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Arbatax Park Resort Telis

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

What a complete and utter disappointment. Having travelled independently for 40 years this ranks amongst the worst. And sadly not cheap. In fact very expensive. Almost £1,000 per person for supposed all inclusive. The first and last time we book through Secret Escapes who in the fine print let you know it is Sardatur Holidays. After we booked sadly I checked trip advisor which are generally a good review web site. Make sure you review before you book. Reading the reviews I tried to cancel and change the holiday to no avail. Unless I was prepared to change my dates and pay another several hundred pounds more for half board! A 1970's tired resort grubby and run down! Probably 2 star for decor and room quality The only good aspect was having booked and read the reviews I emailed and spoke to Secret Escapes and Sardatur Holidays. Having had no luck spoke to the Arbatax Tellis direct and sent email exchanges pleading for a better room based on our initial room choice and thankfully was given one a liittle larger with a sea view. On arrival check in was a little chaotic but not too bad based on others experiences. We had paid for all inclusive....sorry this does not come close to all inclusive and our other past Caribbean experiences! What they mean; is all inclusive at one bar ONLY for local beer and local red and white wine (awful) and other local spirits ( brandy and whiskey) A gin and tonic costing €11 with other select local spirits and disgusting cocktails. Everything decent you pay additional for. Even water still and sparkling is €2 a bottle. All the other bars you have to pay for. Rip Off! Coffees and sandwiches you pay for and any named spirits! As for the food; our first night it rained and we arrived in the only restaurant that is all inclusive and I have never experienced anything like it. No where to sit no cutlery pushing and shoving with best choices running out. Horrible! We decided to arrive our 2nd night at the restaurant at 730am when it opened and this was much better although it soon filled up so would definitely recommend this. The food quality is actually not bad and some of the dishes very tasty. It's just the way people go about getting their food. No respect and a fight for all. Cannot believe the way some people and cultures behave. As if there is not enough god to go around. Ridiculous and frankly Rude! The beaches are small and crowded unless you don't mind laying very close to other people. We do recommend the 5€ per person rib boat ride to the sandy beach Lido di Orri Worth foregoing lunch to have a chair to lie on and a sandy more spaced out beach with easy water entry So we are 2 days in and 5 to go and will see if it improves. It has to! One thing for sure we will not be booking through Secret Escapes or Sardatur and will never do a package again. Independent and Airbnb the way to go; much better quality and much better value. Or try Travel Zoo where we have had much better success both for quality and value

We've just got back from a week at Telis and we had a good time. We compare it to Centre Parcs - you don't know exactly how it works till you get there so a couple of tips: Park: - It is VERY hilly - Tells is at the top of the hill, Cottages & Dune are closer to the sea with the pools and restaurants in the middle. - The car park is at the entrance & there is a bus that travels around the park but there are only a couple of stops (and it stops at 11pm). There are staff that drive golf carts around that are happy to give lifts if they are able to. - Tells is catered more for families and has 3 different pools - we enjoyed each of them over the week. Our son preferred the Olympic pool as it is deep and good for diving. - Another area of the park was Borgo Cala Moresca which is quite separate - this had a totally different feel to Telis/Cottages/Dune. Much more Adult focussed. We had dinner there one evening and the menu was very similar to the pizzeria in Telis but with a couple more choices (and the service was pretty poor...) but it did have a nice feel to it. Food: - We went B&B - lots of choice but it was the same each day. We were pleased we didn't have All Inclusive as it was all buffet and the one time we did venture into the restaurant it was really busy and felt chaotic! Food is an area that could be improved - limited options outside of the buffet, but we had a car so went into Arbatax to local restaurants. - Had amazing Pina Colada cocktails on our last night :-) Staff: - The staff were all very friendly in general - some spoke English, some didn't - take a phrase book and you'll get along fine! Beach: The beaches around the resort are fairly small and there are rocks in the sea but we always got a sunbed when we needed one. The bars by the beach in the resort were nice and relaxed. There is a boat that can take you to Orri beach which was lovely and the best beach in the area. You need to book onto the boat (€5 each) near reception but its only a 10 minute drive if you didn't want to stick to the times offered by the boat. And there were a number of beach bars which are nice. A few things that would need to improve, but overall we had a lovely time.

We have had a fantastic time at Arbatax Resort! We've been here in June 2017 together with our 1 year old baby. The park was very well maintained, with characteristic accomodations and beautiful swimming pools. The staff was very friendly and the views on the sea are beautiful. We would definitely reccommend this resort! For kids there is a lot of entertainment and the park with all animals are very nice. If you have small kids it is best to stay in Telis next to the pool. You can send the resort a request for this. We did this, so you can go to the pool in front of your accommodation with your babyphone. If you stay in the Dune accommodations, it is a little bit more difficult to reach with your buggy. There are a lot of facilities, such as tennis courts, beaches, squash, fitness, pick-up point for scuba diving, sauna (with fantastic massages), free shuttles to another beach in the area, free Italian lessons, etc. So you never have to get bored. We travelled a lot around the world and would definitely reccomend this resort in Sardinia!

