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Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa

4.5 out of 5.0

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Located on Akitua Island, on the Eastern side of Aitutaki, at the end of the runway. The resort is reached by a mini ferry, with friendly ferry men. However, the angle of the foot ramp and the shore bank varies with the tide. It can be a difficult boarding or dis-embarking process for elderly or infirm people. The acting manager on duty during our stay was fabulous, he was always helpful and friendly, as were all the staff. The views are magnificent and the accommodation reasonable. The outside shower in the premium lagoon view unit was ok, unless there was a cool wind blowing. The housekeepers sometimes didn't make the beds (just pulled the top sheet and donah up) and sometimes just swept the leaves and rubbish in the outside shower into a corner, rather than put them in a bin. Trips into town or to the church service (about 8 Kilometres) can cost about NZ$ 12.50 per person. A bottle of Moet &Chandon costs NZ$200 It is worth going to

I recently spent a week at this resort. The location of this resort on Aitutaki Lagoon is stunning. I stayed in a very comfortable beachfront bungalow. The bungalow had all the luxury touches you would expect for the price you are paying. The private large outdoor shower was a nice feature. Its not hard to relax at this resort with many secluded spots around the private island . All the watersports that you can think of are available at this resort. I found the food to be average at this resort. There are a few eating establishments not too far from the resort that had better food. Though the included continental breakfast is good. The staff are generally helpful and friendly. However, I did have an issue with my bungalow not getting housekeeping services on one day-something you would not expect from a 4+ star resort. The issue was quickly resolved though. Overall, a memorable experience at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa.

Words cant describe the sheer wonder of Aitutaki you really must go and see for yourself. Aitutaki Lagoon Resort was perfect in every way, we stayed in a Deluxe Beach Hut and personally it was great. Air Con worked fine, room size was good, Outdoor shower was a real thrill. The Staff and Management at the Resort was welcoming and friendly and attentive and funny. The Staff that attended to the rooms were also great.. This is the perfect getaway for anyone who needs to relax and unwind and take in the sheer beauty and Natural wonder of this Island. The people of the Cook Islands are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Their love of Culture and Dance and Music is something I will cherish. My good tips for your trip would be, you need mosquito spray but the resort has coils in the rooms, bring a torch or two as all of the Islands in the Cooks are quiet dark. Bring a couple of spare pairs of swimmers as you will be in that lagoon all the time. This is the place you want to be to totally relax , different to Rarotonga, not really any shops or anything to spend money on except food and cocktails. A must do would be the Vaka Cruise , I have done it twice and would do it again and again, the boat picks you up on the beach and drops you back..perfect ... The Mangers Cocktails and Crab races was a really nice get together to meet other people, Thankyou to all the Staff and Management at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort , I will be back.

Absolutely beautiful place to visit if you want rest and relaxation. I was celebrating a special birthday. We stayed in the overwater bungalow and the view was stunning. The Lagoon and snorkelling was amazing. We canoed over to a private island, paddle boarded, had private picnics, private dinners. The staff were all very friendly and helpful in every way. The food was also very delicious, we stayed at the resort for every meal. Staff went over and above to help me celebrate my birthday 🌴🌺🍹🐠

I stayed in October with my disabled daughter and we had the most incredible holiday. Aitutaki Lagoon is truly breathtaking and definitely a bucket list holiday. From the time we arrived at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa we felt welcomed. Upon arrival at the airport we received a coconut drink which was a lovely gesture, then were whisked away for the short 3 minute ride to the resort via a very short ferry transfer to our private island. The resort itself is definitely the best for breathtaking views. After our greeting at reception, where we were introduced to the managers we were taken to our overwater bungalow. Our bags were already there so all we had to do was take in the magnificent scenery. The overwater bungalows are definitely the way to go. A staircase leads you to a turquoise water paradise, the rooms were clean and well kept and had a Polynesian feel. New deck chairs on the balcony. A highlight was the outdoor shower. We were in heaven. We ate most of our meals here on our 6 night stay. Evening meals were at the Flying Boat Beach Bar and Grill. Service was extremely friendly and the meals were really nice. The menu changed daily which was a nice touch and gave variety. We found prices on par with Australia which I thought was great considering a lot of food has to be shipped/flown in. We ate here lunch time as well.....oh my goodness, that view! Best spot for cocktails in all of Aitutaki! Breakfast was in the other restaurant near reception and I would love to see the addition of a hot breakfast included in the price but it didn't bother us as we loved the tropical breakfast. We ordered a hot meal just one day for an additional price. The grounds were well kept and had that island feel. There's a pool, which we did use once, there's an activities hut. We loved the fish feeding! My only suggestion would be to replace the blue deck chairs scattered around the beach area as they were looking a little dated but we truly loved this resort, it's ambience and we will definitely be back. Offsite, you can hire a car/vespa just off the resort. We loved cruising around the main island. Bishop and Vaka Cruises (both I recommend) collect you from this resort as well. Do it!! One Foot Island is mind-blowing! I would love to thank the managers and staff for looking after us so well and especially being so friendly to my daughter who has a disability. We will return!

