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People great Food excellent Except for Italian place Stick to the buffet!!!!! Great beach and location

Room - terrible, never been in a worse room. Smelled like mold, shower was not working, drawers fall apart if try to open, only one light was working, luckily I brought a flashlight! We also requested crib before arriving, it was noted in our reservation, also we called couple of days before arriving to confirm. The day we arrived we asked again for the crib and at the desk they said, "yes, no problemo" crib will be in the room soon. After 1h called again, same answer and so on 5 times until 10pm when they told us there is no crib for tonight! So we slept 4 of us in one bed in the smelly room. Next day after we spoke with managers and after waiting and arguing for hours they finally found a crib and moved us in a better room. So we lost the first 24h of our 9 days/3k vacation dealing with terrible s.... Another thing is there is no safety - the balcony and corridors have some loose ropes for "rails" that even adults can fall thorough - very dangerous for small kids! Also, no elevators so if you have a stroller and you are on the 3rd floor you are out of luck!! Now the "restaurants" - food was OK, nothing great but you can live - food is comparable to what you find on cheap 2-3 days Bahamas cruises. Very limited choice of fresh fruits, raw veggies were OK but looks like cut ours before serving. In the Mexican restaurant there were always small flies on the veggies! However, they have some serious trouble with high chairs, seems to me there was only one for the whole resort! So you need to wait sometimes 30 min for the high chair but you may or may not get it. They always say "yes, no problemo" but usually nothing happens!! Pools - extremely dirty! By the end of the day you can't see the bottom and dirt and debris floating on the surface! Beach - very limited beach chairs and umbrellas so if you are "late", let's say go to the beach after 7:30am you are out of luck. Our boy was awake by 6am so we were OK with getting spots on the beach. However, people were so desperate that once they even removed our towels and took our chairs!! The only good thing was the ocean and proximity to Akumal - we spend several days at Akumal beach, really nice for snorkeling and seeing sea turtles. Overall, will never go that that place again. Yes, it is cheaper than other resorts in the area but better pay few extra bucks than ruing your 3k vacation!!!

feels like a distant memory now... been to mx 8 times never thought to stay same place twice because mx has so much to experiance ..Until we stayed here!! We want to go bk asap ... the tezmecal at the spa is a must! cafe & me was like ur own personal coffee shop with baileys..yum! I can go on & on about how wonderful this resort is......

The location was unbelievably beautiful and close to many great sites. There were plenty of fun activities. We were upgraded to the Grand and it was such a treat. We truly enjoyed it and found our stay relaxing and refreshing. I read previous reviews about the food and did not have high expectations. BUT, when you are staying at a resort and need to eat three times a day there, the food needs to be better. The hotel catered to the guests by offering familiar foods and I found this aspect ridiculous. Like Beef Stroganoff! And these dishes weren't good. People go to Mexico to eat Mexican food and if you want to eat food from your country, then what is the point! And, sadly, many of the Mexican dishes were so so disappointing. The juices weren't fresh and mixed with flavored syrups. Offer less food and make it better. That's my biggest critique. All in all, pretty wonderful place!

Nice beach if you can get a chair by getting up with the sun and reserving a chair. Need more beach and pool chairs or need to rent some during busy times or something. Nothing like getting up at 5 a.m. when looking for R&R. Largest usable part of beach had five boats parked hoping for people to engage in excursions. Buffet was understaffed and could use more variety. Most people working there were hard working although several seemed burned out. Some staff had no information. We asked one person where to go related to pictures taken by staff (there is a picture location between the Grand and the Oasis). Another front desk person had no idea where we could get new towels (neither did we but they are under the life guard station on the beach). No elevator. Watch your step due to lack of handrails, uneven stairs and walkways, poor lighting and slippery tiles that can make walking around hazardous. The rails on the balconies could fit a large man underneath so if you have kids you better watch them or they could easily slip under the log railing. Oasis people have access to only two specialty restaurants. Speciality restaurants were pretty good as compared to other other all inclusives. There are no bathrooms near the beach and it was a long walk for two stalls. Fridge was not stocked with anything. Shop prices were extraordinary, sunscreen was $15. Close to Xel-Ha which was fun for a day.