We arrived last night and it's awful! It didn't help that we already had been delayed at the airport for 2hrs and didn't arrive to late in the hotel. On arrival we weren't given any information about the hotel or facilities. We asked for a big room before we came because we are all grown ups now, but the room is tiny can hardly walk around! Breakfast was crap nothing left to eat and the food was soggy and cold. The worst thing is we paid for "all inclusive" yet we can only get drinks from one bar on the whole premises and only get food from one rubbish restaurant! We've considered paying extra for drinks and food but thats way over priced. Really disappointed with this holiday and it's only day 1. Wouldn't pay £1000 each to stay in this hotel. Be warned!

We have just arrived home after a brilliant week at the Arbatax Resort (Telis Hotel). Super confused about some of the negative reviews I read prior to the holiday! The food was great and the staff were amazing. Such beautiful sea 😍 Snorkelling is a must! Decent beaches, and we never struggled to get a couple of sunbeds despite going in peak season. Easy boat taxi to a big sandy beach if you aren't a fan of rocks or platforms. The Bellavista Park is beautiful. Oh, and the Sardinia Feast on the Friday was fab! My only couple of niggles are: 1) that you can only get drinks from the main bar if you are all inclusive (and bottled water was not included in this either), which makes going down to the beaches a bit of a hassle because you have to walk back up for a drink; and 2) that the activities/sports available could be improved in the sense that there was only one archery bullseye, for example, and 4 canoes down on the beach etc. All in all a great family holiday! Thank you, Arbatax Park Resort! 😊

We spent great time there. We had junior suit wich is on the third floor. It has two sofas and king size bed which were very comfortable, a fridge (but no bottle water), TV-set but with one Italian channel, a balcony with a chair, small sofa and a drying for clothes, in a bathroom except usual things was a bidet, every day were added a soaps, shower gels and shampoo. The floor was washed only before our arriving as with every day it becomes more and more durty. We bought all inclusive system and could eat only in one restaurant for free and took drinks also only in one bar for free. The food was not bad, every day were salad with seafoods, pasta, meat, fish, only breakfast was the same. The watermealon and melon were offered only once for 11 days, apples, pears, kiwi and peached were every day. The beach towels can be taken for $10 deposit per one (it is returnable), but if you want to change for clean one you should pay $2 per unit. The pools are rather cold. The beach beds placed very close to each other and is is not comfortable. Near the sea there are different beaches but hey are placed not as a line but between cliffs and only one has sand but so small area that to find place under umbrella Was not possible. The ice-cream is expensive - €2 per a ball (in Tartoli sold cheaper). The shop near the restaurant sold the souvenirs and other things for double price (in Taroli you can buy everything you need for half the price plus the sellers offer good discounts if you buy many things from their). There is a drugstore where works a doctor. If you go to Tartoli take into account that the working time of all shops is only in the morning and in the evening (on Thursday up to 24:00 they call it white night). The tennis courts have carpet cover and you should reserve the time in the morning at the point place near the reception, also you can take tennis lessons for extra pay. The tennis equipment is available including kids rackets and training balls. The gym is under the sun not in the room which is opposite tennis courts. The hotel has great football stadium. The hotel is paced in the park and you can visit the zoo. The bus shuttle around the park every 15 minutes and you can reach as a zoo so two other hotels placed in Arbatax Park. Very good organized the kids club. No Russian speak staff there. In the evening you can listen to the live voice. One big notes for travelers who flight via Alitalia: if you have short time between flights from your airport to Cagliari I highly recommend to take all necessary things for three days with you on board. Our luggage and of two more couples were lost and we received it only in three days. I was informed by the Arbatax Telis reseption that it happenes every week. Despite the manager from Alitalia called me at the same evening as we arrived that our luggage was found and would be shipped next day we received it on the third day (and it seems it was on the other reception of the hotel for some time, so if is happens with you ask the manager of the hotel reception to call to two other receptions and ask for your luggage). At all we like this hotel. This is not 4 or 5 stars hotel but rather good European hotel with 3 stars.

