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Palazzo Marzoli Resort

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

With a last minute booking, we spent a blissful few days in a gorgeous suite. The staff were charming and couldn't have been more helpful. Breakfast - ordered the night before - is delivered to your room to eat on the balcony overlooking the bay. Fresh fruit costs extra though. The word resort in the name is an exaggeration. This is just a very nice hotel with a rooftop hot tub. The hotel offers a shuttle service to the beach otherwise take a 25 minute walk down a great many steps with beautiful views. Conveniently located 100m from one of only main bus stops in Positano. Wifi is not - as on google - free but €10 a day for one device at a time only. I would have given 4 stars had this (and fresh fruit at breakfast) been included in what is quite a high priced hotel.

If you arrived in Positano by boat, use the porter service to take your bags to your hotel. This hotel is not central, which we knew when we booked, and didn't mind the walk into town and either caught the local bus back or if the timing was right we would use the hotel shuttle (van). We arrived about 2pm and our room was not ready so they showed us to the outdoor lounge area on the first level. We asked for a drink and chose a coca-a-cola each. Little did we realise that they cost €10 each!! They cost €8 from the menu but they charge €2 to deliver it to you. I am not sure why they use the term "resort" in the name of the hotel as there is nothing 'resort' like about this hotel. You have to put for wifi at the hotel, the only time we had to pay for wifi on a 3 week trip in Europe. Even though we paid, we then had to call reception a couple of times before we could actually get the wifi working. They have a room service menu which is provided from external to the hotel and is expensive. Breakfast is served in your room and is very average. They offered scrambled eggs, which is one scrambled egg shared between 2 people and 2 slices of bread stick. Worst breakfast offering of our whole trip to Europe. Everything is Positano is expensive and this hotel is no exception. If we ever come back to Positano we would probably just visit for the day and stay in Sorrento where hotels are much nicer and cheaper. The bedroom was quite small and the bed was very hard and uncomfortable. They shower was a half normal size shower and very hard to move about in. We would never stay at this hotel again.

Our experience at Palazzo Marzoli… well, where do we even start My girlfriend and I planned a week long trip to the Amalfi Coast and found this hotel to be a little expensive, but since we were booking it just two months before, there weren’t many good options available. So, this why we went with Palazo Marzoli in the first place. We got to the hotel super excited since the views on the way there really were breathtaking. As we arrived, we were greeted by the owner of the hotel (an elderly woman) and her helper. Both did not speak English (orSpanish) just Italian. A second woman soon came along and took us upstairs to our room. The room we were assigned looked confortable, it was very spacious, and had an amazing view. She took us around the room (which was to our surprise larger than we imagined) and soon left. About half an hour in, we got a call from the front desk, telling us we were given the room as an “upgrade” and that the following day we had to change to the room we paid for. That right there, was a real pain, since we preferred to be in our assigned room instead of moving the next day (of course they didn’t have our room available, which is why they told us we had gotten an “upgrade”). So, the next day we moved, to a much, much smaller room, with the same view. Before I start with the negatives, the hotel is very clean… which for us, is a vital aspect when we are traveling abroad. Ok… so what did we think about our 5 day stay at Palazzo Marzoli? 1. The hotel is more like a three star hotel, and the word “Resort” doesn’t really go with what they offer to their guests. 2. It is very, very much overpriced. 3. Breakfast is horrible, they offer pastries, yogurt, juice and coffee delivered to the room every morning. The whole tray is just wrong… but the coffee, the coffee was the worst. It really tasted so bad that we had to go buy coffee elsewhere every morning. 4. They charged 10 Euros per device a day for Internet… I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Expensive and ridiculous. 5. Not to mention the price for parking… 25 Euros a day… crazy. 6. Next up…our bathroom… we had many issues here. First, it smelled really bad all the time (as if there was something in thesewer). The hairdryer, which was from the 90’s… was cold air only, and when asked what was wrong with it… we got a long explanation about how in Italy the law for hairdryers was that they couldn’t be hot… because it was a hazard for kids. (hmm?) 7. The staff is not friendly at all, not to mention that only one of them speaks English. They don’t even try to make an effort in smiling or even asking if everything is ok or if we need something. Nope, that was not happening. 8. The AC turned off during the night… we have no idea why… it just did. 9. Last but not least.. checkout. The night bellman had to literally wake the owner up for her to check us out… besides the fact that she didn’t speak or even understand English… she didn’t know how to use the POS machine. Every time she tried to make the transaction… she was so slow, that it restarted over and over again. After many tries, and a lot of time wasted (20+ minutes)… she finally did it and most importantly, we finally got to leave this place! In conclusion, we would not recommend this hotel! There are much better locations, prices and people in town than Palazzo Marzoli! They are so bad at customer service, that I’m sure they will respond this review and deny all these statements as they did many other ones!

