living that can't be matched.

Queens Road, Coral Coast Korolevu Nadroga-Navosa

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located 2.6 mi (4.2 km) from Kula Eco Park, Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa is within a 15-minute drive of Namatakula Beach. This 115-room, 3.5-star resort has a private beach, a full-service spa, and 5 restaurants. It's on the waterfront and also within a 30-minute drive of Lawaqa Park and Sigatoka Sand Dunes.


Free buffet breakfast is served each morning from 7 AM to 10 AM. Enjoy the ocean views at Chiefs Restaurant, one of 5 onsite restaurants. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café.


The 115 air-conditioned accommodations feature furnished balconies and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. Guests can expect to find WiFi. Bathrooms offer rainfall showers, hair dryers, and free toiletries. Refrigerators, coffee makers, and ceiling fans are also standard.

Property features

Guests of Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. You can take advantage of free parking, along with an airport shuttle (available on request) for FJD 150.00 per vehicle one way. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a health club, a spa tub, and an outdoor tennis court.

Room options

Beachfront Villa

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Bungalow, 2 Bedrooms

Queen 1 | Sleeps 5

Ocean View Bure

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

Deluxe Beachfront Bure

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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