We spent a few nights in the deluxe rooms; they are nice but you face an internal lagoon, which is fine but does not have the colors you can enjoy on the other side of the island (where the overwater bungalows are). The open air shower is nice and the little patio outside with your own sunchairs are very nice but, if it rains for more than a few hours, let alone for more than one day, it could be annoying as the outside patio should need at least a covered side where you could sit outside even on a rainy day, otherwise you have to stay inside or at the common areas. Same thing for the shower; it's nice to take a shower under the stars but not so much on a rainy day. Then we moved for a few night at the overwater bungalows and here the hotel really gives its best. Simply put, it's an amazing experience. Loved every minute of it. A downside was communication between reception and management/restaurant. We had a minor problem when we arrived and it was elegantly fixed by Mark, the manager. Unfortunately the same problem happened again when we left; they had us waiting for half an hour for someone to come and say good-bye and after 30 minutes we were told it was the managers day off.... no big deal, but still annoying. The restaurant was good (the staff were so nice and fun :)) BUT if you reserve a table for the night show, do NOT take the reception's word for good as we were told we were given a very nice table and we ended up stranded at the worst possible table were we could barely see pieces and bits of the show; so double check with the restaurant staff and do not trust reception (actually reception is the weak spot of this place). All in all, nice private adults-only island with outstanding overwater bungalows but a general lack of that "Southern Seas" atmosphere we were expecting. Would I recommend it? Yes, but only for the overwater bungalows and I strongly suggest you double check whaterver you do thorugh the reception.

We loved our stay - especially two nights in the overwater bungalow. The lagoon is breath taking and with the bluest water I have ever seen. There are games on the island and bikes to get around with. We also made good use of the book exchange in the shop! The staff are friendly and always willing to help. This place is the epitome of luxury relaxing!