We booked a "suite" for just one night, as we had to leave our other hotel in Positano due to prior bookings. The advertisements made it seem as thought the hotel was within easy access to the center of town, and that it featured a spa. While there is a friendly shuttle that goes down to town three or four times per day, you cannot feasibly walk to town, or even see it from this location. There is no spa, but evidently they can have someone come to give you a massage. Our room was quite expensive and had it's own hot tub. The inside of the hot tub was coated with a very smelly grit. I have yet to get this smell out of my swimsuit. Staff was not unfriendly, but they were not particularly warm or helpful. They were nice, but my other experiences in Italy were so much more intimate that this place felt impersonal. The location way up the long hill was a surprise and I felt kind of trapped; I wanted to be able to walk up and down to town at will and you really can't do that from here. You do get road noise, but it isn't awful. The décor was pretty nice, and the room was quite comfortable. But all in all, I don't think it was anywhere nearly worth the price.

It is difficult to find words to describe the horrendous nature of our experience but I will try. We booked and prepaid for 4 nights via Travelocity. After traveling for almost 18 hours we arrived in the early evening only to be informed by the front desk clerk that our room would not be available and that they would be putting us in a hotel "nearby at the beach". We protested this but were told that we had no choice. We inquired about the spa and fitness center they had advertised and were informed that they didn't have either. They then put our bags in a car and drove us about 10 minutes away and told us that the only access to the hotel is walking for another approx 10 mins down a very steeply graded area with MANY (approx 850) steps- in spite of my informing them that my mother was in great pain due to impending knee surgery. He kept saying "it's right around the corner".. but it wasn't .We finally arrived at a vacant apartment by the beach where an older woman who barely spoke English demanded our passports. We resisted and were told that we had no choice but to comply as they would not refund our money. The accommodations offered were not acceptable nor what we paid for. We left and lugged our suitcases to a nearby restaurant where we booked another hotel (which only had one night available). As a result of their deceptive business practices, we didn't believe they would have the room available the next night as they stated. We ended up having to completely rearrange our trip and leave Positano early . What a nightmare !! Avoid this unethical establishment or book at your own risk of ruining your vacation. (Other reviews state same issues. These people should be ashamed of themselves.)

We loved our stay at the Palazzo Marzoli Resort staff were welcoming and helpful. The views from our balcony were breath taking. Our room on the third floor was very clean with a balcony where our included breakfast was enjoyed each morning. The resort offers a bus service down to the shops and beach area but we decided to enjoy the Positano stairs and views each day.

This is a quaint hotel overlooking the Positano bay. We arrived in peak season so everything was very busy. We had two rooms each with balcony and jacuzzi - they large and the bathroom quite spacious. We had breakfast on our terrace in the morning and it was made to order. My wife had an omelette and I had croissant's and melon. The rooms if featured a multi-plug adapter that allowed for US type plugs to be plugged into their outlet. This I think is a brilliant idea because sometimes finding outlets for the iPhone and the iPad are challenging. The front staff well very helpful and one evening directed us to the club Positano restaurant which had a free shuttle. The service at the restaurant was excellent and the food very good. The next night, they provided a shuttle down to the harbor where we visited a restaurant. this cost €35 but considering the traffic and amount of people in Positano, it is not an unreasonable price. One has literally to drive down almost 2 miles of winding roads down to the beach and then take another road all the way back up to the hotel. The driver at the hotel, whose name was Agostino was extremely nice and after we called the hotel when we finished dinner, he was right there to meet us at the parking area. So all in all, I had a very pleasant stay with my family at this beautiful converted palace. We pre-paid everything through Italy luxury travel and there were no additional charges. The only negative feature was that some of the television channels were having signal reception problems which I reported to the front desk. Positano is extremely busy in July, so when really he arrives at a peak season with lots of people in a beautiful destination One other future travels need to be aware of is that Wi-Fi is an extra €10 a day. One has to have a PayPal account in order to pay for the Wi-Fi. However every restaurant in posit Tonto has free Wi-Fi.