We just returned from a weeks stay at this resort. 2/17/13 through 2/24/13. This hotel has been a diamond in the rough for many years, one side very contemporary the other side are older rooms with a old Mexican feel. We stayed in the older rooms which we prefer right on the beach. The food, pools, beach, were awesome. Yes this resort is being transformed and upgraded. We just hope it will still be the affordable, awesome resort we have come to love. For all the complainers out there...if you want 5 star then pay for it. This is a wonderful resort the employees are awesome and work very hard to make your stay enjoyable Also suggest the Catamaya catamaran trip well you are here it is sooo fun! We would highly recommend this resort!

We traveled with another couple and enjoyed this hotel. While we're both younger couples we take pleasure in a relaxing vacation, and this all-inclusive fit the bill. It was couples and family oriented and yet still offered amenities when we wanted to cut loose a little. I was nervous because there were some mixed reviews, but while we experienced some bumps here and there, it wasn't anything that seriously deterred from our overall experience. The two rooms varied, even though we selected the same type of rooms. They had a coffee maker while we didn't. We got a king sized bed, while they got two queens pushed together. The safes in both rooms were broke, so we locked valuables up in suitcases. The most frustrating thing for us was they charged for Wi-Fi, and we had brought laptops intending to communicate with our loved ones. The food was good. Not great, but good. I would recommend the buffet and the pizza at the Italian restaurant. Yum! The restaurants were confusing, as the hours were odd. If you want seats at the restaurants that require reservations be at the front desk at 7:00 a.m., otherwise the spots fill up fast! The employees were helpful. It seemed like we saw the same staff members day and night, so if you got you drink in "Mexican time" at the swim up bar it's because they're overworked. Nevertheless they were friendly and enthusiastic. The reef around the hotel makes for great snorkeling and on windy days, makes for a great wave breaker, meaning our beach was swimmable while the others were out of luck. The concierge was extremely helpful, and went above and beyond when we wanted to make reservations at the dive shop. I'm sure you could have eliminated some of these issues by paying for a higher end all inclusive; however I feel like we got a lot of bang for our buck. The beach was beautiful. The non-motorized water sports made for a great time in the ocean. It was my first time snorkeling and kayaking, and loved both. We met lots of friendly people from all over the world at the swim up bar. Given the opportunity, I would go here again.

this is our second time at this hotel. We love it's beach with the torquoize calm water, white sand, and beautiful fish. We love the fact that it's on the smaller side for an all inclusive,therefor short distances to all. We also love the European flair: it draws many Italian tourists. the staff is very nice and helpful(except at the front desk where there is room for improvement) the food is pretty good and their is variety. my only big comment, which i guess is a general probblem in Mexico is that there is no safty code regulations reinforced. staying with two young kids on a waterfront room on the 3rd floor with a balcony that has a couple of ropes for a railing, ment we could barely use the balcony or even leave the door open. there are no smoke detectors in the room or in the corridor. when we were at the beach one of our towels caught fire because the cleaning lady placed it directly on an exposed incandecent light bulb, we came back to a room full of smoke luckily the whole room didn't catch fire. our neighbors later on said they smelled the smoke, and were bothered by it as well. we have toured many other small resorts in the area, and know this is a comon problem, but still would love to see something done about this in the future.

There we non motorized water activities included -- snorkeling, kayaking. The pools were awesome-- large pool to be with others and two smaller pools to do your own thing---quiet. Our stay would have been more enjoyable if the staff took our concerns more serious and addressed our concerns in a timley manner.

We have stayed at many resorts in Mexico and Carribean. This place is almost a 4 star. It does need a few updates in the rooms. The resort is beautiful and the staff was great and the food was wonderful. Our oceanfront room was directly on the beach with fantastic view and close to everything. We paid very little for the whole package, so I set my bar low just in case (It gets alot of unnessary negative reviews) We were pleasantly suprised and our Vacation was excellent!!!