We stayed at the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa as part of our honeymoon....NEVER AGAIN! We stayed in multiple locations around the world as part of our trip of which California, Cook Islands and Tanzania (Zanzibar) were in 5* accommodations/resorts and this was nowhere near the standard of everywhere else. Before we left the UK we had put Aitutaki on a pedestal. My wife had always wanted to stay in an overwater bungalow, so as a treat and this resort having the only overwater bungalows in the Cook Islands I contacted them and arranged our 3 night stay (without doing my research properly with reviews etc first which I now regret - I just looked at their website and a YouTube video online which neither have any true reflection of this place and are obviously done a long time ago). I actually got a discounted rate with them as I work for a large Travel Agency so paid much less than a normal paying customer, I still wish I had saved my money and gone elsewhere. Had I paid the normal prices they charge for these bungalows I would have physically cried. This resort left out time in Aitutaki one to forget, not remembered forever like we had hoped. Let's start with the positives: - The Lagoon. It is beautiful, timeless and and the best view on the island. I have to say though, this natural beauty is the ONLY thing this resort has going for it but it is not enough to ever warrant staying here, do not let this sway you to stay. The resort in its current state does not deserve to take advantage of people's hard earned money to simply get an amazing view. - Welcome drinking coconut at the airport on arrival is a nice touch. - Your bags are in your room by the time you've gone through check in and arrived at your bungalow. The negatives: (The quick ones) - The resort is massively overpriced for what it is - It is NOT a 5* resort, far from it - Pictures advertised are old and may have looked like this years ago but sadly no more - The entire resort feels run down, shabby, lacking any TLC or love. No real gardens or foliage that is at all attractive. Lots of open wasteland that yes might get swept but nowhere feels at all inviting - There is a really strange feel and vibe to the place. It just feels extremely flat with absolutely 0 ambience anywhere. All the other guests staying there looked like they'd had the life sucked out of them which I don't believe was usually how they were and we probably looked the same to others due to how this place left us feeling whilst there - Breakfast was a chore, not amazing, and again almost awkward feeling and no atmosphere - THEY CHARGE FOR WIFI AND HOT FOOD AT BREAKFAST!!! Literally what on earth?? When you're paying almost £1k a night for a B&B board basis and then they want to charge you for a hot option and wifi on top? They claim the wifi is because the expensive, well then build it into the room rate and don't make people feel like you're just trying to money grab anywhere you can! But you can't do that yet as you either need to reduce your prices anyway and advertise yourself as a 3* resort, or reinvest some real money back into the place and get it up to the standards of an actual 5* resort. - Nobody at the activities hut ever so we just had to go inside it ourselves and take what we needed - The blue sun beds are extremely old and worn, and look like something from the Costa Del Sol. We had better ones in the overwater, but they should replace them all for these as it makes the place feel cheap - Restaurant lacked atmosphere (surprise). Food was ok, but staff not very welcoming. They also use this one for dinner when you can't even see the lagoon as it's dark? Would be better to have breakfast here as there is no view at breakfast currently anyway. - 2nd night we missed dinner and went to Pacific Resort for a big lunch instead so that we didn't have to go back to Aitutaki Lagoons restaurant. We didn't want to leave Pacific Resort after being there for less than 5 minutes. - The first nights dinner menu had 'Surf and Turf' as an option. The 2nd evening was 'Beef and Reef'. Very inventive and nice try but renaming a dish slightly doesn't count as a daily changing menu. This made us laugh more than anything. (The Longer ones) - We were picked up in a van for our transfer that looked like it could fall apart at any minute. Not that much of a big deal as it got us there, but not what a 5* resort should be using. - Upon arriving into the room the overwater bungalows seem ok. But it quickly becomes apparent that they are old, not particularly well maintained and in real need of some TLC or even full refurbishment to get it to the level of a 5* resort. The thatched roofs are pretty bare on most of them and don't look full and well kept as in the pictures. The balconies were ok but often felt sticky with bits stuck to them and not too nice to walk on. Our handle on our door from the room to the balcony was hanging off. The outside shower is again a nice idea but is old, dated and in need of being redone. I do have to say however, we spent most of the time in our room simply because we could not bare to be in any other part of the resort itself. The lagoon kept us positive throughout our whole stay. - Staff on the whole were fairly friendly, however a couple of team members certainly made their mark and left me feeling quite annoyed. We decided to try the only restaurant for dinner at the resort on our first night. We walked there (using our phone torches as we could barely see anything as barely any lighting at night which is another issue). We arrived to the restaurant and to what we assumed was the entrance as it was all open. Having not been here before we just approached unsure whether we just sat down or had to wait to be seated. There was a member of staff talking to a table and about to take a photograph for them. We waited politely, which wasn't a problem at all for us, assuming that once she was done she would see to us. However she proceeded to take a photo, look over us so I asked if we could get a table. She just snapped at me and said 'you've got to go over there' like I was being an inconvenience to her. Bemused, we walked over and realised there was another entrance to the place. Sorry for not knowing this on our first night! Another day, we were planning to head out of the resort around 1pm so were chilling in the room and balcony. The maid tried to come in to make up our room, we just let her know that we were using it currently but would be out at 1pm or so and asked if it was possible if she could come back once we were out and not in the way. She literally grunted something at me, looked away mumbling and just walked off. No chance of a simple, of course no problem. It's not like were paying guests or anything? On check out we couldn't wait to leave the place, and it was raining also. We had a flight booked back to Rarotonga around 4pm but I knew there was an earlier flight and our ticket was changeable without a fee. We asked the receptionist if it would be possible to call Air Rarotonga to see if we could change to the earlier flight. Her response to this was to snigger, and say 'there aren't any seats left, I can tell you that now'. Now I'm not sure how anyone would possible know this aside from the airline and I'm pretty sure she was a receptionist not an airline rep. I had to insist that it was worth a try anyway, and would you believe it, there were seats and they had changed our flight within 5 minutes. Once again a staff member not particularly interested in wanting to even try and help us. She did redeem herself by arranging a last minute transfer back to the airport quickly to enable us to make the flight, just a shame that it was tainted by the initial negativity. I've probably missed more things we were disappointed with but in all honesty I'm bored of writing down the bad memories this place left us with. As a quick comparison, Pacific resort is only a bit more expensive but worlds apart in terms of what you get. I will not only be not recommending this place to all my customers, I will be ensuring they avoid it at all costs as I would hate for anymore people to be as disappointed as we were! The management will no doubt respond to this, acknowledge the good points, ask why we didn't raise our concerns at the time (how do you fix atmosphere which was one of the biggest negatives here) and not acknowledge at all the fact the place is run down and has a a general unwelcoming feel to everything. Good luck to you, you're really going to need it!

We stayed 3 days in this paradise we certainly recommend for those who loves the peace, the water activities and the nice atmosphere created by the smiling service. The bungalows are well organized, spacious and beach front. There is an activity hut very efficient where you can borrow canoas, kayaks, snorkeling gears. There are 2 restaurants one close to the hall which has to be renovated but the other one over the water has a stunning view!

There is nothing you can say about the lagoon at Aitutaki except absolutely stunning, it takes your breath away. We only had two night at Aitutaki but should have extended to at least 3. The flight over was easy and simple ( note if you have excess luggage like us leave some at Rarotonga or you will be charged), Seamless pick up from the airport and our room was ready as soon as we arrived. I cannot fault the service we received from the staff, had a great chat to the girls at the bar about life on the island. We booked an over water bungalow. We have stayed a a number of 5 star resorts ( incl One and Only and Qualia) lately so have been a bit spoilt , the room itself is not what I call 5 Star, its a little tired, bed not the best and garden where shower could do with a revamp. However its such a remote location that you just have to expect this and appreciate that you are here for the lagoon and the view from the room and deck beats any view from a hotel I have stayed at. Unfortunately the day we arrived was beautiful, the day we left was beautiful, but on our full day it rained all day. So we actually didn't get to do a lagoon cruise, but we did relax and we will definitely return to Aitutki and do it properly. Favourite features: The staff and service, they were very welcoming. View from the room!! The dinner show at the restaurant. I'm not usually someone who will enjoy shows, usually find them tacky, but the fire dancing was amazing. We may try another resort next time just to see it as it seemed like a bit of a trek to go to the other parts of the island with our limited time ( if it hadn't of rained, we would have rode over there on the bikes),

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