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Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

If you like spending $30 for a mediocre sandwich then this place is for you... The lovely view and infrastructure is ruined by the ridiculous prices they charge for basic amenities and food. If they backed these prices up with world class service and quality then maybe... But no. The wild ginger restaurant is the exception to this, with amazing staff and reasonably priced food for the quality. If you are going to stay here do a run to the grocery shops first... In the week we were there we managed to rack up about 2k in food bills (and breakfast was included in our package).

The trip was for a short period but I enjoyed staying at the Le Lagon. The staff were always around to attend to guests queries and issues. The rooms and facilities were very clean and allowed for comfort when resting. The ambiance within the hotel and that portrayed by its staff was excellent. First trip to Vanuatu and I thoroughly enjoyed it and saw the beauty of Vanuatu and her people.

This resort was experiencing some problems after the recent cyclone. Over the water bungalows were gutted and being renovated and the tiles in the pool area were loose. Having a lagoon view was good advice,but it may also pay to request accommodation close to the restaurant and pool area as it is a large property and we had a long way to walk. It is easy to access the centre of Port Vila by local bus. Staff were pleasant and friendly, but perhaps not culturally tuned to the idea of quick service.

Have always wanted to visit Vanuatu, this is a great hotel especially if you are a family this is geared towards that. Reasonably close to town but with 5 days the kids had enough things to enjoy themselves. The service was a little hit and miss but everybody was smiling and very friendly.

A group of us (adults and kids) travelled to Vanuatu just over two weeks ago and stayed at the beautiful Warwick Le Lagoon. WE LOVED it, had the best time. The resort grounds are beautiful, made you feel like you really were on an exotic island holiday. The Lagoon is crystal clear and great to swim in (bring you reef shoes though). The pool area is great, three different types and depths to swim in and make sure you have a cocktail at the swim up bar!! The staff are all very welcoming and friendly. Be ready to be on island time, have patience. The location of the Warwick is great, not far from town (10min) and the taxi drivers at the Warwick are great to deal with. We mostly booked taxis (same guys each time) for day trips to the Blue Lagoon, Waterfalls, Hideaway island, and they were very friendly and informative. Just haggle for a price. A must is the Quad Bike Tours, we all had a blast, so much fun. The food at the Warwick is a little average and a little overpriced but the kids eat free - BONUS!! The buffet breakfast is good. A couple from our group dined at Wild Ginger and rated it highly. We ate out a few times for dinner at the Stone Grill Restaurant in town, the food is amazing and the service outstanding. Lunch from the pool bar was adequate and the toasted ham and cheese sandwich a hit with the kids! The rooms are a little tired but clean and inviting and the beds so very very comfortable. I loved coming back to my room each afternoon to get ready for dinner, very peaceful sitting on the balcony enjoying my duty free Vodka! Take a boat ride over to Erakor Island ....... it's a must. Spend the day there swimming and snorkeling, it really is beautiful. We went there for our last night and had a ball, the food is great, the kids watched a movie and had pizza and popcorn, whilst the adults enjoyed the peace and quiet of the restaurant. They also have a spectacular Melanesian music, food and fire dancing show, you will not be disappointed. The boat to Erakor Island leaves from the jetty at the end of the Warwick Le Lagon and cost around $10 AUD but you get to use that $10 on the island for food and drinks and a return trip back. It free after 4pm. All in all we LOVED staying at the Warwick and will be back.

We arrived ahead of the cyclone and after delays in Brisbane booked in about 1230 am. Despite the late hour we were transported to the resort where we were met with a much appreciated welcome drink at check in. The staff were during our stay friendly and very helpful. Despite the presence of the cyclone staff made our visit very enjoyable.

We had a lagoon bungalow, which as it turned out was for us anyway not the best place to be with Cyclone Donna a Category 5 cyclone hovering off the coast. The first four days of rain were spent in the room with Foxtel, a good book and there was 20 minutes of sun there somewhere. Now you can't blame the resort for the weather, it's just one of those things. I felt for the families who must have been pretty worried for the children. The last time we came in 2012 was fantastic, but noticed after Cyclone Pam in 2015 the island nation is still trying to build back from all the damage. Erakor Lagoon is magic and the people are wonderful. It was beautiful but I sure could have done without the impending doom of the first days with the cyclone hovering off shore, not a good feeling at all. We did have to move back one night as they boarded up the bungalow - plus staff were not allowed out and about on the resort property. We did end up getting gorgeous weather in the end. My advice to travelers is to not rely on your phone aps for the overall picture of weather - Google weather online and find out what is looming in the pacific. Cyclone Debbie hit Australia early April, then Cyclone Cook - Vanuatu, then Cyclone Donna and whilst Donna moved away from Vanuatu towards Noumea - a new Cyclone Ella was heading to Fiji. Cyclone Donna was 'out of season' so don't rely on the strict timinings of cyclone season. Big tip here Europecar Car Rentals are not good to deal with - they hired us a car that was totally inappropriate for the roads which were full of pot holes thanks to rain. We had a flat tyre and were told the cost is all ours. Left stranded for an hour - he said go ahead around the island after fixing the tyre, we're thinking 3 more flat tyres and huge cost.... no thanks! The Australian guy who runs the business was unpleasant to deal with - we were really upset by our treatment. The township of Port Villa, to me seemed like the wild west, shopping isn't good it's mostly $2 shops - filled with Chinese imported goods, run by Chinese locals. Good quality authentic sourvenirs can be bought at the city market or at the resorts. A visit to Erakor island for lunch or dinner is a must, it's a 2 minute trip from the wharf in front of Warwick Le Lagon.

