Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card

Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card - Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card?

The Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card is a new credit card offered by Comenity Capital Bank. It’s also a great way to quickly rack up serious rewards. Card holders can earn Orbucks for purchases made using the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card. Those Orbucks can then be used toward future hotel bookings on Orbitz.com.

What are the benefits of the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card?

The Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card keeps travel light, with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. Plus, card holders can earn:  

5% EXTRA on Orbitz bookings – that’s up to 10% back in rewards!*

$2% back in Orbucks on all other purchases

$100 statement credit after spending $1500 in the first 90 days*

*See full details here and program terms and conditions here.


What types of bookings on Orbitz are not eligible for the extra 5% earn?

There are a few:

Non-qualifying hotels that are not prepaid (hotels that you pay for when you check out of the hotel)

Car rentals

Event tickets

Travel insurance

But don’t worry – you’ll still earn 2% back in Orbucks on these purchases!


What are Orbucks, anyway?

“Bucks” you can use on your next hotel booking. One (1) Orbuck = $1USD in savings on qualifying hotels.


Is there a limit to how much I can earn on flights each year on the credit card? 

Not at all. The extra 5% you earn on Orbitz bookings and 2% on all other purchases have no annual cap. So, if you spend $3,000 on flights using your card, you'll earn an extra $150 in Orbucks on top of what you earn directly on Orbitz.com


How do I apply for the Orbitz Rewards Visa?  

Just fill out the online credit card application. If approved, you’ll receive a credit card welcome kit in the mail within 7–10 business days.  


How can I view how many Orbucks I have earned?

So you want to gaze proudly at your stacks of Orbucks? No problem, we understand. Just log into your Orbitz account, click on your balance amount under "ORBITZ REWARDS" in the upper right hand corner and then choose My Activity. The ‘My Orbucks Activity’ tab shows all the Orbucks you’ve earned and redeemed, as well as those that have expired.   


Hey! I don’t see Orbucks from purchases I made on my Orbitz Reward Visa® Card this month.  When will they be deposited?

Don’t worry, they’re on their way! Give us up to two billing cycles for Orbucks earned using the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card to appear in your Orbitz Rewards account. Purchases made in the last three days of your billing cycle might not appear on your next statement.


What do I do if I don’t see the Orbucks added to my account?

Contact Orbitz Rewards Customer Service at 800-569-7589 to inquire about missing points.  


When do Orbucks earned through the credit card expire?

Never! As long as you remain active (i.e. make a purchase on your card once every 12 months), Orbucks earned using the credit card will not expire. So just keep using the card and that extra 5% you earn on Orbitz bookings and the 2% you earn on all other credit card purchases will last forever.


I thought Orbucks earned using my Orbitz Rewards Visa Card don’t expire – why do my Orbucks show an expiration date?

Orbucks earned using your Orbitz Rewards Visa Card don’t expire, as long as you use your card at least once every 12 months.  So every time you make a purchase using the Visa Card, the expiration date for the Orbucks you earn will update to be 12 months from the current month. For example, if you make a purchase in December 2014, the expiration date of all Orbucks earned on the Visa Card in previous months will update to December 2015. So just keep using the card. 


Can I earn Orbucks if I do a balance transfer from another credit card?

No. Orbucks can only be earned on purchases, not balance transfers.  


Does the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card have an annual fee?

No! That just isn't our style.  There is no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees either*.

*See full details here


When do I get my $100 statement credit?

You’ll get your $100 statement credit when you spend $1500 in the first 90 days of activating your Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card.  Your $100 credit will automatically appear on the first or second billing statement after spending a total of $1500 on the card. Easy, right?


You said I’d get complimentary Gold status if I was approved for the credit card, but my Orbitz Rewards account doesn’t reflect the change. When will my status update?

You’re golden and we know it. Your complimentary Gold status will go into effect beginning with your first billing cycle after a purchase has been made. You’ll maintain Gold status as long as you are active on the card (make a purchase once every 12 months).


I want to increase my credit limit on my Orbitz Rewards Visa Card, what do I do?

Contact Comenity Capital Bank at 855-497-8157 (TDD/TTY:  888-819-1918).  


My Orbitz Rewards Visa Card was lost or stolen. What do I do?

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact Comenity Capital Bank at 855-497-8157 (TDD/TTY:  888-819-1918).  


How do I inquire about the balance on my Orbitz Rewards Visa Card?

To view your current Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card balance log on to www.comenity.net/orbitz or contact Comenity Capital Bank at 855-497-8157 (TDD/TTY:  888-819-1918).  


How can I find my interest rate for my Orbitz Rewards Visa Card?

Once an account is approved, your interest rate will be disclosed. If you have additional questions on interest rates you may contact Comenity Capital Bank at 855-497-8157 (TDD/TTY:  888-819-1918).  


What is a temporary credit card number?

Your temporary card number lets you make purchases on Orbitz right away while you wait for your card to arrive. For the next 96 hours, you'll be able to use your temporary number to make purchases on Orbitz.com, but on a limited basis. Transaction limits may apply. Your permanent card should arrive within 7–10 business days.


I received the message “Your credit card application is under review” when applying for the Orbitz Rewards Visa® Card. What’s that supposed to mean? 

If you received the message “Your credit card application is under review,” it means the bank needs more information to process your application. You will receive a letter from the bank within 7–10 business days explaining the status of your application.