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Eco-Friendly Hotels

The Orbitz staff and its global team of hotel market managers have started the process of researching hotels with “eco-friendly” policies, based on the following criteria:

Each hotel must have efforts in place in at least one of these areas to help offset their impact on the environment.

- Use a natural source of energy (i.e. wind, water, solar, bio-fuel)
- Use environmentally-friendly and safe products (i.e. detergents for linens, soaps, shampoos, etc.)
- Contribute $$ from each hotel reservation to an environmental organization
- Use of energy conserving devices (i.e. eco-friendly light fixtures/bulbs triggered by motion detectors, water-saving devices, water filtration systems and air filtration/purifiers)
- Earned the ENERGY STAR®



Orbitz is proud to recognize hotels that have earned the ENERGY STAR, indicating that they are among the top 25% of facilities in the country for energy performance. Click here for more information about the ENERGY STAR program .

Hotels interested in learning how to track energy performance and the related carbon emissions should visit ENERGY STAR's easy-to-use Portfolio Manager tool at

Are you an environmentally friendly hotel? Tell our hotel supplier team why you should be added to the list! Email at