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Rosewood Bermuda

5.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Just returned from our short stay from 10/13 to 10/17. The property is gorgeous. The grounds, the rooms, the views...all are amazing. But the staff truly makes it a 5 star property. So friendly and they make an effort to remember you by name everywhere you go and everyone greets you with a smile. Food and drink service were incredibly fast. Food and drink were excellent. You have to try to the Gombey Burger while you are relaxing by the pool. And they make an awesome Dark and Stormy. Love how close it is to the airport as well. We loved our stay and would go back in heartbeat.

This exceptional resort caters to your every desire and expectation. Stunningly beautiful, in the nicest part of the island, is relaxing and serene. The feeling of a boutique hotel, it has only 88 rooms, you are relaxed like no where else. The individuals who work at this property, from top to bottom seem to love what they do, and want to provide for you. They strive to make you happy and welcome, like your family away from home. The breath taking views, the private beach, golf, top rated restaurants, every amenity exceeds your expectations. From your welcome checking in, and not the usual big counter, small welcoming desks, to the gentlemen working at the front door, your experience is like no other. Much like the bar Cheers in Boston, they know your name, make you feel like you have been there before and are part of their family. Paul Telford, the Managing Director oversees the seamless day to day functions of the hotel and resort. A proud Bermudian, his goal is to see that every guest loves their visit. He is proud of Bermuda, and strives to set the resort apart from any other you may have visited. He wants to share the Bermuda family with others. Sherry Alvarado, VIP Coordinator will spare nothing to ensure that your stay is perfect. Some many others, all part of the team committed to perfection. From the time you arrive, until the time you leave, everyone goes out of their way to be sure your experience is perfect and your love for Tucker's Point and Bermuda will keep you coming back. Drago in The Point Restaurant, Roger, who calls me Sean Paul, and everyone other person working there really cares about you. The gentleman at the front door, whose name I forget, with the Vineyard Vines ties, has been working there for 49 years, that tells you something. Rosewood was completely redone from the old Marriott Castle Harbor. And not to sit on their laurels, the new owner is committed to investing $25 million into the property to upgrade it further, making it beyond a five star resort. Visit, you will fall in love and you will be part of the family. Peaceful, relaxing, where the Rosewood family, which you will feel like your apart of, will make you want to come back time and again. A short trip from all east coast US cities, a gem over other islands and resorts. A must visit, you won't be disappointed.

