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Need a few LGBT-friendly destination ideas? Recent changes at these ten great places around the world have thrust them to the top of our 2015 gay travel list. Now let the planning begin!   1. Scotland While Americans won same-sex marriage battles largely through the judicial system in 2014, Great Britain’s northernmost country legalized it [read more…]

Find out which of these elite winners is your dream hotel.

Party like a local as the city hosts one of world’s largest LGBT events.

Our writer stays at the Hotel Max in Seattle over Gay Pride weekend and gets up close and personal with reality drag star Sharon Needles.

There’s certainly a lot to celebrate, and I’ll personally join the nation in my own backyard at The New York City Gay Pride March on June 24. With gay icons Cindy Lauper, Chris Salgrado, Phyllis Siegel and Connie Kopelov as grand marshalls, the event is a float-filled, eye candy-colored dance party that electrifies Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan and beyond.

There’s the Miss American Pageant and then there’s the Miss’d America Pageant. Amazing what a difference one letter makes — and in this context, one chromosome. The Miss’d pageant, at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall Ballroom on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 at 8 p.m., is a spoof on original, with drag queens in all their glittery glory competing for the crown, cash and prizes.

Adonis Tulum has a spa, five restaurants and lounges and a sumptuous swim-up bar. It sits five minutes from one of the most celebrated ancient sites of the Yucatan. Like many all-inclusive resorts, it comes with a treasure trove of treats. Also, it’s gay.

What makes an all-inclusive – or any resort, for that matter – gay? More than anything else, says the resort’s E-Commerce sales executive Fernando García Castro, it’s a palpable sense of comfort and an atmosphere where guests feel free to be themselves.

What makes an all-inclusive – or any resort, for that matter – gay? More than anything else, says the resort’s E-Commerce sales executive Fernando García Castro, it’s a palpable sense of comfort and an atmosphere where guests feel free to be themselves.

Any traveling woman knows that finding a decent lesbian bar – or any lesbian bar at all – can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Many major cities have merely a token once-weekly “girl’s night” at a gay men’s bar. So after combing the map of the U.S. and Canada, we came up with the indispensable list below – the best of the best, at least in our subjective opinion! (And don’t worry guys, these party-hearty venues are all boy-friendly.)

By Antoinette Bierman It’s truly a unique experience to work for a company that champions diversity and equality to the extent that they are active participants in the communities they support. As a first-time volunteer at the Atlanta Pride Festival –to be held this year from Oct. 8 to 9 — I was excited to [read more…]

With so much changing month to month in the gay marriage world, we though it would be useful to review which states and countries actually have full gay marriage (as opposed to the 50-plus places that just civil unions or domestic partnerships), and what the gay scene is like in each place for travelers.

So why not support a destination that supports you? Now’s the time to plan a romantic weekend for you and your honey in the gay-welcoming Big Apple. The long days of late summer and early fall are one of the best times to get to the Big Apple before things turn cold and icy. Here are some of some hot picks for gay-friendly New York hotels:

Guadalajara is barely a blip on American travelers’ radar, which is strange. Mexico’s second-largest city is cleaner, safer, friendlier, prettier, and easier to navigate than the country’s behemoth, Mexico City. Guadalajara enjoys a temperate Los Angeles-style climate, and fascinating spots like the town of Tequila, where the famous liquor comes from, lie nearby.

This year, Montreal, Quebec, will celebrate gay pride at the annual Divers/Cite, “All Together Different” themed-festival from July 27-August 1.

If you’re planning a California vacation to San Francisco for this summer’s Gay Pride festivities, you’d do well to pack for cool weather and heed Mark Twain’s famous words: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” But don’t go overboard — celebration events running from noon to the wee hours, including performances, dance parties, and after-hours clubbing will have you working a sweat in no time.

East Coast gays look down their noses at Washington’s small queer scene, saying it’s full of transient part-time residents and in-the-know cliques. Some even site the closure of several long-standing gay bars and clubs in the mid-2000s to make way for the city’s baseball stadium. But what they fail to see is that for its size, Washington has a large and active LGBT population that is politically sophisticated and boldly out, and it is the latest spot in the U.S. to pass same-sex marriage.

The problem is, Rio de Janeiro SPOILS its visitors, and it can be really hard to adjust to life back home. What do you mean I have to put my shirt on to enter your café? What happened to the constant parade of hot gay men I’ve grown accustomed to seeing on the streets? Where’s my $20 steak extravaganza? Where’s my acai juice? Even as I write this, I start to get crabby with longings of Rio and wonder when I can plan another gay travel excursion there.

By Bryan Herb The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (Feb. 19 – March 6, 2010) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008, and the future looks promising for what many consider to be the largest gay and lesbian celebration in the world — a great excuse for gay travel to Sydney. The organizers are constantly [read more…]

By E.C. Gladstone While Las Vegas has always been known as an “anything goes” town, it doesn’t always get top billing as a destination for LGBT travelers. And that’s an oversight, especially since the passing of Nevada’s Domestic Partnership Act. Vegas is actually a very gay-friendly town if you know where to look; but since [read more…]

by Antoinette Bierman While most Gay Pride festivals take place over summer, Atlanta is fixing to add a little spookiness to its LGBT festivities this year as it moves Pride to Halloween weekend. The festival returns to Piedmont Park after a dismal stint at the Civic Center in 2008, and the weekend-long celebration is sure [read more…]

By Ian Whitney I’ll begin by pointing out that while our Fantasyfest experience is hardly unique, it is from the perspective of two guys in their twenties who happen to be lucky enough to live in Key West all year. For us, Fantasyfest begins a week before the parade with Goombay, a Caribbean street party. [read more…]

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