The owners of this hotel ruined the entire experience of Positano for myself and my family! On 12th March 2017, I booked and fully paid for a quadruple room with sea view at Palazzo Marzoli Resort, Positano for a total of AUD$1606.24 to arrive 9th July 2017 for 2 nights. I received confirmation that the room was booked and paid for. On 21st June 2017, I received an email from the hotel asking if I could possibly change my dates from 9-11 July to 7-9 July. I emailed back immediately to say that we are unable to change our dates as we have a full 4-week itinerary with accommodation booked and paid for and therefore have no flexibility to alter dates. On 30th June 2017, I received another email from them saying that, due to a technical problem in the bathroom, they are unable to accommodate us for our booked dates of 9-11 July…(10 days away!) This, of course, is an obvious lie and excuse to cover up the fact that they had overbooked the hotel – an inexcusable practise undertaken by greedy, self-centred, irresponsible hotel owners. After several further emails in which I explained that we are travelling with my brain-injured daughter who suffers from anxiety amongst a range of other problems and that this situation would cause much distress to our entire family group (2 additional rooms had also been booked and paid for), they continued to deny our fully paid booking and proceeded to book us into a filthy, old, dilapidated hotel with no mention of a refund or compensation. The '4 star hotel' they booked us into only had 4 stars because it had a pool. The rooms were disgustingly dirty, old, uncomfortable with a tiny bathroom - certainly not what we'd booked and paid for. And the room rate at that hotel was one third of the price we paid. They refused to refund the difference between the 2 rooms even though we approached them and asked for it. The attitude of the owners (a family business) was unacceptable and uncaring and you would be doing yourself a complete dis-service by booking this hotel. It is the WORST service I have ever experienced from a hotel ever and I have travelled extensively all over the world. There are plenty of other beautiful hotels in Positano - DO NOT BOOK THIS ONE!!! The photos attached show the room that the owners of Palazzo Marzoli booked us into after accepting our booking and payment of over $AUD800 per night! And have not refunded us the difference.

For a 4* hotel in one of the most beautiful places, I could not believe the poor standard of service and hospitality we particular also since we booked the best room in the hotel...and paid accordingly! 1) We requested a pickup from the ferry port and the receptionist told us to walk despite the hotel being 100metres above sea level (with 2 suitcases also!!). Instead we had to pay a taxi to take us! 2) Having booked the jacuzzi suite we asked the staff how to use it (it was far to hot)..after calling 5x to reception someone came but did not have a clue...instead they flooded the balcony due to making the jacuzzi overflow! This was at 11pm at night - so we disnt even get to use/enjoy it! 3) They charge for Everything! At nearly €600 per night B&B would expect all breakfast items to be included...but no! If you want some ham or cheese to go with your eggs and one small slice of bread you have to pay! Likewise if you would like a glass of fresh orange instead of the concentrate... I sound like a snob, but if its available and you are paying the above mnetioned price, it should be included!? Even wifi you have to pay for.... 4) Very noisy hotel next door (wedding was on) meant we had a poor nights sleep! Not the hotels fault but was another annoyance to add to the poor hospitality. 5) Front of house staff were unfriendly and rude - did not create a nice atmosphere at all. In fact they made us feel very unsettled. 6) On checkout we asked for facilities to wash and change. We were offerred a toilet and a tap at the base of the wall on a terrace. We asked for a towel to dry with and they refused saying we had checked out. As a human this is appawling - how anyone could treat another person in that way is beyond belief. And we were PAYING customers. 7) This was the final night of our honeymoon and staff did not attempt to do a single nice thing for us to make our stay memorable - which was the case at the previous hotels we stayed in! 8) Aside from service did I mention the used earbud on our bathroom floor and the sink that didnt drain!? Not the standard of a suite I would say! At checkout we also witnessed another distressed family from Australlia who had fully paid for a roon who had been moved to a hotel down the road away from thieir family. The reception staff were disrespectful, unhelpful and dismissive of the family who were clearly in distress. They had fully paid and the hotel staff would not refund them. To say the lady and man behind the counter were rude would be an understatement. Whilst complaints are one thing Easily THE WORST hotel and experience i've ever had. Would not recommend at all. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Location: The room is located conveniently near the bus stop for the bus that travels up and down the coast. There is a decently long hike to take the stairs down to or up from the beach (my wife and I took the 10-15 minute walk every time but we are in reasonably good shape). Alternatively there is a shuttle or you can take a cab. I wouldn't advise the cabs as they are pretty pricey but if that doesn't bother you go for it. Inside the hotel: The hotel is well kept and clean. There is someone at the desk 24/7 if you have any issues. When you leave they keep your key at the front desk (a common practice in the area) and return it when you come back. The view from our room looked out over the town and the ocean and was absolutely beautiful. Breakfast: Breakfast is served in the room. It is basic but tasty and additional items can be added for an additional fee. You can choose the time it is served and we ate on the balcony table and enjoyed our beautiful view.

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