The Rosewood Bermuda is a 5 star resort through and through. Beautiful setting, top notch food, fantastic amenities all provided by a dedicated and welcoming staff. If you can afford it, and it's definitely one of if not the priciest on Bermuda I dont think you will disappointed. There are a few details that I would like to point out to others to make informed decisions. First, I had not been to Bermuda in 20 years when we visited the Rosewood so my ability to compare it to other hotels on the island is limited. All personal recommendations I had from friends was it was the nicest hotel on the island. So armed with a nice promotional rate my wife and I set off to celebrate an anniversary with a 4 night stay. The best part of the Rosewood is the service. The staff members are extremely welcoming, friendly, responsive and eager to please. Special shout out to the poolside waiters who not only work their tail off to keep everyone happy, they do it with smiles and humor which goes a long way. Remember we're here to relax and have fun! The next best thing about the Rosewood is the setting. It's gorgeous. Situated on a hilltop overlooking to bodies of water on each side. The views are great everywhere you turn. The property is large, I think about 100 acres with an 18 acre golf course. One aspect to consider is the beach is a 1.5 mile ride on a shuttle from the main hotel where the pool is so it's either pool or beach, can't easily go back and forth. For some that might be an issue to consider as other resorts here are right on the beach. For us it wasn't much of an issue. Also the hotel is situated nicely between the airport and town so no long drives are required during your stay. My understanding is the hotel underwent a renovation less than 10 years ago when it became a Rosewood and the renovation was done beautifully. It's a beautiful hotel right up there with some of the other 5 star resorts I've stayed at. Despite the size of the grounds some of the amenities like the pools, fitness centers, restaurants, etc are smaller and more intimate than what you might find at a Ritz or mega resort. Many people find this appealing and some look for the grand facilities but the scale of the Rosewood works well in my humble opinion. One interesting aspect is the pool they call the Castle Harbor pool is on a side of the hotel that only gets sun until about 11:30 and then it's in the shade for the rest of the day. Maybe it's different in the middle of summer but in October I found that odd and I saw few if any guests at that pool. With all of the above compliments, if I was going to make one criticism it's that the hotel is starting to show some wear. The baseboards need a repaint. The walls show some dings. Some seams could use a re-calking. I don't know the maintenance schedule, maybe we're at the end of the season and that all gets taken care of over the winter but I thought I'd point it out in fairness. Don't let it dissuade you, the rosewood is an extremely nice and clean hotel. The food at the restaurants is very good. They have three main restaurants, one at the hotel / pool, one at the golf club and one by the beach. Between all the breakfast, lunch and dinners we ate at each at least once. It's top notch but it's pricey for what it is although that's par for the course at a high end resort and it's inline for what you'll pay for fine dining elsewhere on Bermuda which is expensive compared to many other locations. My advice would be to do a mix of dining on the property and off, especially for dinner, to keep it from getting repetitive. Finally, we were on an anniversary trip so we didn't have any little ones with us but we saw a handful of families with young children. In my opinion, the rosewood is not the best hotel for families. Unlike some hotels/resorts that cater to families with young kids, the rosewood has no kids amenities and the pools aren't particularly kid friendly. The whole vibe around the place is very low key which as a couple was great but probably not as good for toddlers and young children. Overall, I can highly recommend the Rosewood for those looking to enjoy a special vacation on beautiful

Tucker's Point is a gorgeous hotel and we stayed in the one bedroom suites overlooking the water. We loved the room and the use of the golf cart!!! However, the service throughout the hotel is just horrific! For this kind of money, you would expect great service, like at a Ritz Carlton Resevw or Four Seasons, Peninsula, Mandarin Oriental etc- however, they just don't get it right here, sadly!

This was our fourth time to Bermuda but our fist staying at Rosewood. The resort is absolutely lovely with a golf course, beach, and multiple pools. We ate at the beach restaurant, Sul Mer, and the Point. All were enjoyable and cater to different tastes. We stayed at a villa room overlooking the harbor - there's a long staircase leading up to the main hotel so not suitable for some guests. The room was beautiful with a particularly luxurious bath. The staff was fantastic - everyone we spoke with was friendly and helpful. We were also spoiled with champagne and dessert for our special night. A few things to be aware of - the beach and gold club are a shuttle ride or a bit of a walk away from the rooms. We'd intended to walk but it was hotter than I thought it would be and we lazily waited for the shuttles which run every half hour. Also, we used the Bermuda buses but found that service to the resort area didn't follow the schedule too well, so if you're in a hurry a cab is a better(though more expensive) option. The location is reasonably close to both Hamilton and St. George, so there were plenty of options for dining and other activities. Overall, it was a wonderful vacation and we look forward to our next visit!

We enjoyed our stay at this lovely hotel. A bit far from Hamilton but worth the trip for a sense of colonial bliss. Lovely well stocked rooms, great staff and food choices. A few maintenance issues but overall a pleasurable stay.

Beautiful location and hotel is very pretty. The staff were not very friendly, although the upper management were great. Certainly worth staying at if you can get a deal... but not quite a luxury hotel. Also, beach is far from hotel. Just a side note.

