• Best Price Guarantee

    Our prices are better than good. They’re guaranteed!

    We’re confident you’ll find the best prices here on Orbitz—in fact, we guarantee it. If after booking a hotel, flight or car on Orbitz you find it for less on another site, send us the information and you’ll get Orbucks equal to 100% of the price difference, plus an additional $50 in Orbucks. See Terms and Conditions for details.

    As an Orbitz Rewards member you’ll get even more Orbucks if you find a lower price elsewhere after booking on Orbitz: Silver members get up to an additional $100 in Orbucks; Gold members get up to an additional $150 in Orbucks; and Platinum members get up to an additional $200 in Orbucks (not to exceed the total amount of the booking). That’s a lot of Orbucks, isn’t it? That’s how sure we are that the prices on Orbitz are the best in the whole travelsphere.

    How do I identify a qualifying rate?
    Pre-paid rates for hotel rooms exceeding $50.00 per night before taxes and fees, all car rentals, and flights booked as a standalone product on Orbitz.com qualify for the Best Price Guarantee. Price difference cannot be due to a change in or use of a different foreign exchange rate.

    What’s the deadline to submit my claim?
    Claim submission deadline varies based on the type of booking:

    • For hotels, you have all the way until the hotel cancellation fees apply to submit a claim. Note: Some hotels charge a cancel penalty regardless of when the reservation is canceled. The cancellation deadline is listed under the applicable hotel policies.
    • For flights, you have until 9:59pm CT on the day after you booked your flight(s) on Orbitz to submit a claim.
    • For car rentals, you have all the way until your scheduled pick-up time to submit a claim.

    Expect a response to your claim within 72 hours.

    How are Orbucks issued after my claim is approved?

    • If the lower rate was found on another site, Orbitz will issue Orbucks in the amount of the price difference + $50-200 (depending on your Orbitz Rewards status and the total amount of the booking, see below) to your Orbitz Rewards account. The Orbucks for the price difference and the bonus Orbucks will be deposited into your Orbitz Rewards account after completion of your stay, rental or flight.
    • If the lower price is found on Orbitz, Orbitz will refund your original reservation to the credit card used to make the booking and rebook your new reservation at the lower price using the same card.

    How many Orbucks do I receive for my validated claim?
    If your Best Price Guarantee claim is approved, you will receive Orbucks equivalent to the price difference plus a bonus depending on your Orbitz Rewards status at time of booking associated with your claim:

    • New Orbitz Rewards member: $50 in Orbucks
    • Silver member: up to $100 in Orbucks
    • Gold member: up to $150 in Orbucks
    • Platinum member: up to $200 in Orbucks

    Please note that total bonus Orbucks issued are limited to the total amount spent on the booking. If the amount spent on the booking is less than the amount of bonus Orbucks you are eligible to receive, than the bonus Orbucks will be capped at the amount of Orbucks equal to the amount spent on the booking.  Limit of three claims per calendar month.

    What if I don’t have an Orbitz Rewards account?

    You must join Orbitz Rewards in order to receive the Best Price Guarantee Orbucks. You can either join Orbitz Rewards before submitting your Best Price Guarantee claim, or you can authorize Orbitz to enroll you in the program by checking the appropriate box on the claim submission form.

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