Hubby and I just spent 7 nights here with a group of friends and we've had the best time. The resort itself is beautiful and the staff were so warm and friendly. Service was fantastic and it was the perfect position, far enough away for an escape but still close enough to head to town or the surrounding villages anf islands. We'll definitely be back!

NEVER EVER WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS RESORT - IN FACT DON'T BOTHER WITH VANUATU, GO TO FIJI INSTEAD. The Vanuatuan's have a lot to learn about tourism. if i could have rated this resort worse then terrible, I would have. First thing: Vanuatu is expensive. Ridiculously expensive. I cannot think of one transaction I had there that I found value for money. Warwick Le Lagon Pools are filthy and not cleaned appropriately (cannot remember seeing anyone clean the pools the whole week we were there) - the spa pool area was so disgusting (which we only discovered while we were in it when the bubbles stopped and we could see the water properly) it made me violently ill - I had to get a doctor to come to my room because i could literally not leave the toilet for 9 hours straight. I have never experienced anything like it in all my travels. We know it was the pool because my wife and I had eaten the same foods in the last 24-48 hours. The resort did cover the costs of the Dr visit (which was going to be hundreds of Australian dollars) but only because I pressed the issue. This is simply disgraceful. More importantly, our four year old son was exposed to this filth and if he had of gotten sick...well, it is just lucky he did not. The food was beyond terrible and so overpriced it was almost criminal (around AU$50-60 for a buffet that I would not pay $20 for in Australia - honestly probably not even $10). One morning I picked up a doughnut that was so hard i could bang it on the table as hard as I liked and it wouldn't even dent. I showed it to the Guest Relations Manager (who was actually the best thing about the resort - I would like to compliment and thank her for assisting us during our visit and apologise that I cannot remember her name) who took it to their management meeting apparently. This is one example but the food in general was tasteless, of VERY poor quality and an absolute rip-off in terms of price. Options are limited unless you want to pay a taxi driver to take you into town to eat (10 mins or so away by taxi) which was preferable to anything the resort had on offer. The tour desk area was useless - my wife was even told one day to basically just read the brochures they had available - really?? This happened on multiple occasions (we went back int he hopes that a different staff member might have more/some knowledge - nope). Front desk staff were intolerably slow and even ignored me on more than one occasion while they finished their conversation (they could see me waiting), then walked right past me. Flabbergasted is an understatement. Kids Club - is dangerous (our son fell through a gap in the play area more than once that could have resulted in a bad injury - luckily it did not) and the staff are indifferent at best and did not seem very kid focused/friendly. We spent some time in there to ascertain whether we would trust them with our son (we decided we would not) and witnessed one little girl sobbing, looking out the window and calling for her mother - not until i approached her to try and soothe her did one of the staff come ambling over to in an attempt to help calm her. Disgraceful. The General Manager - towards the end of our stay we were invited to a private cocktail function by the GM (possibly because this holiday was to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary - as you can see from the review, I know wish we had gone literally anywhere else). Having been in this industry for many years, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to speak with the GM (who i believe was an Australian) and provide him with our feedback. For the first time I felt positive, perhaps bringing these issues to his attention might help improvements occur...When we got to the function, we had a drink and waited for him to do the rounds, as he seemed to be saying hello to everyone. After an hour or so, we decided we should go have dinner as our son was getting hungry. So I approached the GM, introduced myself and said I would like the opportunity to talk with him about some issues we were having when he was free but that we were heading to dinner. We then walked towards the restaurant and I noticed the GM walking that way also. As we were approaching each other, he saw me and seemed to quickly change direction, as if to avoid me. As we were only 10 metres or so away from each other, and as I had introduced myself and asked to speak with him not 5 minutes prior, I can only come to the conclusion that he was actively avoiding me. He made no further attempt to contact me to discuss our issues. I had to approach the front desk and then we were able to speak with the Guest Relations Manager. As an industry veteran (and now hospitality educator), this is the most disgraceful act of cowardice I have ever witnessed but it clarified in my mind why this resort is so poor - terrible leadership and management. If the GM acts this way and cannot maturely face some constructive criticism, it is no surprise the resort is run so poorly. If it hasn't been made clear, we will never visit this resort again, nor will we ever use a Warwick Hotel or Resort (and I travel frequently, both for business and leisure). I realise they will all be run differently etc but this one experience has soured me (and my wife) forever. First impressions count. The only good thing I can say is more about Vanuatu than this resort. IF you go there (I don't recommend it and, interestingly, since we got back i've met a number of people who have been and have heard their horror stories), hire a taxi for the day (negotiate/haggle on price first) and ask them to take you to feed the turtles - these turtles are huge and ancient and you can hand feed them pawapw - our son absolutely loved it and it was, sadly, the only good memory about our time in Vanuatu. I can think of one good thing actually - the guys that welcome and sing to you as you arrive - they were fantastic and great with our son. I believe they also occasionally sang at night in various areas of the resort to entertain guests. They are the one shining light in an otherwise despicable hell-hole. I have pictures to support everything i have written but they are on my PC, which is at home and I am not using it at the time of writing this review. I was inspired to write this review (even though it has been approx 6 mths since we visited) because we just got back from staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang - if the GM or anyone in management at Warwick Le Lagon bothers to read this - go and stay at Hard Rock Penang if you want to learn what real quality customer service is and how a great resort operates because they have got it down to a fine art. You could all learn a great deal from them...