After extensively researching hotel reviews on here, my husband and I decided to reserve a villa suite at Tucker's Point (9/11-9/15/2017), as the majority were very positive. In retrospect however, both of us are now left scratching our heads, and are certainly left questioning if said reviewers were actually somehow comped or paid by Rosewood, as all the glowing reviews did not line up whatsoever with what our experience was when we stayed there last week. Seriously--- there was a vast difference in what we encountered and saw vs what we read on here, as our stay was way below par, and substandard at best. I will make this as short as possible and to the point--- The hotel sits on a spectacular stretch of land--- in that way it truly shines, no argument or debate there. The private beach is a beauty. And although neither of us golf, the course was impressive looking regardless. The lobby entry straight into the lobby, again impressive. But unfortunately we discovered the cons as far as the overall service, attention to detail, and the condition of our room entirely outweighed the positives that we came to experience while we stayed there. We arrived around 2:30-3pm. Our room was not ready, which was not a big deal, as we opted to wait it out, and grab a bite in Tucker's bar, but first wanted to verify that our reservations were in place, as I had filled out an online form which enabled me to make onsite dining reservations ahead of time, or so I thought. The concierge, Erin, indicated none of the reservations had been made, although was in fact able to confirm that my requests were received-- just never made on the hotel's end. She then offered to take care of them while we were at lunch. After we came back about an hour later, she was gone, and another woman had replaced her. And you can already guess where this is headed-- it turns out our dinner reservations still were not made. Still no biggie, however worth noting. The hotel was practically a ghost town at this point as a lot of guests appeared to have cancelled due to the questionable direction hurricane Jose might head as I assumed correctly that no reservations were actually needed. So I cannot say I was overly phased, although a little skeptical about the ball dropped with our reservations. Hiccups are expected regardless. And this is a hotel that claims it is a high end 5 star resort, that has no problem charging 5 star rates, so one would expect 5 star service, yes? Well, no, not really. When we made it to our room, I have to admit I was initially blown away upon entering. Gorgeous views from not one but two decks/lanais! Beautifully appointed--- nice wet bar area, dining area, hand painted lamps, nicely decorated, window treatments...sprawling areas to enjoy. I was really impressed. That was until I had a closer look at very stained, slightly frayed furniture and rugs that appeared not to have been cleaned in a good long time. Then, and my biggest gripe--there was the condition of the walls in the commode in the master bathroom. And the noticeably spots of blackened deteriorating mouldy looking grout & tile in the shower, and tile on the floor. The bottom of the commode door and trim facing the toilet had splash remnants on its surface that I doubt I need to describe in detail. Same with the wall directly behind the toilet roll! On the floor was a small pilled up piece of toilet paper that appeared to have been hanging out for a while.. I wanted to talk to the general manager, Paul, directly the next day, to bring this to his attention, but was told that he was in a communications meeting, but would be notified of our issue promptly. That was on Tuesday morning. The person we spoke with --Derek, was kind enough to comp us for our dinner the previous night, was sincerely apologetic, and assured us he would notify housekeeping of the issue asap. That seemed fair enough to us both, and we left the hotel site to head to Hamilton for a good portion of our day, confident that when we returned back all would be well. Upon our return-- same stains, same toilet paper still on the then I started to get the feeling maybe we were staying at a hotel big on prices and claims, and failing to deliver what they advertise and tout themselves as actually providing to their guests. I placed a second call to Derek nicely alerting him to the fact that again the conditions remained the same. More apologies. And inquiries on his part about our dinner plans for the evening as he could comp us perhaps again, which in reality never happened. Needless to say by then the writing was on the wall, no pun intended... On the plus side, the Point restaurant was outstanding, great waitstaff, and beautifully appointed. And we really enjoyed a brief span of time at the pool, which was a high point, as were the staff that we met while there-- both Tom and Dangerous were terrific! And it might serve Rosewood well to send them down to the beach to teach the crew onsite there how it's done as we got zero service other than the young man who set up our umbrella and chairs the last day we were there. We bumped into the beach server while heading down the stairs onto the beach--and never saw him again. Finally at one point my husband went up to inquire about getting some drinks and could only find the one attendant who actually decided to stick around(the others were MIA), who it turned out was sound asleep literally kicked back in a chair. No attendant ever arrived, nor were any seen again. So no drinks to had. Needless to say we left and decided instead to head to the pool next to the hotel, and were warmly welcomed and tended to by the professional, and friendly Dangerous & Tom while we were there. Both were strong points in what the hotel should be promoting there with their staff. We knocked into Derek later on in the courtyard. Again very Gracious and very nice. But no inquiry or reference to the issues whatsoever, or whether or not they ad actually been rectified. Nor did we ever hear a word from Paul, the manager, or other management staff. Honestly, at that juncture, it was obvious we were wasting our breath. I feel we gave management a fair chance to rectify things instead of saying nothing at all and just coming on here after the fact to complain. So honestly at this point, I sincerely hope that Mr Telford will save the minute Or less it takes to post a boiler plate response on here telling me that he welcomes my call to discuss further our concerns, etc, as at this point not only would that be comical, but a bit insulting. And it goes without saying--- fool me once shame on you....unless this hotel gets it's act together and takes it's customer base and claims seriously --- run the other way, and spend your money and vacation time elsewhere!