We booked a ocean view room and when we checked in we did not receive a ocean view room. We were told to check in the morning and we would get a new room. Well when morning came we were told to come back tomorrow, for the next 3 days. The front desk staff were HORRIBLE!!! The wait staff, bartenders and house keepers were awesome.

Don't bother booking the upgrade on here because once you get there no matter what room you might of booked if they don't have one, you get what is left. For us it was a jungle room next to the sewer for four days! lol We laugh about it now because a little room wasn't going to ruin our trip. After the transfer to the room we originaly booked things we started to feel better about our overall experience. Beach is the best in the Riviera Maya for snorkling. Fish every where! Food was good. Service was great! Depending on the amount of guests there, you might have to get up a 6 to find a nice place on the beach but hey it's Mexico enjoy the sunrise. Overall for the deal we got it was a great vacation! remember to tip it goes a long way!

There are three to four different types of rooms a this hotel. Make sure you get the ocean front in the white building. We had the other ocean front rooms and they were dumps. When we tried to switch to the nicer ocean front rooms the front desk staff lied to us telling us there were none available and then new people would check into those rooms. Front desk staff is very rude. They will tell you whatever it takes to get you to walk away even if they are lieing. They scammed people using the exchange rate and then would laugh about it in spanish. Bar staff and restaurant staff are nice. Food is ok. The asian restaurant is the best. The buffet gets old quick. Not sure if it happened here or not but I picked up a bug and needed to be treated with antibiotics when I returned home.

The overall resort was nice; there are plenty of cabanas and umbrellas on the beach to escape the sun. The beach is sandy, but the sand turns to coral quickly once in the water. Thus it's great for snorkeling. The main reef reside about 100 yards off the beach. The food was better than average, with the Asian restaurant being the best. The check in process was cumbersome; the counter service would just look at each other while people waited. Our room was not available until after 5pm. The room was the worst part of the resort. The toilet wouldn't flush, little black flies were everywhere, and the amenities were poor. A key/lock needs to be purchased at $4USD per day if the safe is to be used. The hotel only accepts American Express for additional charges, so keep cash available if other expenses are incurred. In example; non-house wine can be purchased. The house wine was a poor Cabernet and a Chardonnay. Expect to pay $35 USD or more for drinkable wine, otherwise beer, soda, and mixed drinks are available.

My wife and me went to Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Akumal . It was great experience to see people, nature and to buy souvenirs. We used public transportation ( van) it was very affordable -$2- $3 per person. We enjoyed these 3 trips( total cost was $24 for 2 persons -incredible! Hotel is amazing, beach is fantastic, food is delicious. I strongly recommend this hotel for couples and for singles.

The hotel staff is very friendly except for a manager named [...] she was very rude and unpleasant! but other than that our stay was fantastic!!! There is wonderful bartender there named [...] ask for the [...] special it is too die for its wonderful!!!! Overall dont hesitate about making reservations here you wont be disappointed! However it is about an hour away from Cancun but playa is right in the middle and you can go there to shop and party if you would like to venture out of hotel! Also tulum is about 20 min away go see the mayan pyramids there!! Have fun!!! And remember to tip these poor people cuz they work very hard and are wonderful people! :)

This resort was the longest distance from the airport that we have stayed at. took about 1 1/2 hours to go to and from. That is the only thing we did not like but the trip was not bad just long. after reading other reviews I was not sure what to expect. When we arrived the staff was unloading our bags and getting us drinks before we checked in. from the lobby it overlooked the ocean. we selected a garden view room which was very nice but next time we will select ocean view it is within 50 feet of the ocean. our room was not much further but we could not see the ocean from our room. Rooms were very clean and the maid service was great. a small tip goes a long way. The main pool was around behind the lobby with a swim up bar.A smaller pool in the garden view and spa area but no bar. Beach area had more activity and a walk up bar. Plenty of places to lay on the beach but you need to get a place early. The beach was the best we have stayed at so far. great snorkeling right out the beach. Rief broke the waves before hitting the shore. The food was very good and changed everyday but it is just buffet food. the restaurants were very good and pretty fancy. Tips were included but small tips go a long way with the staff. Xel Ha was about 5 min down the road and we suggest going. we think it would be hard to find a better place