I stayed at the resort with my wife and my little daughter for 10 days. We went for the full-inclusive option and stayed in a triple-bed room at the Telis complex. We had a relatively good experience but our overall opinion is that the resort needs some major repair and redecoration. I've highlighted some Pros and Cons below: SHARED AREAS Cons The central swimming pool needs some serious maintenance. I saw a guy leaving the pool with a bleeding foot due to broken pavement. The theatres need some major cleaning and redecoration (see pic). The all-inclusive option is not available at every bar of the complex. Pros There are many swimming pools and bars to choose from, located strategically exactly were needed (see pics). The restaurants have enough space to allow everyone to move around. ROOM Cons Our room had a leaking air conditioner (see pic), likely replaced after a few days, and a leaking toilet flesh which was never fixed (see pic). The cleaning service was inconsistent and superficial, skipping days and times; we had to remind them to change the linens after our first week. We also had a broken security box, fortunately replaces the second day. Pro The Telis complex is positioned up in the hill which makes the rooms cool and quite at night. SERVICE Cons The staff was mostly unwelcome, especially at the reception; we didn't feel our enquiries were genuinely taken into consideration (a few times even laughing at us). Also, they were unclear and discordant in communicating the events program. All in all the staff was mainly concerned about making French customers happy (the majority of the guests). Pros The maintenance team was very quick to respond and act to issues in the room. The shows and entertainment were professional and never repetitive. CONNECTIVITY Cons The internet connection was very poor and often inexistent with very little 3g signal coverage which makes it impossible for people with online business to even ran the simplest tasks. Nothing is digital, every service was dependent on someone's availability. Pros None TRANSPORTATION Cons There is no room and beach transfer which makes the journeys for parents with little kids very unpleasant and tiring, There's only an internal bus (boiboi) which runs every 30 minutes through only 4 stops. Pros There is a convenient airport transfer free for those who stay 10 days or more. BEACHES Cons Most of the Arbatax beach in Orrì is reserved for boats and their frequent sea transfer which makes it not completely accessible (see pic). Pros There are many options either you want to walk to the park's beaches or drive to the ones outside (see pics). FOOD Cons There was little food choice for toddles, apart from the usual pasta and sauce. The food outside the all-inclusive option is way too expensive (€3.20 for a Coke). Pros Great variety of food, not excellent but above the average for resorts of this scale. Coffee and Mirto are good, basically the only two things worth the all-inclusive option.

All inclusive flight and hotel, BMI are a joke, at both airports (Manchester/Cagliari), it took 90 minutes to book in the 30 odd passengers for the flight. The hotel is pleasant, but dirty, very dirty, our bathroom floor had not seen a wet mop in Years. Bullet holes in the curtains, that did not fit the windows and were half falling off. All Inclusive food (buffet style) was reasonably good, the choice of drink (local lager, wine and cheap liquors), lager was palletable, the wine was total rubbish (red and white). Coffee machine in the restaurant was dire, The bar around the bottom pool was pleasant and the staff were helpfu and was the best place to get a decent coffee. Lots of kids around this area, the top pool was ok, but no shade and the middle pool for toddlers. The pictures look amazing, the beach areas are rocky with some sand. Not everything is as it seems.You have to load Euro's on to the hotels card to buy extras, the card is magnetic and can be wiped by your phone. You then lose all your money, if you dont keep every reciept to prove what you have left on the card, you will have the biggest battle to reclaim any money. They will offer points to spend, with no refund at all, its a total rip off. I had to stand in reception for a couple of hours fighting my corner and broadcast to the whole of the reception area not to load money on this card. They claim to have no track on anything you spend, so if the card is wiped they have no idea. In all the paths around the pools and walkways were filthy, the trees were shedding some kind of sticky deposit that you can not get off your shoes. There may be better places to spend your well earned money.. Its off my list..

The rooms are very basic, and I agree with everyone who says that this shouldn't be a 4-star ranked hotel. The breakfast was extremely poor, and we actually skipped it for a couple of days (even though we already had paid for it) and got a sandwich and a coffee at the main bar. Even though we had a car with us, we had to park it so far away so we barely were able to use it. The biggest disappointment, however, was that the few nicer restaurants in the area did not accept reservations from the Telis guests (the are two other hotels, Cottages and Dune, in the same complex that the restaurants were reserved for). Guests from Telis could only eat there when the guests from the Cottages and Dune had eaten, which meant at 21 o'clock (while the restaurants closed as 21.30). On the positive note, the area was pretty and there were several pools and some small beaches on the premises. Telis is perhaps an ok place for those who just wants a couple of days in the sun and doesn't mind very basic food and room. But definitely not for that price!

Long distance from parking lot to the resort. U have to wait too long for the shuttlebus! The latest shuttlebus leaves at 23:00, after that time you have to walk by foot. The room has no wifi and the distance between other rooms is just a single thin door where u can hear everything. Breakfast and dinner buffet is terrible with a limit of choice! I would never recommend others to go to this resort!

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Classic Double Room, Poolside (Beside the restaurant)

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Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Standard Double Room, Ground Floor (In nature, 300 m from the beach)

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

Room, Connecting Rooms

Full 1 | Sleeps 4

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