About Orbitz Rewards™ 


What is Orbitz Rewards?

Orbitz Rewards is a simple, free loyalty program that rewards travel lovers instantly. When you book flights, qualifying hotels or qualifying packages on you’ll earn Orbucks that can be used to save money on your next qualifying hotel booking.

Looking for more details? Check out the Orbitz Rewards page.


How do I join Orbitz Rewards?

Click the “join” button at the top of this page. It couldn’t be easier—and it’s free!


What are Orbucks?

Orbucks are “bucks” you can use on Orbitz to save on your next qualifying hotel booking. One (1) Orbuck = $1USD in savings on qualifying hotels.


Who can join Orbitz Rewards?

You must be 18 or older.


Earning Orbucks


How do I earn Orbucks?

First, join Orbitz Rewards. Next, book a flight, qualifying hotel, or qualifying package on Orbitz. You have tens of thousands of qualifying hotels to choose from! You will earn Orbucks based on the full amount you paid for your booking (taxes and fees included—nice, right?). You can also earn Orbucks when you book travel for your friends, family and coworkers.


Will I earn Orbucks when I book on an Orbitz mobile app?

Yes! Orbucks will be credited to your account when you book on our mobile or tablet apps. Any bonus Orbucks earned by booking on our apps will be credited shortly after booking.


What are Promotional Orbucks?

From time to time Orbitz Rewards may offer you a chance to earn bonus or promotional Orbucks. Any promotional Orbucks will expire in accordance with the terms for the offer. Keep coming back to Orbitz so you don’t miss out!


Can I buy Orbucks?

Orbucks are not available for purchase. Think of them as a thank you from Orbitz for your business.


Can I earn on packages?

Yes! You can earn 1% on all packages that include a hotel (Hotel+Car, Hotel+Flight, Hotel+Flight+Car). Also, you can earn 1% on prepaid Flight+Car packages.


Are there any types of bookings, reservations or services that are not eligible to earn Orbucks?

Orbucks cannot be earned on any of the following products or services, unless pursuant to the terms of a specific promotion:


  • Non-qualifying hotels that are not prepaid (hotels that you pay for when you check out of the hotel)
  • Activities & Services
  • Car rentals
  • Cruises
  • Travel insurance


Orbucks will not be earned on any supplemental fees that may be incurred (such as Flight Change Fees and Resort Fees) after the initial booking is made.


If I earn enough Orbucks to cover my entire hotel booking cost, can I apply the entire amount to the booking?

Definitely! But we still need a credit card on file to secure the booking with the hotel.


Is there a maximum number of Orbucks I can earn?

There is no maximum for hotel bookings. When booking airline tickets you can earn up to $50 in Orbucks per year if you’re a Silver member, $100 for Gold members, and $400 for Platinum members.


Why didn’t I earn Orbucks on a flight or hotel booking?

Only prepaid hotels, airline tickets and qualifying packages (Flight+Hotel, Hotel+Car, Flight+Hotel+Car, Flight+Car) qualify for Orbucks. Qualifying hotels can be identified by the Orbucks earn amount displayed within hotel search options. You will not earn Orbucks on amount deducted from a booking due to the use of Orbucks.  If you paid for your hotel entirely with Orbucks (100% of the cost), and your credit/debit card did not incur any charges, you are not eligible to earn Orbucks on that booking. 

As for that airline ticket, you may have already earned your maximum Orbucks for the year (see above). To confirm this, check for messaging on your My Orbitz Rewards page.


I earned Orbucks but don’t see them in my account. Where are my Orbucks?

Some promotional or bonus Orbucks are not available right away.  Check the terms of the promotion to see how soon you can expect your Orbucks to be available in your account.


Do I still earn Orbucks if I cancel my booking?

No, if you cancel your booking you will not earn any Orbucks. The Orbucks you earned for the canceled booking will be deducted from your account.


Do I earn Orbucks if I extend my hotel stay after checking in at the hotel?

You will earn Orbucks if you purchase the extra nights through Orbitz.  However, any extra nights purchased directly from the hotel will not be eligible to earn Orbucks.


Do Orbucks expire?

Your Orbucks earned through booking expire after 12 months.  Any promotional Orbucks will expire in accordance with the promotional terms in which they were issued.


Will I earn Orbucks for hotel, flight or package bookings made before I became an Orbitz Rewards Program member?

No, you will only earn Orbucks for the bookings you make after you sign up for the Orbitz Rewards Program and while you are logged into your Orbitz account.


Are there other ways to earn Orbucks?

Many! Sometimes Orbitz Rewards may run promotions or other activities where you can earn bonus or promotional Orbucks. Be sure to check back often for surveys, polls and games that you can earn Orbucks on!

Dine out a lot? Now you can earn Orbucks when you dine at more than 11,000 restaurants, bars and clubs with Orbitz Rewards Dining.

Additionally, you can earn Orbucks with Best Price Guarantee (limited to three claims in a calendar month). If you book a trip and find the same trip for a lower price, we'll issue you Orbucks to cover the difference. Silver members receive 100% of the difference plus a bonus of up to $100 Orbucks. Gold members receive 100% of the difference plus a bonus of up to $150 Orbucks. Platinum members receive 100% of the difference plus a bonus of up to $200 Orbucks.

Also, when you refer a friend to Orbitz Rewards, you’ll earn $25 Orbucks after they book their first qualifying hotel.

Want to take your Orbucks earn to the max? Check out the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card and earn up to 10% back in Orbucks on most Orbitz purchases, and 2% back on all other purchases!


