Orbitz Low Price Guarantee

NOTE: Orbitz Low Price Guarantee is being phased out and will not apply to any bookings made after October 17, 2013. 

Look for our hotel and car rates backed by our Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident they're the lowest online, we're willing to put money on it.

Hotel Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

If you book a qualifying prepaid hotel rate on the Orbitz Web site, and then find the same room, in the same hotel, for the same dates, at a lower price online, before taxes and fees, we'll refund the difference and give you a $50 discount on a future hotel booking.

How do I identify a qualifying rate?

  • Look for pre-paid rates (easily identified with the “Price Assurance” label).

What’s the deadline to submit my claim?

  • You have all the way until the hotel cancellation fees apply to submit a claim. Note: Some hotels charge a cancel penalty regardless of when the reservation is canceled. The cancellation deadline is listed under hotel policies.
  • Expect a response to your claim within 72 hours.

How is the refund processed if approved?

  • If the lower rate was found on another site, Orbitz will refund the difference to the credit card you used to make your hotel reservation in approximately 7 - 10 business days.
  • If the lower price is found on the Orbitz Web site, Orbitz will refund your original reservation to the credit card used to make the booking and rebook your new reservation at the lower price using the same card.

How will I receive my $50 discount?

  • You'll receive the $50 coupon via e-mail.

Please read the General Terms for more details.

Car Rental Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

The Low Price Guarantee is available to any customer who makes a qualifying car rental booking through the Orbitz Web site.

If you find a lower rate online, before taxes and fees, for the same: car, brand, size, category, transmission, drive type, air conditioning type, fuel source, and for the same dates, for the same pick-up and drop-off times and locations, Orbitz will refund the difference after you have completed your travel.

Just e-mail your claim before your scheduled pick-up time to CarLowPriceGuarantee@Orbitz.com. Make sure to include your:

  • Booking confirmation number
  • Name
  • Email address of your Orbitz account
  • Dates of car rental
  • Rate quoted by competitor
  • Complete Web address (URL) reflecting the lower rate you found online for the same dates and car rental you booked on Orbitz.com
  • Your home address for refund check

Upon verification of the lower car rental rate online, Orbitz will provisionally approve your claim. Once your travel is completed, e-mail your receipt to CarRedemption@orbitz.com, or fax it to 1-312-276-8642. Orbitz will then mail your refund check approximately 45 business days after your receipt has been received and approved.

If we are unable to replicate the lower rate, the Orbitz Customer Experience Team will contact you via email to request additional information and documentation (such as a screen shot) to verify the lower on-line rate. Please keep a copy of all such documentation.

General Terms

  • The Low Price Guarantee applies only to online rates available to the general public. It does not apply to membership or corporate rates or special discounted rates including, but not limited to, AARP, AAA, military, government, or convention rates.
  • The Low Price Guarantee does not apply to hotel rooms and car rentals booked through or in combination with frequent stay, loyalty, points or other reward type programs, rooms and car rentals booked through coupon promotions, won through contests or sweepstakes or transferred, prepaid car rentals, or rooms and car rentals booked on websites that do not allow you to see the name of the hotel or car rental company until your reservation is complete (such as Hotwire and Priceline).
  • The Low Price Guarantee applies to the rate for room nights or car rentals only. Promotional packages, deals, or bundles that may include additional amenities such as parking, meals, or entertainment are not eligible.
  • Orbitz reserves the right to deny any claims that cannot be verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information.
  • Orbitz will not be liable for the payment of any refunds under the Low Price Guarantee with respect to rates loaded in error by Orbitz or the hotel or car rental company or any printing, typographical, administrative or technological errors in any materials relating to rates backed by the Low Price Guarantee.
  • These Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions include and incorporate by reference the standard Orbitz Terms and Conditions and constitute the entire understanding between you and Orbitz relating to your hotel reservation or car rental booking.
  • Void where prohibited by law. Orbitz reserves the right to modify or cancel the Low Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any modification will be effective upon posting of modified Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions on the Orbitz Web site. Any cancellation will be effective upon removal of references to the Low Price Guarantee and the Low Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions from the Orbitz Web site.