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The Bellagio, MGM Grand and ARIA Resort are among the Las Vegas hotels showing off new style and amenities. Here’s where to check in for Vegas-style pampering.

You’ll find an oasis of relaxation, fun and indulgence at Las Vegas pools at hotels like the MGM Grand, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas and The Mirage.

Hallelujah for Vegas. In those precious 72 hours, I ate the most amazing Cuban food of my life, took pictures with showgirls, and drank $12 Pina Coladas by the Tropicana pool. I even met a mobster before I got wacked.

The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay are among the Las Vegas hotels that offer special spa treatments designed just for business travelers.

Borgata and The Water Club hotels offer myriad ideas for business travel and gambling vacations in Atlantic City, including redecorated guest rooms.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless you’re a member of the British royal family. Prince Harry recently gave us a stellar model on how to vacation like royalty in some fabulous Las Vegas hotels.

The Strip – with its around-the-clock action and trace of flashing lights – has the glitz and glamour thing down pat. When planning Las Vegas vacations, however, it’s wise to look beyond the main drag and explore what’s tried and true. Remnants of old Las Vegas, are tucked into time-honored spots or have been resurrected as an homage to days gone by.

Detroit may be the motor city, but it’s getting into gear to welcome more meetings and business travelers. Here’s what’s on the dashboard.

If there’s any place in the world that’s more appropriate than Vegas to give yourself a rowdy, pre-marriage bachelor or bachelorette blowout, I’ve never heard of it. What better surroundings to bring your wild and reckless ways to a close in preparation for a life of wedded bliss? Las Vegas vacations win hands down every time in that regard. Here’s a brief round-up of some great Sin City spots to help give you a good and proper send-off into the ranks of the spoken-fors.

There are few cities in the United States that can lay claim to all of the things that Atlantic City can. Vegas is a killer gambling town, but there’s no beach. You can take gorgeous summer vacations in southern California, but good luck finding any casinos. And the nightlife up in San Francisco may be top notch, but I dare you to dip your foot into the bay on even the hottest day of the year. For all intents and purposes, A.C. is one of the best summer vacation spots in the country — and it’s not just great prices on Atlantic City hotels that keep people coming back in droves.

All-inclusive vacations were made for people who want to be treated like royalty. I can say this, because I do. I’m also a firm believer that achieving a state of laziness – without venturing into the territory of sloth – should be the primary objective of all summer vacations, be they beach vacations with your significant other or family vacations with the whole clan. Here’s a rundown of five great all-inclusive vacation spots for cool kiddie fun, awesome activities and killer pools.

For the next 10 days, Orbitz is giving away free round-trip airfare to Las Vegas to the first 10 people who book an MGM Resort using our Facebook promo code. If you qualify for the free airfare, we’ll send an email with details on how to claim your gratis prize.

Las Vegas is nothing if not wildly diverse. In fact, if you could look up “broad appeal” in the dictionary, the word “Vegas” would likely appear as its sole definition, and rightly so. Where else can you be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or when you were born? In truth, Las Vegas vacations can satisfy just about any quotient, whether that’s diversity, affordability, or both. Here are three of the best deals in Las Vegas that cater to three uniquely distinct demographics: the singles, the sweethearts, and the seniors.

If there’s anything that true gamblers find more important than getting the best odds, it’s finding the best casino in which to practice their passion. After all, being able to look around at glorious surroundings has a way of lessening the blow of losing your shirt, just as much as it has a way of accentuating the thrill of a comeback from the brink. In America, there are two gambling meccas: Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But if you have to choose between the two, which one’s better? Here’s a quick rundown on how Las Vegas vacations and Atlantic City vacations stack up.

There are many reasons Las Vegas hotels are among the world’s best vacation destinations. But for pre-wedding Bachelor party and Bachelorette party weekends, Vegas is virtually unparalleled. Still, like anything else, there are good choices and bad choices which can make all the difference in whether your celebration turns out memorable or mangled.

Best-known for its ski resorts, Lake Tahoe is also an extraordinarily beautiful summer vacation destination with an amazing 4th of July celebration. The 72-miles of lakeshore offer spellbinding scenery and rugged terrain, with almost perfect daytime temperatures and cool nights. If you’re looking for the perfect 4th of July vacation, there’s no more spectacular place to be than Tahoe’s Lights on the Lake celebration.

By E.C. Gladstone Though you’d have a hard time finding a more democratic city than Las Vegas, the simple truth is, not all visitors to our Las Vegas hotels are created equal. Some do indeed get treated much, much better. Oh sure, everyone knows that big time gamblers get VIP status. But even those of [read more…]

Attending local events can really “spice up” a Caribbean islands vacation. Ever since our adventure, I tell any friend planning a Caribbean vacation to check out upcoming events for their destination (as well as any associated fees and transportation). Here’s what’s on the agenda for this summer in the Caribbean as well as my picks for great hotels.

At their signature Las Vegas restaurants within some of the most spectacular Las Vegas hotels, several master chefs are now offering creative cooking and dining opportunities, including cook-then-eat classes. As if the Vegas dining experience wasn’t fabulous enough, now it’s even more deliciously memorable than the extra inches to your waistline.

With audiences from around the country and even the world, Las Vegas hotels have always been a great home for comics, who can play here more regularly than perhaps anywhere else in the world. If you’re planning a Las Vegas vacation, or just looking for a good laugh, here’s a roundup of current and upcoming shows.

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