Can I still take advantage of other special offers or promotions from Orbitz?

Absolutely! We know you love to travel, so go ahead and take advantage of our special offers AND Orbitz Rewards. They can be combined so you get the best value.


I earned Orbucks through Price Assurance. Can I still use them?

Yes! Orbucks earned through Price Assurance are still valid for 12 months from date of issue.


What about my other frequent traveler rewards? Can I still earn on airlines I book?

Yes! You can keep earning airline frequent flier miles/points AND earn Orbucks on qualifying bookings. Think of it as “double dipping”!


Redeeming Orbucks


How do I redeem my Orbucks?

Sign in before booking a qualifying hotel. You can decide when you enter your payment information to use your Orbucks or save them for another trip.


When can I use the Orbucks I have earned?

Immediately! Use your Orbucks to book any qualifying hotel stay that occurs in the next 330 days!

If you earned the Orbucks on a hotel, you can use those Orbucks on any qualifying hotel stay with an immediate check-in date.  Why not use them for a hotel tonight?

If you earned the Orbucks on a flight, you can use those Orbucks on any qualifying hotel stay with a check-in date 48 hours after the flight booking that you earned them on was made, or the departure date of that flight – whichever is earlier.
If you earned the Orbucks on a vacation package, you can use those Orbucks on any qualifying hotel stay with a check-in date on or after your initial trip that you earned the Orbucks on. For example, if you earn $20 in Orbucks from a vacation package starting on August 5, 2015, you can redeem that $20 for your next hotel booking on or after August 5, 2015.


I have Orbucks with different expiration dates. When I redeem, do the Orbucks expiring first get redeemed first? 

Of course! Think of it as FEFO (First Expiring, First Out). We make sure that Orbucks with the earliest expiration dates are applied first.


Can I redeem my Orbucks when I book on an Orbitz mobile app?

Yes, you’re able to redeem Orbucks when booking hotels from the Orbitz mobile app.  Also, you’ll earn an extra 2% on Orbucks (that’s 5% total!) by booking hotels on our mobile app.


What if I redeemed Orbucks on a booking and I need to cancel my stay? Will my Orbucks be refunded?

Yes, the Orbucks used to book the hotel will be credited back to your account. Note, however, that Promotional Orbucks may not be eligible for refunds – see the terms of the offer for more details. 

Any Orbucks you earned on that canceled booking will also be removed from your account. If you do not have enough Orbucks in your account the amount will be subtracted from your net refund*.

If you cancel part of a hotel stay, a proportional amount of Orbucks will be refunded to your My Orbitz Rewards account.

*Sometimes hotels charge cancelation fees, which are non-refundable.


Can I apply Orbucks if I book over the phone instead of online?

Absolutely! Mention your Orbitz Rewards account and provide the email address associated with your Orbitz Rewards account we’ll make sure Orbucks are earned on any eligible trips.


Am I able to transfer Orbucks or convert them to cash?

Orbucks are non-transferable and have no cash value.


Managing My Orbucks Account


How can I check my Orbucks balance?

Log in to or the Orbitz app, then access your Orbitz Rewards page, which will show you all transactions associated with your Orbitz Rewards account.  Once logged in, you should also see your Orbucks balance in the header anywhere on


What does Orbitz do with my personal information?

Visit the Orbitz privacy policy to learn more.


Gold Member/Platinum Member Status


How do I reach Gold member or Platinum member status?

You can reach Gold member and Platinum member status by booking Eligible Hotels on Orbitz and completing your stay. Book and stay at least four room nights in 12 months to become a Gold member.  Book and book and stay 12 room nights or more in 12 months to become a Platinum member.


When will my new tier status go into effect?

Your new tier status will go into effect within 24 hours of check-in of the booking that qualifies you for it.


When will my Gold member or Platinum member status expire?

Your Gold or Platinum status is good for 12 months from the day you qualify. If you are a Platinum member, you can remain at Platinum member status by staying 12 room nights within that 12 month period.  Gold members can remain at Gold member status by staying four room nights within that 12 month period.


Where can I track my tier progress to see when I re-qualify?

You can check your tier progress by logging in to your Orbitz Rewards account and going to your Orbitz Rewards page.


How will I know that I’ve reached Gold member or Platinum member status?

You can always check your tier progress by logging in and visiting the your Orbitz Rewards page. When you reach a new tier, you’ll see the new status reflected on your My Orbitz Rewards page.


What do I get as a Gold or Platinum member?

Gold and Platinum members receive all the great perks of being an Orbitz Rewards member and more!  They get Orbitz Rewards Hotel benefits, which include room upgrades (when available), free Wi-Fi, and free breakfast at select hotels designated as Orbitz Rewards Hotels*.  Gold and Platinum members also have dedicated priority customer service lines (check out your status notification email for your dedicated phone number).  In addition, Gold and Platinum members earn more with our Best Price Guarantee.

*Orbitz Rewards Hotel benefits vary by hotel. See the Orbitz Rewards Hotels page for details.


What is an Orbitz Rewards Hotel?

Orbitz Rewards Hotels offer exclusive perks to Orbitz Rewards Gold and Platinum members. Benefits vary by hotel, but may include room upgrades (when available), free breakfast and free Wi-Fi among other benefits. For more information, check out the Orbitz Rewards Hotels page.


What happened to Star status and SuperStar status?
Don’t worry, you’ll still get the VIP treatment you earned. We’ve just changed the tier names. Star members are now Gold members, while SuperStars are now Platinum members. Same exclusive benefits, different name!