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Nice to Biarritz Flights

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Nice and Biarritz airports and terminals

Airports in Nice , FR
map of airports in Nice
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    Nice Cote d' Azur Intl Airport (NCE)

    Distance from City Center: 3.4 miles

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Airports in Biarritz , FR
map of airports in Biarritz
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    Biarritz Parme (BIQ)

    Distance from City Center: 2 miles

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Flight schedule for flights from Nice to Biarritz on Sun, Dec 28, 2014

Carrier Flight # Departing Arriving Aircraft Flight time
Airport Time Airport Time
Air France/Air France AF6207/AF7498 NCE 10:25 AM BIQ 3:05 PM 319/321 4hr 40min
Air France/Air France AF6213/AF7498 NCE 11:20 AM BIQ 3:05 PM 320/321 3hr 45min
Air France/Air France AF6207/AF7490 NCE 10:25 AM BIQ 3:50 PM 319/321 5hr 25min
Air France/Air France AF6213/AF7490 NCE 11:20 AM BIQ 3:50 PM 320/321 4hr 30min
Air France/Air France AF6209/AF7482 NCE 1:55 PM BIQ 5:45 PM 321/CRK 3hr 50min
Air France/Air France AF6221/AF7482 NCE 12:50 PM BIQ 5:45 PM 321/CRK 4hr 55min
Air France/Air France AF6217/AF7482 NCE 2:35 PM BIQ 5:45 PM 319/CRK 3hr 10min
Air France/Air France AF6223/AF7484 NCE 5:15 PM BIQ 9:45 PM 319/CRK 4hr 30min
Air France/Air France AF6245/AF7484 NCE 6:35 PM BIQ 9:45 PM 321/CRK 3hr 10min