I booked a Villa Deluxe Room for my daughter and I as an escape from our busy schedules, midway between our locations of Texas and the UK. Even thought it was "off season" the experience was more than wonderful! Weather was not hot but certainly sunny and worthy of a visit to the pristine beaches. The hotel is beautiful, luxurious and even in off season, well-staffed and accommodating. The room was luxurious, spacious with an enormous balcony which had not only a double sized lounge for sunning and reading but a cafe table and chairs with flawless intenet service for those who need to work while vacationing. The extra large bathroom and closet were a certain plus. The hotel is across the bay from the airport but I never heard engine roar or disturbance of any kind because its location. For those who are challenged with walking the Deluxe Villa rooms may prove difficult getting to the main hotel and the restaurants/spa/reception desk/concierge, however golf cart transport was always available from my room just by phoning the front desk. Taxis are very expensive and we traveled via public bus transportation with tokens purchased at the hotel into downtown Hamilton and to other island landmarks: Historic St. George and the East End plus the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Mor than anything the island is small, friendly and very safe! I liked that the Rosewood was not in downtown. The price of the rooms were not yet inflated because of the presence of the America's Cup patronage. I think this is the best time to go to this hotel. It seemed fully staffed even though it was off season. The restaurants were busy and quite full considering the time of year. No hurricanes are scheduled to visit in this season!! Plus the airfare was extrordinarily reasonable from both the S.W. US and the UK!

This is a beautiful facility but the service, especially at the front office, was repeatedly disappointing. including providing incorrect transit information and, on at least 3 occasions they did not follow through on things they said they would. It took half an hour for them to pick up our bags upon departure, and only then because we sent in a second request. As such, the staff were quite pleasant but rather unreliable. For this kind of money, we would expect more professional service.

60 Tucker's Point Drive Hamilton Parish

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located within a 5-minute walk of Tucker's Point Golf Club, Rosewood Bermuda is within a mile (2 km) of Mid Ocean Golf Club. This 88-room, 5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 4 outdoor pools, a full-service spa, and 4 restaurants. On the waterfront, the resort is also close to Devil's Hole Aquarium and Crystal Caves.


There are multiple options for onsite dining with 4 restaurants, including The Point, which specializes in international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sul Verde with its ocean views. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with 24-hour room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café. Start each morning with cooked-to-order breakfast, available for a fee from 7 AM to 11 AM.


Rosewood Bermuda's 88 rooms are air-conditioned and provide furnished balconies or patios, iPod docks, and refrigerators. Flat-screen TVs come with cable channels and pay movies, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Beds sport Egyptian cotton sheets and down comforters, and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, rainfall showers, hair dryers, and designer toiletries. Minibars, free newspapers, and free bottled water are also available.

Property features

Guests of Rosewood Bermuda have access to a full-service spa, 4 outdoor pools, and a children's pool. Free valet and self parking are available—or if you're not driving, take the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for USD 45 per vehicle one way. Multilingual staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a 24-hour fitness center, a sauna, and outdoor tennis courts.

Room options

Manor House Deluxe Room

King 1 | Sleeps 3

Villa Deluxe

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Manor House Poolside Deluxe

King 1 | Sleeps 2

Manor House 1 Bedroom Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 3

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