We are SO glad we chose Vanuatu and The Warwick Le Legon as our wedding destination. Over the whole year it took us to organise and plan our dream wedding, Kate was there...... emailing back and forth and calling when needed. We couldnt have done it without you Kate and we are very lucky to have had the beautiful Loroll join your team along the way. You two are amazing! You both went above and beyond to help make our special day a fairy tale. When we arrived at the Warwick we couldnt believe the welcoming we received from Joe and the team, from the beautiful music to the welcome drink, we all felt very special. We arrived 3 days before the wedding and this gave us time to relax, unwind and settle into the resort. We had a beautiful couples massage at the Oasis Spa the day before the wedding. It was total bliss! Everything went smoothly on the day. The weather was even kind to us after pouring rain the day before and a few showers the morning of the wedding. Kate helped us choose a plan B just incase but it wasn't needed after all. We were able to have the Amazing Wedding Deck just like we planned. We chose quite a simple wedding package which included 1 hour of drinks and canapes. This suited us quite well and everyone seemed pleased with it. We also added on a few extra kids meals to keep our fussy eaters happy.... We supplied our own music and just had to hire an ipod dock. This worked really well. A few days after the wedding, a local band called "Max and the boys" played at the resort. If we had known about them previously we would have hired them for the wedding instead. They were INCREDIBLE..... Our photographers were Ben and Gaga from "Groovy Bananas". Also highly recommended! Amazing and so so passionate about their job! We stayed in a Lagoon Bungalow which was just lovely. The beautiful staff serviced our room daily and the kids loved seeing their teddies set up on their beds each day. Thankyou for spoiling us! We loved that the kids ate free. Overall we were quite pleased with the variety of food on offer. We tended to eat a massive breakfast then the adults weren't really hungry until dinner. I think on our next visit we buy a few things from in town to have in our room, such as the large bottles of water and some fruit and snacks. We found these types of things to be much cheaper in town. This is the friendliest place we have ever stayed. A big shout out to Sarah, Kenny, Joe and our new Little Bro George. We would highly recommend it to families with young kids. Not once did I hear the kids say they were bored!!! We were already planning our next trip back as we were flying home to Sydney. There were lots of tears shed saying goodbye to our new friends! Bless you all! Me lookem you next time x

Elluk Road Off Kumul Highway Port Vila Efate

Hotel highlights

  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Private beach

Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu places you within 3 miles (5 km) of popular attractions like Port Vila Market and Pango Point. This 142-room, 4.5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 3 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a golf course. On the waterfront, the resort is also close to Parliament House and National Museum.


Enjoy dining at Lagoon Terrace, one of 3 onsite restaurants. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with room service, or get a quick energy boost at the coffee shop/café. Start your day off with breakfast, available for a fee.


The 142 individually furnished accommodations feature furnished balconies or patios and afford space to spread out with sitting areas. 32-inch flat-screen TVs come with satellite channels and pay movies, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries, and beds sport premium bedding. Refrigerators, coffee makers, and ceiling fans are other standard amenities.

Property features

Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu features a private beach, a golf course, and a full-service spa. There's free parking, and a shuttle from the hotel to the airport (available on request) for VUV 2000 per person. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include 3 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and a fitness center.

Room options

Bungalow, Garden View

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 3

Lagoon View Room

Full 2 | Queen 1 | Sleeps 4

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