This beach is the best we've seen on the Mexican Riviera Maya for its snorkeling reef, calm waters, long beach and views. We've stayed in eight resorts between Playa del Carmen and Telum, but the beach snorkeling here easily ranks highest. The hotel lobby and common areas are very nice with polished stone and tile floors and are very spacious and pleasant. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The hotel is older without handicap access but very nice. Our ocean front balcony room on the southwest side of the lobby provided great views and convenience to restaurants and water, plus it was very large and the beds are wonderfully comfortable. The three pool areas were very nice and the main enclosed pool was huge with in-water bars. There are five restaurants: one large all-day buffet style with an outside area by the beach plus four smaller specific evening-only venues: Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian and Brazilian requiring reservations. Our favorites at night were the Mexican and Mediterranean as they were quiet and small. The service is good in all. This is our favorite hotel on the Riviera Maya so far, not real fancy but very amenable to our needs.

We had a great time. This place has everything you need to have a peaceful and fun vacation. The staff was very helpful all the time and even though the tips were included, we didn't have a problem giving a couple of extra dollars...the service was just great, always a smile on their faces. There's activities every night, plenty of food and drinks. If you are planning to go to Cancun often while you are there, this is not the place for you. It's about hour and a half from the resort. But if you are planning for a peaceful place, Stay here!. To go to Chichen Itza it takes about 3 hours to get there, but it's worth it.And 15 minutes to Playa del Carmen. You don't need to pay for private transportation. For $3 you can use public transportation...We felt save in and out of the resort! Before I booked this vacation a read some of the reviews. Someone said that there's not enough variety of food. Well I don't know what else this person was looking for....there's more than 4 restaurants plus a buffet. The only thing that needs improvement is the gym; old and not enough equipment. But other than that.....everything was great!. For the price that we paid, we think we got a GREAT deal.

This was a great way to unleash from busy work schedules and parenting. It was extremely relaxing and the staff was very helpful and fun. They had something going on through the days and evenings for everyone to enjoy. The food ranged in a variety so there was something for every taste bud. The rooms were simple, but we werent there to stay in our room so it didn't matter. There is truly something for everyone, next time we are bringing the kids, can't wait to get back again!

251 Carretera Chetumal Akumal QROO

Hotel highlights

  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Golf course

Riviera Maya Golf Club is within 2 miles (3 km) of Oasis Tulum Lite - All Inclusive while other popular attractions such as Akumal Beach are within 3 miles (5 km). This 60-room, 3-star property has 2 outdoor pools along with a golf course and a full-service spa.


This property is home to 7 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Savor a meal from the comfort of your room with 24-hour room service.


The 60 rooms are air-conditioned and have an array of amenities, including minibars, phones, and ironing boards. Flat-screen TVs come with cable channels, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. Bathrooms have hair dryers and free toiletries.

Property features

Oasis Tulum Lite - All Inclusive features a golf course, a full-service spa, and 2 outdoor pools. Free parking is available if you drive. Staff members are on hand to provide concierge services, luggage storage, and a safe deposit box at the front desk. Other amenities at this all-inclusive property include an outdoor tennis court, WiFi in public areas, and a business center.

Room options

Family Suite

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 5

Habitacion LitE - Up to 2 children eat and stay free

King 1 | Full 2 | Sleeps 4

Non refundable - Up to 2 children eat and stay free

Full 2 | King 1 | Sleeps 4

Guest reviews for Oasis Tulum Lite - All Inclusive

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Oasis Tulum Lite - All Inclusive

251 Carretera Chetumal, Akumal, QROO 77780
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