Airline fees

Many airlines charge fees for baggage and other services. Amounts vary by airline and are subject to change. Orbitz does not collect these fees.

Adria Airways airline fees

  Travel Region
Free Baggage Allowance
Excess Baggage
Adria Airways All Routes except USA, Canada, Mexico
Business Class 30 kg (66 lb)
Economy Class 20 kg (44 lb)

See Charges for Excess Baggage

To/From USA, Canada, Mexico
Business Class 1 bag max 30 kg (66 lb)
Economy Class 1 bag max 20 kg (44 lb)
Contact Adria Airways for excess baggage information to/from the USA, Canada, Mexico

Note:  The airline may have partnerships with other airlines and your flight may be operated by another airline. For journeys to/from the U.S., the baggage allowances of the airline that ticketed the first segment of your travel should apply throughout your travel. For travel that does not involve the U.S., you should check with the operating airline for information about their baggage allowances; the other airline's baggage allowances may be more restrictive and you could be charged for extra baggage by the other airline.

Carry-on/Cabin Baggage Allowance

  • On Adria flights you are permitted to have one piece of carry-on luggage, such as a small travel bag, a laptop computer or a briefcase.
  • The combined dimensions of carry-on luggage may not exceed 118 cm (e.g., 55 x 40 x 23 cm) or 46.5 in (e.g., 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in).
  • The maximum allowable weight of carry-on luggage is 8 kg (17.6 lb).
  • In addition to carry-on luggage, you can bring a coat, umbrella, crutches, camera, binoculars, a reasonable amount of reading material, a bassinet or collapsible stroller for a child, and a reasonable amount of food for an infant.
  • Carry-on luggage must be of such a size and shape that it can be stowed beneath the seat or in the overhead luggage bin. Based on the type of aircraft or the space available in the cabin for storing luggage, there are sometimes additional restrictions. Occasionally passengers are asked to turn over large carry-on items when boarding the aircraft; these are returned immediately when disembarking from the aircraft.

Checked Baggage Dimensions

The sum of the length + width + height of the bag should be 158 cm (62 inches) or smaller inclusive of handle, pockets and wheels.   The maximum weight of any piece of checked baggage on all  flights is 32 kg (70 lb).   

Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments

The airline may have specific requirements and fees for transporting sporting equipment and musical instruments. Please check with the airline for limitations, transportation requirements and fee information.

Charges for Excess Baggage

Weight Concept

Excess luggage charges - Weight System on Adria Airways destinations. Concept valid on Adria Airways operated flights only.

For each kg of additional luggage (often referred to as "excess baggage") above your free allowance, you will need to pay additional fee. The amount is dependent on your destination:

Zone 1 (€ 6 / 10 CHF per kg)

between Slovenia
and Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Netherlands, Serbia
between Germany
and Austria

Zone 2 (€ 8 / £ 6 / SEK 80 / PLN 20 / DKK 60 per kg)

between Slovenia
and Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, France, Belgium, Montenegro, Turkey, Spain, Poland

Zone 3 (€ 10 / £ 8 / SEK 95 / PLN 36 / DKK 75 / US$ 15 / CHF 16 per kg)

between Slovenia
and Russia, Ukraine
between Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Greece, Romania
and Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Montenegro
between Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden
and Greece

The charges specified always refer to a single route (charges should therefore be added up for outbound and return flights). The amount is not linked to the ticket price, but based on destination.

Allowances for people with limited mobility (wheelchairs)

Please check with the airline regarding the transportation of wheelchairs.